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43 Nations Confirmed For World Roller Speed Skating Championships

According to MundoPatin, 43 nations have confirmed their entries for this months World Roller Speed Skating Championships.

The following is part of the article translated using Babel Fish

In the last week they have confirmed a great number of countries where Germany, Austria, China Taipei, South Korea, Ecuador, Guatemala, Holland, Hong Kong, England, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Czech Republic and Switzerland, have been those that they have presented its skaters pointed for the competitions of China.


Roller Speed Skater Salaries

In TRANSFER MARKET 2010, you’ll find information about skaters & their salaries and contracts- Bill Begg shared the following-

Well no one hears much, its a confidential matter between sponsors & the skater.

For instance some may have made contracts while the market was bouyant & before the recession, I know this year some lucky people had contracts, that there was a lot better value out there in the market place.

Four or 5 years ago, top men could expect to collect around $40,000 USA sign on fee, I doubt if more than a handfull if that, get that kind of sign on fee at present.

Apart from the Verducci team of ladies a few years back, who apparently got generous handouts & the Kia Motors team with the Korean Good looking Girl, who was reportidly on $100,000 USA plus, there have not been lucritive contracts for women, I would say in these times a $20,000 sign on fee would be tops.

Also the prize money has decreased, everyone was hoping getting in the Olympics would boost there salaries, but we have to build the numbers up & open up new territories to bring in new sponsors, a few industry ones are hanging in there at present, but we need the ones from outside the Industry.

Also at present the World Inline Cup does not have the glamour it used to & some thoughtless tinkering of the points system, has made a mockery of it, hopefully they see the light before its to late.

But at present you could buy a top team of men, with about $50,000 USA up front for sign on fees.

The team managers or coaches are paid very little, sometimes the skaters paid for or 5 times more, so no one wants to be a team manager, unless they have another Income source to support them.

Joerg from Zepto was involved in the management of cycle teams & was one of the few who could bring in other than skate team sponsors.

I was involved talking with him early on , as they gradually picked up one or two good skaters & built up over the past 5 years from seen by the previoius pro teams, as a bunch of no bodies, to one of the best teams allround nowdays.

Joerg & Eginhard kept the name Zepto ( From memory a measurement of a period of time, less than 7 secs.) while even the WIC hierachy criticised them, that they needed a big brand name sponser, but as its turnt out perhaps 10 sponsors between 2,000 to 10,000 Euro a piece, are far better than no sponsers at all.
As they are the only team that has really grown in recent times.

Articles About Canada’s 2010 Olympic Short Track Speed Skating Squad

The media is reacting with a flurry of articles now that Canada’s 2010 Olympic short track speed skating squad has been announced;
When the 10 members of Canada’s Olympic short-track speed-skating team were announced yesterday, the skaters in attendance were called to a riser in the front of a small conference room to be presented with a team jacket.Such is the popularity of the sport in Quebec that the path to the coveted jacket was blocked by a frothing pack of photographers and TV cameramen. At least a couple of the athletes, momentarily flummoxed by the crush of attention, couldn’t find their way to the podium.

Photo from here, by Jeff Bough

Photo from here

Roller/ Inline Speed Skating’s Transfer Market For 2010 Very Active

The following is from Bill Begg in the thread TRANSFER MARKET 2010

While things have not been what they used to be in some parts of Europe & Industry Skate team sponsors have had there teams attending a range of meets & not just WIC, to chase more impact for their Dollar, the transfer market looked dead, but in reality its very active.

We can be sure that in 2010 Joey Mantia, Scott Arlidge & Nicole Begg will be 3 who will have a change of sponsors, who else of the top skaters are likely to transfer to other teams is unknown at this stage, the current economical climate appears to be looking a bit brighter on the horizon, so who knows.

A number of the less known International brands appear to be chasing big name individual stars, as opposed to getting teams, so lets wait for some more suprises, but thats 3 for sure.

Pictures & Video- Argentina’s Roller Speed Skating Team Training

Check out VisualSkates’ pictures & video featuring Argentina’s roller speed skating team training on the road.

Photo from Visual Skate


Short Track Speed Skaters Nominated To Vancouver 2010 Canadian Olympic Team

“An Olympic selection process doesn’t last only 10 days, but a full three years,” explained Yves Hamelin, Olympic Team Leader for short track speed skating. “It all started right after the 2006 Turin Olympic Winter Games, with a four-year plan designed to optimize our preparation for 2010. Every day, I see talented and dedicated athletes and coaches working hard and together with one goal in mind: contributing to the optimal preparation of our Olympic team. Today, I am proud to introduce you to the ten athletes who will be representing us in Vancouver, and I am confident that they will offer great performances and will once again give everything they can on the ice of the Pacific Coliseum in February 2010.”

Read more here; Short Track Speed Skaters Nominated to Vancouver 2010 Canadian Olympic Team.

Speed Skating Canada Announces 2010 Olympic Short Track Speed Skating Team

Speed Skating Canada announced its 2010 Olympic short track speed skating team during a press conference in Montreal earlier today.


The Canadian team will focus on the first Short Track Speed Skating World Cup competitions of the season in Asia and North America as these will determine how many skaters each nation can field at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Coaching Staff
Derrick Campbell
Sébastien Cros
Stephen Gough
Jonathon Cavar

Kalyna Roberge
Jessica Gregg
Marianne St-Gelais
Tania Vicent
Speed Skating Canada’s High Performance Short Track Committee’s discretionary position- Valérie Maltais

Charles Hamelin
Olivier Jean
Guillaume Bastille
Francois-Louis Tremblay- Bye
Speed Skating Canada’s High Performance Short Track François Hamelin

Here are some screen shots from the live web-cast

Watch The Canadian Short Track Olympic Team Announcement Live On The Web

Visit http://www.ctvolympics.ca/breaking/index.html tomorrow, August 26th, at 1pm Eastern to see a live webcast of Canada’s short track speed skating official Olympic Team Announcement. You will see SSC officials, Canada’s Chef de Mission for Vancouver 2010, the Québec Minister for Education, Leasure and Sport as well as the members of the short track speed skating Olympic team for Vancouver 2010.

Read more here; See the Short Track Olympic Team Announcement live on the web!.


Portugal’s Team For The 2009 World Roller Speed Skating Championships

Terrinha Speed Skater shared team Portugal’s line-up for the China 2009 World Roller Speed Skating Championships.


Pictures- Long Track Summer Training & Team Pictures- From Kritsi Bisteth

Here are Kristi Biseth’s latest & updated photo galleries;

Photo by Kristi Biseth

Photo by Kristi Biseth

New Zealand & Australia At 2009 World Roller Speed Skating Championships

MundoPatin shared New Zealand’s line-up for this September’s World Roller Speed Skating Championships taking place in China. You can also view New Zealand’s roster here.

Click here to see who will represent Australia.

Bill Begg shared his thoughts on the New Zealand & Australian teams.

Australia looks to have a solid team, if all are on Form, lets hope the Finster brothers can keep out of Hospital, after the last two Worlds, Mick Bryne has decided to opt for preparing for Worlds in Australia & Daniel Greig will test everything thats waiting for him & senior medals are well within his reach.

New Zealand has not the surety around if of recent years, no Shane Dobbin a 4 x World Champion & Current Marathon Champion, a very big blow for the Kiwi team, Kalon Dobbin has stuggled this season with Injuries & the World Games, did not bring any joy.

And for your enjoyment, click here for videos from 500-meter track races from the Spain World Roller Speed Skating Championships.


Website Redesign For Schankel Canada

Check out Schankel Canada‘s redesigned website.


Video- Sarthe Loops Racing At Mans 24 Hours

Click here to view a video featuring Sarthe Loops Racing at this year’s Mans 24 Hours.

I hope that, thanks to the video, you’ll get a good appreciation- if you don’t already have- of what this event is about.


Video- 2009 Long Version Of 24 Hours Inline Montreal

Click here (or view below) the newest & full video of the 24 Hours Inline Montreal.

Video- 24h Roller Montreal 2009 Short Version

Here’s a good video from this year’s Montreal 24 Hours Inline- 24h Roller Montréal 2009 24hrs Inline Montreal short version.

Pictures- DSB Bank Ceccina Training Camp

Click here for pictures from DSB Bank’s Ceccina training camp.

Photo from here

Photo from here

Photo from here

Jonathan Cavar- One11Twelve: Keeping Busy With Preparing For Olympic Trials

Jonathan Cavar’s blog, One11Twelve, hsa been updated with the following entry; Where have I been?

The Canadian Olympic Trials are just around the corner and my athletes have been training like champions. They’re ready for one of the most difficult short track competitions they’ll ever compete in. (It has been referred to as the Olympics before the Olympics).

By the numbers:
– 5 days of racing over a 10 day period
– 3 distances, 3 times each for a total of 24 races
– 16 women vying for 5 spots, 16 men vying for 4 spots
– 1 goal, Vancouver 2010

One day, one distance and one race at a time.

Pictures- Colombian Skaters Training in Haining, China

Click here to view a few pictures of Colombian skaters, including Jorge Cifuentes, Andres Muñoz, Carlos Perez, Brigite Mendez, Martha Ramirez y Liana Holguin, training in preparation for September’s World Roller Speed Skating Championships in Haining, China.

Photo by Luis Ramirez, shared by JorgoBotero.com

NROC Standings After Chicagoland (4 Events So Far)

The NROC standings have been updated to include points from this past weekend’s Chicagoland Inline Marathon.

With events in St-Paul, Ottawa, Duluth, and New York, there is still plenty of action and movement to take place in the rankings.

If you haven’t registered for the series, go ahead and do so.


Mike Garvin: Chicagoland Marathon (NROC) Report, Skating With 2010 Schankel Canada Marathon Squad

Mike Garvin will be skating the 2010 season with the Schankel Canada marathon squad- Join the Team

I’ll be getting more serious about my winter training this year; I’ve joined the new Schankel Canada Marathon Squad, managed by Andrew Hegarty. I’ll be signing up for Northshore as a team member, and I’ll be wearing my Schankel skinsuit at all events now.

He also shared a very detailed report on this past weekend’s Chicagoland Marathon NROC- Marathon Chicago Style

The Chicagoland marathon has come and gone. I went down for the marathon, but there was actually a whole weekend of events. Team Rainbo really went all out and created full weekend of racing. Sprints on Friday, time trials and 10K races on Saturday and then “the big show” on Sunday. There was a lot of buzz and everyone seemed to really enjoy the format.


Venezuela’s World Roller Speed Skating Championships Selection

Check out Venezuela definió el equipo que estará participando en Haining 2009 to find out which skaters will represent Venezuela at the upcoming World Roller Speed Skating Championships. Worlds take place in Haining, China from the 18th to the 26th of September.

Senior Men
Alexander Bastidas
Daniel Alvarez
Fabricio Ervitti
Juan Jardines
Felipe Castillo

Senior Ladies
Sandra Vuelvas
Sara Ervitti
Karla Parada

Junior Boys
Leonard Munoz
Breiner Florez Breiner
Joshender Rodriguez

Junior Girls
Jessica Esteves
Shanon Hernandez
Solymar Vivas


South Africa’s World Roller Speed Skating Championships Selection

Roller En Ligne shared South Africa’s roster that will be competing at this September’s World Roller Speed Skating Championships in China-

Senior hommes
1) Tim Mitchell
2) Brian Baloyi
3) Phemelo Mojolwane
4) Marlon Avontuur

Junior hommes
1) Tshepo Modikwe
2) Karabo Manamela
3) Koketso Makhudu
4) Ubakeng Boikanyo

Junior dames
1) Tumelo Moteme


Video- The Mans 24 Hours- RPM Poli

Here’s a video featuring the RPM Poli at the Mans 24 Hours- check out Mathieu Boher’s skate after the 24 hours; RPM POLI ROAD WAR LE MANS 2009.

DJ Nation Interview Video From CadoMotus Channel

Check out CadoMotus’ YouTube Channel. It includes a video featuring DJ Nation.

Croatia, Finland & Russia Selections For European Roller Championships

Click here to find out which skaters will be representing Croatia, Finland, and Russia at the upcoming European Roller Speed Skating Championships in Belgium.


Report- Mans 24 Hours- From Seb & Kat

Seb & Kat shared their thoughts on and report from the Mans 24 Hours- read everything here; 27/28 Juin 2009- Nos 24 heures en Duo au Mans ::...

Seb et moi, nous avons décidé de nous pacser, pour 24Heures, et afin de préserver notre union, nous avons décidé de nous croiser, afin de ne pas risquer d’avoir à nous reprocher mutuellement nos défauts. Défaut que nous avons en commun d’ailleurs, nous nous sommes prévenus : fatigués, nous sommes bougons !
Rodés au 24 heures du Mans en équipe, c’est la première fois que nous nous engageons pour l’un comme pour l’autre dans une épreuve de longue haleine…..


Short Track News- Canadians Gearing Up For Olympic Trials- From Patinage De Vitesse Courte Piste

Patinage De Vitesse Courte Piste has been sharing lots of short track speed skating news recently-

Other times, bad luck is a test of your will and determination. Short-track speedskater Olivier Jean was able to smile Thursday when talking about a failed salmon fishing trip he organized recently for the Canadian national team during a Vancouver training camp. All the 12 skaters had to show for it after a long day on the water was one fish that weighed under two kilograms.

“It was really disappointing,” Jean said with a shake of his head.

“There are so many guys on our team who have been to the Olympics before, won medals at world championships and World Cups,” he said. “We have a really strong field, but that means we’re going to have a strong team for the Games, so that’s only good news for Canada.”

“There’s something satisfying about whacking the crap out of a golf ball, right?” he said. “It’s that sensation that keeps people playing golf. Skating, it’s more than going around in circles. It’s the pressure on your legs, the body position, the wind in your hair … it’s this feeling you’re searching for every time you’re on ice. Feeling perfect on the ice.”

Photo from here

Colombian Luigino Skaters Qualified For 2009 World Roller Speed Skating Championships


Photo from here

Video With Leaders (RPM Polo & Bont Enduro) At The Mans 24 Hours

Check out this video with the lead team includig RPM Polo & Bont Enduro at last weekend’s Mans 24 Hours.

I must admit that the map at the top right-hand side- like in car racing games so that you know where you and the other racers are on the race course- is a nice litte touch.

Après un tour avec l’équipe féminine Sarthe Loops Racing, ReL vous propose de retrouver les deux équipes leader de l’épreuve : RPM Poli et Bont. Le tour que nous vous présentons ici n’est pas le plus rapide, mais il offre une bonne vue du circuit. Les derniers hectomètres où Bont essaient de décrocher Pascal Briand sont intéressants à voir. On note le brutal changement de vitesse…


Pictures RPM Poli Winning The Mans 24 Hours

To view a few pictures of the Mans 24 Hours winning team, check out Powerslide/Matter winning in Le Mans.

Photo from here