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Christophe Audoire- ‘Nihao’ From The Roller Speed Skating Championships In China

Christophe Audoire, coach of the Chinese roller speed skating team, shared his thoughts on the atmosphere building up in China for the World Roller Speed Skating Championships; HAINING : DANS L’AMBIANCE D’AVANT CHAMPIONNAT DU MONDE

Christophe Audoire, entraîneur de l’équipe nationale chinoise de roller de vitesse, a posé ses bagages pour quelques mois pour amener les patineurs au plus haut niveau. A l’approche du championnat du Monde de vitesse qui va avoir lieu à Haining, Christophe nous plonge dans l’atmosphère des lieux…


Keith Carroll- Skating To Become Better

This year I am a senior man. I will not try to lie to anyone and tell you that I can skate with Joey because time in and time out he has destroyed me as long as we have been here, but that has not stopped me from skating with him. This is where I am getting with this: in my case, every time I skate with someone better then me I am chasing them. I am chasing and chasing and chasing. If they are going 80% i’m going to go 100% if that’s what I have to do to keep up. If I go 80% when everyone else does, but do not stay with them because I am set on 80% what good does that do me? When am I getting better?

Read Keith Carroll’s complete entry here; Skating to Become Better.

43 Nations Confirmed For World Roller Speed Skating Championships

According to MundoPatin, 43 nations have confirmed their entries for this months World Roller Speed Skating Championships.

The following is part of the article translated using Babel Fish

In the last week they have confirmed a great number of countries where Germany, Austria, China Taipei, South Korea, Ecuador, Guatemala, Holland, Hong Kong, England, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Czech Republic and Switzerland, have been those that they have presented its skaters pointed for the competitions of China.


Marathon Course & Host City- 2009 World Roller Speed Skating Championships

The thread WORLD CHAMPS HAINING 2009 contains Bill Begg’s description of the marathon course and of Haining- host city of the upcoming 2009 World Roller Speed Skating Championships-

The road circuit is about to be layed today, the Chinese have training scheduled for Monday on the road & it appears they will be on the money.

The Marathon course is about 5 km a circuit, no need to get lost hunting for it, one end of it goes past where the Bank Track is & the road circuit is in in the centre of the the marathon track, so all very close together in this small Chinese city of around 600,000 population, virtually no one speaks English.

I went around the Marathon cource today, with officials from Haining Organization & the Police, noting where any little patch up Jobs will be required.

Its a Rectangular course 2 sides about 1.5 Km & the other two about 1 km, at least 3 lanes wide.

So In Colombia we had the win behind the motorbike, as the wrong skater got on it first.

In Spain we had the grabfest at the last Roundabout, the same Nation getting gold each time, by totally unnaceptable actions & no action by judges.

These corners are big & open & its a least a 600 meter straight Joey Mantia or Luca Saggioratto run to the finish.

So lets hope no ugly cheating at this years marathon.

The road circuit is all prepared & about to be laid, with the tar sealer all ready appied to the stone base cemented to keep it firm & not loose & dusty.

It is a very nice looking circuit around 400 meters in length by the look of it.

Anywhere else in the World this late people would be worried, but with an army of workers, anything can be transformed within a day.

I am predicting a great Championships here in Haining in this quiet City of 600,000 people, the locals call it a tiny city, but to New Zealand standards, it is virtually double the size in population of our 2nd biggest Cities.

The people are very friendly, but only about 1 in every 200 speak any English, the city is full of Bicycle Richshaws, I paid the poor women who had to pedal me up a little hill, over a bridge 15 Rnb for a 8 RNb ride, thats about $3 New Zealand.

Now the bigger Vechicles & the Horns rule, but its not to tell you to get out of the road, its mainly to let you know they are there, in the constant game of Dodgems, but like everywhere in China Pedestrian crossings mean nothing, do not be Niave enough to think, that as you are on a crossing with a green light, as you are not. you look both ways 3 times then go, so you never get a clean run, its usually only half way accross at a time.

For you English speaking people & decendants, I was told by a couple of foreingners I bumped into that the Oasis Bar, Sports, Bar & Grill, Cangi River Street was a reasonable quiet place to go, with a great atmosphere for foreigners & an Aussie owned the Bar.

Well a free Pool table in the bar, lots of lovely young ladies circulating & organizing the drinks, this American who had a small table Keg in front of him, that he had just refilled seemed to know his way around, he told me if you want to learn Chinese, you play this Dice game, the problem is, that if you get it wrong, you have to skull your drink , so him and the other two reserves who kept changing saw off a couple of Kegs & 12 Steinlargers later I walked out of the Oasis.

Well the next day the owner arrived at the skating rink with half the staff & his wife, they said they also had lovely Western Food, well they were right there, as their Bacon Cheese & Egg Burger, with some salad & chips was great & honestly one of the nicest burgers I have ever tried, so will full on top steak, Pizzas & Toasted Sandwiches, we can all feel at home.

Great news for English Dinning Legend Vincent Henry, alias Prince of Belair, The Fresh Prince, Mr Kentucky, Mr McDonald & Chicken & Chips, they also have a Chicken Burger on the Menue! So two Kentucky frieds in Haining, plenty of Fried Chicken shops & one opposite our Hotel, that is open till 2am usually, with Chicken Burgers & Chips, plus pick your own barbacue skewers, with everything to select from.

So find your way around, its an interesting city, with the biggest difference, nearly half the middle age female population drive these battery operated Motor Scotters, cost about $350 USA in Shanghai.

Mondial 2009- L’Equipe De France A Rennes, Compositions Des Equipes

L’ÉQUIPE DE FRANCE est en stage à RENNES sur la nouvelle piste de Rennes en stage préparatoire aux MONDE qui auront lieu du 25 aout au 28 aout 2009, piste aux caractéristiques identiques à celle de HAINING.

Lisez en plus ici; Mondial 2009 – L’équipe de France à Rennes et compositions des équipes.


Countdown To Vancouver: Nicole Garrido

Speedskating-Online published the following article; Countdown to Vancouver: Nicole Garrido

Nicole Garrido looks back on a rocky first season as a senior. She skated an eleven second personal best time in the 5000m at Finale in Calgary, but she also had to face some major disappointments over the course of the past season. However, instead of letting these setbacks get her down, Garrido decided to use them for the better and to let them contribute to her development as a person and as an athlete. So now, after a season of learning, Garrido is confidently looking forward to the upcoming Olympic season, during which she hopes to qualify for the Olympic Games in Vancouver.


Pictures- Colombia’s Roller Speed Skating Team Training For Worlds

Click here to view pictures of Colombia’s roller speed skating team training for China’s World Roller Speed Skating Championships coming up in September.

Photos by Luis Ramirez, shared here

My Pictures- Eastern Seaboard Series #3- Trexlertown

The third race of this year’s Eastern Seaboard Series was held this past Saturday.

Normally skaters race on the 1-mile loop. Because of the rain and wet conditions, race organizers decided to hold the race in the parking lot.

You can read a bit about the race here; Ride to Trexlertown from NYC.

Here are my pictures-

My Video- Eastern Seaboard Series #3

Here is my video from this past Saturday’s Eastern Seaboard Series #3 held in Trexlertown- 2009-08-22 Trexlertown Eastern Seaboard Series #3.

More Pictures- European Roller Speed Skating Championships

Here are a couple of photo albums from this year’s European Roller Speed Skating Championships held in Belgium-

Photo by Søren Helmsøe

Photo by Søren Helmsøe

Photo by Søren Helmsøe

Photo from Maximillian_Viking

Photo from Maximillian_Viking

Pictures- Eastern Seaboard Series #3- From Herb Gayle

Herb Gayle sent some of his pictures from Saturday’s Eastern Seaboard Series #3.

Because of the rain, the race was held in the parking lot on a 250-meter track.

Portugal’s Team For The 2009 World Roller Speed Skating Championships

Terrinha Speed Skater shared team Portugal’s line-up for the China 2009 World Roller Speed Skating Championships.


Barinas, Campeón De La IV Valida Nacional De Patinaje.

Barinas, campeón de la IV valida nacional de patinaje


Photo from PatinColombia

Pictures- European Roller Speed Skating Championships- From RollerSisters

RollerSisters shared plenty of pictures from the recent European Roller Speed Skating Championships held in Belgium.


Photo from RollerSisters.com

Photo from RollerSisters.com

KNSB’s 2009-2010 Long Track Speed Skating Calendar

KNSB shared a 2009-2010 long track speed skating events calendar.


Pictures- European Roller Speed Skating Championships- From Pattinaggio Bellusco

Pattinaggio Bellusco shared many really nice pictures from the recent European Roller Speed Skating Championships. Use the links that follow-

More galleries;

Seconda giornata su pista in quattrocentosessantotto fotografie nelle raccolte: FGHIL

La prima giornata su pista in trecentoquaranta (grazie all’hot finger di Daria) fotografie nelle raccolte: BCDE

Photo from Pattinaggio Bellusco

Photo from Pattinaggio Bellusco

Photo from Pattinaggio Bellusco

USA Roller Sports Announces 2009/2010 Inline Speed Skating National Team

Find out what skaters are part of USA Roller Sports’ 2009/ 2010 Inline Speed Skating National Team- USA Roller Sports Announces the 2009/2010 Inline Speed Skating National Team

The team is comprised of those individuals in the World Class and Junior World Class divisions that received a minimum of nine points at the 2009 Outdoor National Championships, along with the top two overall Freshman Girls and the top two overall Freshman Boys (provided they will be at least 12 years of age at the beginning of the Fall National Team Camp).

Congratulations to all National Team Members listed below!!


Bart Swings & The Belgians Coming Strong

Belgium posted good results at the recent European Roller Speed Skating Championships- see EK09 Road Wrap: Rise of the Belgians for more.

One of Belgium’s most successful athletes at the European Championships was first-year senior skater Bart Swings. You can read about his success at the competition- Bart Swings talks about his thrilling victories. Here the interivew in French- INTERVIEW : LES CHAMPIONNATS D’EUROPE 2009 DE BART SWINGS.

“Yes, it has been amazing. Of course I didn’t expect to win 5 golden medals in the first senior championship I skated. I knew though, that I had good chances of winning medals. But winning the first distance, the 1,000 meters, right away, meant a lot. It gave me the confidence to win the other 4 also.”

Click here to view a collection of photos featuring skaters from Belgian & CadoMotus competing at the European Championships.

Photo shared here

Countdown To Vancouver: Brent Aussprung- From Speedskating-Online

Speedskating-Online shared the following article- Countdown to Vancouver: Brent Aussprung

American long track speed skater Brent Aussprung can look back on a good year. He skated at most of the World Cups throughout the season and managed to pick up two silver medals in the B group along the way: one in the 500m in Nagano and one in the 1000m in Kolomna. These experiences have given him confidence to race on a world stage, and consequently Aussprung is anxiously looking forward to the Olympic season; the season which he has been working towards ever since he started speed skating nine years ago.


Rosters (Colombia, Spain, France, Belgium) For 2009 World Roller Speed Skating Championships, Looking To Venezuela 2010

You can expect more news in anticipation of the upcoming World Roller Speed Skating Championships in China.

The following links name a number of national team line-ups;


Photo from VisualSkate

Photo shared by Roller En Ligne

Photo from PatinColombia


Belgium’s Wouter Hebbrecht shared a blog entry about the World Championships- Wouter Hebbrecht- On the way to Worlds in China

Out of my personal experience I can tell you that even if you reached the biggest achievement of them all (that would be world champion in our sport), you should always look for a way to get even better if you want to win again and again. That’s another reason our sport is such a great one! Always teaching us there is more to it than just skating as hard as you can! I know if you take a rest your competitor will be out there working hard and that may very well make the difference this coming September!

Venezuela is hosting the 2010 World Roller Speed Skating Championships. You can find a preview here; Mondial 2010 : direction le Venezuela.

Le Comité International Course (CIC) vient d’annoncer (le 6 août) sur son site que le Venezuela accueillera les championnats du monde 2010 de vitesse.

Après avoir vérifié les candidats organisateurs pour le mondial 2010 le CIC a désigné la ville de Barquisimeto, au Venezuela, en tant que ville hôte de la compétition 2010.

Day 1- Canadian Short Track Olympic Team Trials- 500-Meters & 1500-Meters

Vancouver is playing host to the 2010 Canadian Short Track Speed Skating Olympic Team trials. The multi-day competition openned on August 9th and runs until the 18th.

You’ll can find many videos in captsteveheart video archive. Here are videos from the 500-meter and 1500-meter men’s & women’s A-finals-

Canada’s top short track speed skaters are in Vancouver for the next two weeks, hoping to get the chance to represent their country at next year’s Olympic Winter Games. The Bell Short Track Team Selection event will run from August 9th to the 18th at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, the same venue that will be home to the events of the 2010 Olympic Games next February.

This will likely be the toughest competition of the year for Canada’s short track skaters, as the country can only send 10 representatives – 5 men and 5 women – at the Olympic Games, but many more athletes from the National and Development teams have proven over the last seasons that they are worthy to compete against the best in the world.

De la joie, des pleurs, des blessures, des dépassements serrés, des coups fourrés: les patineurs de vitesse sur courte piste canadiens s’apprêtent à vivre une compétition pas comme les autres, les sélections pour les Jeux olympiques de Vancouver.

Men Overall Rankings after day 1

1- Olivier Jean
2- Francois Hamelin
3- Michael Gilday
4- Guillaume Bastille
5 – Remi Beaulieu

Women Overall Rankings after day 1
1- Tania Vicent
2- Kalyna Roberge
3- Amanda Overland
4- Valeria Maltais
5- Marianne St-Gelais

One more practice to feel confident. The 2010 Canadian Olympic Team Trials start tomorrow afternoon. I am ready. I know that I can be confident that I have put all the necessary work, focus and sacrifice in. I think that I am lucky because I am able to say that no matter what happens at trials, I have no regrets with my preparation and training leading up to these trials. I have made sure to try new things in order to improve and have made the necessary adjustments to get the most out of each day. Nothing left to do but execute, let my body do what I have trained it to do and have FUN.

For day 1 results, check out Patinage De Vitesse Courte Piste

Some of the skaters are maintaining their blogs-

I don’t think a lot of people expected me to make both A finals today – 1500 m and 500 m. I unfortunately “crapped the bed” in the 1500 m final coming in 6th, but needless to say that’s actually pretty darn good considering I was ranked 16 out of 16 going into the distance… Michael Gilday however, my Calgarian teammate, won the race! Congratulations to him!

Here are some reports & articles-

Canada’s best short track speed skaters did not hold back on anything on the first day of the Bell Short Track Team Selection, the event that will determine which ones will get to skate at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. Races were full of actions and athletes fought to the end, hoping to get precious points in the 1500m and 500m.

How do you look forward to next season and to the Olympics in particular?
“Of course I want individual medals, but right now the focus is on training really hard and skating fast!”

What is the one thing/most memorable moment that sticks out for you when you think of the Olympics?
“When I received my silver medal for the relay in Torino, because it’s such a big thing! For an athlete to be able to win an Olympic medal, it’s such a big accomplishment!”


European Roller Speed Skating Championships Wrapped Up

The European Roller Speed Skating Championships concluded on Saturday with the marathon races.

Now that the competition is over, you can use the links below to piece together and get a glimpse into what happened-

First of all, here are compilations of links that I shared-

And here are links for you;






Photo from Tims ProSkateShots

Photo from Tims ProSkateShots

Photo from Bildimpressionen.de, by Uwe Ziedler

Photo from Bildimpressionen.de, by Uwe Ziedler

ISU Communications- World Cup, Junior World Cup, & International Speed Skating Competitions

The most recent ISU Communications include a whole bunch of long track speed skating competition dates-


Discussion Continues About USA Indoor Nationals On the East Coast

There is still lots of discussion and sharing of opinions in thread Indoor Nationals on the East Coast in 2011 or 2012?

Getting back to the original subject. In my opinion keep it in Lincoln where the best floor is. And the least distractions are. The only thing on Our skaters minds should be the next race, not where can we go have fun. After all the sacrifice on the athlete and the parents for the entire season skating should be the focus at nationals.

If we don’t throw in a little fun once in a while, there will be less and less kids wanting to continue in the sport. After skating intense practices for 8-10 months, doesn’t every person deserve a little fun as an award for the hard work all year? A little side distraction keeps the mind clear and the body loose and relaxed. I know for myself, sitting in the arena, contemplating all the what if’s and nervously anticipating the upcoming races doesn’t do me any good when it’s time to roll up to the start line. You have to throw in a little fun and distraction in my opinion, to make it your best day possible on the floor.

Its families like yours that I love! Thanks for spending your only vacation every year at Nationals. Thank you for the support when you could be going to a different location and giving one cent or one minute to our national championships. One or two days of exploration in a new town is great for a family. That’s all I’m fighting for… Not everyone is in this sport to be the next Chad or Joey.

Indoor Nationals On The East Coast In 2011 or 2012?

This post has been very active since it started; Indoor Nationals on the East Coast in 2011 or 2012?-

I was sitting in the stands during Indoor Nationals, brainstorming as usual.
I thought to myself WOW, wouldn’t be soo cool to have Indoor Nationals in Hershey, PA in the year 2011 or 2012. I think that it would be a nice change of pace to let the East Coast have its chance to host Indoor Nationals. I tossed the idea to a few of my friends here in the Eastern Region. They absolutely loved the idea. I went talked to Spanky for few minutes gave him my idea.


Michael Cheek- Indoor Nationals & More

Michael Cheek’s blog is back after a long bread- the latest entry is indoor nats.. and other stuff

Quick World Team stuff.. Made the team for the 6th yr in a row, so I’m going to China for worlds. The team is extremely young, but it’s good. There’s a lot of people going to worlds for their first time, so we’re getting a whole new group introduced to worlds. Which is good, b/c they can go home to their clubs and tell them what they learned. When most of the spots were from NC and FL it was cool for us, but I think it hurt a lot of other clubs.

Indoor nat’s 1 liners…… Way to go Julie, welcome back.. That being said Erin Jackson was a beast… Kirstyn Scales and Zach Lloyd are so cute, and really fast too.. HAHA i think i passed Joey for loudest ovation when introduced at the meet, take that homie(i know you’re way ahead of me for career ovations).. Nick you won elementary, and looked nice doing it, but i still beat you… Huge congrats to Ben Carey, I know Russ is smiling… NSC got everyone buzzin, just wait til it actually pops off…Sullys(or whatever it’s called), good times… Harry and Sammy, you know ya’ll both my guys, but I for sure laughed after the 500m… Stephen Carter may not have quite the speed he used to, but for a spectators, he may still be the best to watch…

Pictures- Short Track Speed Skating Camp- Vancouver

Click here for sb’s pictures from this past June’s short track speed skating camp held in Vancouver.

Photo from sb

Jonathan Cavar- One11Twelve: Keeping Busy With Preparing For Olympic Trials

Jonathan Cavar’s blog, One11Twelve, hsa been updated with the following entry; Where have I been?

The Canadian Olympic Trials are just around the corner and my athletes have been training like champions. They’re ready for one of the most difficult short track competitions they’ll ever compete in. (It has been referred to as the Olympics before the Olympics).

By the numbers:
– 5 days of racing over a 10 day period
– 3 distances, 3 times each for a total of 24 races
– 16 women vying for 5 spots, 16 men vying for 4 spots
– 1 goal, Vancouver 2010

One day, one distance and one race at a time.

Jessica Gregg- Final Countdown To Canada’s Olympic Trials

Jessica Gregg shared a new entr on CBCSports- Final countdown to the Olympic trials

The objective of the competition is simple: to select the five best male and female short track speed skaters to represent Canada in 2010. To do this, Speed Skating Canada wanted to create an environment for the trials that would be as similar as possible to the Olympics. That means we’ll have some off days in between the race days, imitating the Olympic schedule, as well as racing in the afternoon to finish roughly around the same time at night that the Olympic races will.

Right now we’re in our tapering phase of training. We’ve done all the hard work to get in shape, and now it’s all about fine-tuning. We’ll have four opportunities to skate on the ice in Vancouver before we start racing, so that will be enough time to adjust to the ice and feel confident in that environment again. Being there for a good part of the summer really helped us out, and I think it’s safe to say that everyone feels very comfortable there. It will be a nice feeling during our trials, but even nicer for the team that will skate there during the Games. That’s what home-ice advantage is all about.

Road Racing On At European Roller Speed Skating Championships

The road racing portion of the 2009 European Roller Speed Skating Championships is underway in Oostende, Belgium.

After another long day full of heats and finals the following results of the 200m Senior men and a few pictures. Also Ferre (feefee) did a great job placing 2nd in the 20k elimination race. He was incredibly close to the gold medal (0.006s) but Francolini succeeded in holding him of. The Belgian senior men team did another great job working for their leader of the race and Bart even hung in there for 3rd. 20 medals and counting is what we are up to right now…in my 25 years of skating I have never seen the Belgian team this successful.

In his first year as a Senior, Bart Swings has stamped his name on the 2009 European Track Championships in Zandvoorde, Belgium this week – winning the 1000m & 10km Points/Elimination events in a week of sub-World Record skating on the historic track…

Here are some links for you to launch your web surfing;






Photo by Uwe Ziedler, Bildimpressionen.de

Photo by Uwe Ziedler, Bildimpressionen.de

Photo by Uwe Ziedler, Bildimpressionen.de

Photo from Tims ProSkateShots

Photo from Tims ProSkateShots

Photo from Tims ProSkateShots

Photo from Tims ProSkateShots