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Christophe Audoire- ‘Nihao’ From The Roller Speed Skating Championships In China

Christophe Audoire, coach of the Chinese roller speed skating team, shared his thoughts on the atmosphere building up in China for the World Roller Speed Skating Championships; HAINING : DANS L’AMBIANCE D’AVANT CHAMPIONNAT DU MONDE

Christophe Audoire, entraîneur de l’équipe nationale chinoise de roller de vitesse, a posé ses bagages pour quelques mois pour amener les patineurs au plus haut niveau. A l’approche du championnat du Monde de vitesse qui va avoir lieu à Haining, Christophe nous plonge dans l’atmosphère des lieux…


43 Nations Confirmed For World Roller Speed Skating Championships

According to MundoPatin, 43 nations have confirmed their entries for this months World Roller Speed Skating Championships.

The following is part of the article translated using Babel Fish

In the last week they have confirmed a great number of countries where Germany, Austria, China Taipei, South Korea, Ecuador, Guatemala, Holland, Hong Kong, England, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Czech Republic and Switzerland, have been those that they have presented its skaters pointed for the competitions of China.


Portugal’s Team For The 2009 World Roller Speed Skating Championships

Terrinha Speed Skater shared team Portugal’s line-up for the China 2009 World Roller Speed Skating Championships.


Results- Long Track Speed Skating- Mid August 2010

SpeedskatingResults.com shared mid-summer long track speed skating results;

Summer Cup 15 – 16 August 2009
Moscow (RUS)
2009 Top Blade Time Trials 15 August 2009
Calgary (CAN)
Sommerløpet 15 August 2009

Days 3 & 4- 2010 Canadian Short Track Speed Skating Olympic Team Trials

The 2010 Canadian Short Track Speed Skating Olympic Team trials conclude tomorrow in Vancouver. Here are links to help you figure out what happenned so far and which athletes have claimed sought-after Olympic squad positions;

Then with a little luck on my side pulled myself back into the 1500 m A final where I came 5th. I was sitting well with 3 laps to go (in 4th behind Olivier) but got taken out when Gilday and Marc collided hard and skated into the back of me. Both Marc and I went down, both of my skates ended up tightly packed beneath the mats.

I brought it all today. Two second places. I raced the best I could in the 1500 and was inches from pulling it off. It came down to a mano a mano race between myself and one other and I just lost out in the last lap and a half. As it looks now, I won’t be on the Olympic team. More to come in the next few days probably, I just can’t bring myself to write anything now. Thanks to everyone for your support, I know it gave me the legs I had today.

The short track speed skating team for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games is starting to shape up, as two other skaters were able to secure their place on the team, today, during the Bell Short Track Team Selection at the Pacific Coliseum. Both Kalyna Roberge (St-Étienne-de-Lauzon, QC) and Olivier Jean (Lachenaie, QC) won their 1000m race, their second win in the distance in the event. They will therefore not need to skate the distance a third time as no one could catch up with them in the standings.

Today was definitely the most exciting day at the Bell Short Track Team Selection, and Canada’s Short Track Team for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games now has four more members. With a win in the 1500m race, Guillaume Bastille (Rivière-du-Loup, QC) joins the ranks, Jessica Gregg (Edmonton, AB) and Marianne St-Gelais (St-Félicien, QC) also secured their spots thanks to their first and second place finishes in the 500m. Tania Vicent (Laval, QC) is the fourth addition to the team.

New Zealand & Australia At 2009 World Roller Speed Skating Championships

MundoPatin shared New Zealand’s line-up for this September’s World Roller Speed Skating Championships taking place in China. You can also view New Zealand’s roster here.

Click here to see who will represent Australia.

Bill Begg shared his thoughts on the New Zealand & Australian teams.

Australia looks to have a solid team, if all are on Form, lets hope the Finster brothers can keep out of Hospital, after the last two Worlds, Mick Bryne has decided to opt for preparing for Worlds in Australia & Daniel Greig will test everything thats waiting for him & senior medals are well within his reach.

New Zealand has not the surety around if of recent years, no Shane Dobbin a 4 x World Champion & Current Marathon Champion, a very big blow for the Kiwi team, Kalon Dobbin has stuggled this season with Injuries & the World Games, did not bring any joy.

And for your enjoyment, click here for videos from 500-meter track races from the Spain World Roller Speed Skating Championships.


Pictures- European Roller Speed Skating Championships- From Pattinaggio Bellusco

Pattinaggio Bellusco shared many really nice pictures from the recent European Roller Speed Skating Championships. Use the links that follow-

More galleries;

Seconda giornata su pista in quattrocentosessantotto fotografie nelle raccolte: FGHIL

La prima giornata su pista in trecentoquaranta (grazie all’hot finger di Daria) fotografie nelle raccolte: BCDE

Photo from Pattinaggio Bellusco

Photo from Pattinaggio Bellusco

Photo from Pattinaggio Bellusco