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Blog Entries From Pascal Briand And Candy Wong

Here are recent entries from Pascal Briand & Candy Wong;

today i was driving to holland, i stopped in lille tonight in hotel to make the trip easier. also i then had time to go run and do abs…tomorow i will inline, 1Min/1min and go to yves for bath and energy test.

Between the lovely weather and an improved waking heartrate, yesterday was the pefect opportunity I needed to get on the trail for some recovery pace skating. As I discovered last night, it was the workout that I needed.

Keith Carroll- Skating To Become Better

This year I am a senior man. I will not try to lie to anyone and tell you that I can skate with Joey because time in and time out he has destroyed me as long as we have been here, but that has not stopped me from skating with him. This is where I am getting with this: in my case, every time I skate with someone better then me I am chasing them. I am chasing and chasing and chasing. If they are going 80% i’m going to go 100% if that’s what I have to do to keep up. If I go 80% when everyone else does, but do not stay with them because I am set on 80% what good does that do me? When am I getting better?

Read Keith Carroll’s complete entry here; Skating to Become Better.

Video- Endurance Traveler Learns To Inline: Buying Inline Skates With KC Boutiette

Here’s a video for you; Endurance Traveler Learns to Inline Webisode 1 “Buying Inline Skates”

This is the first installment of webisodes as the Endurance Traveler goes from a complete beginner to attempting the Annual 87 mile Athens 2 Atlanta inline skating event held annually. K2 Skates provided a pair of Radical Pro Inline skates to get us started on this adventure. KC Boutiette is a 4 time Olympian and world champion inline skater. KC’s inline accomplishments include the World Ultra Distance Championship (100K), and five National Championships.

Candy Wong- Weekends No More

Candy Wong’s most recent entry is Weekends No More

So that was it for my 2009 race season weekend training. Starting Labour Day, I’ll be racing somewhere every weekend and the next time I return to my local training haunt (i.e. Hamilton Beaches Trail), it will be autumn when the leaves start to fall. I sure feel a little sad knowing that 2009 race season will come to close very soon.

Video- Part 2- Eddy Matzger Skates The Highest Paved Road In the World

Here’s a cool video from Eddy Matzger- Eddy Matzger Skates the Highest Paved Road in the World. It’s pretty wild- check out the dancing man at 3:40!

Liam McFarlane- Back

Liam McFarlane’s latest entry is Back

Oh well, I’m back now. Officially! I guess, because “back” for me means back to skating. It was the first time in a week that I’ve done anything even remotely active… and it felt great… I’ve been holding back mainly to rest my ankle and also because of my mouth. I got an implant in and a bone graft done on last Thursday.


Roger Olson- Automobile Drivers/ Distrations From Driving

It was Wednesday late afternoon about 5:30 PM and I was going to do a slow warm up skate to meet up with our WNSW(Wed. Night Skate Workout) group at 6 PM.

I Skated from my home to the green belt bike path in Lion Country(1 block from our home) and on to the intersection of University and Yale (approx. 1 mile). Pushed walk button, waited for walk light. Red light for traffic, east bound toward 405 on University, a car in curb lane had stopped. I skated slowly in walk lane passing in front of stopped car, as I passed it and entered the 2nd lane I heard screeching tires from the left. Next moment I could remember, I was laying on my back looking up at blue sky, paramedics and a police officer.

Read more about Roger Olson’s injury here; Automobile drivers/ distrations from driving.