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OISC Story In The Ottawa Citizen

OISC Story in the Ottawa Citizen

Although (in my opinion) poorly written, here is the article that details the upcoming Inline Festival. It was featured in the local newspaper here in Ottawa. It is too bad the focus is on “elite” skaters as we are trying our hardest to attract as many rec skaters as possible. Oh well.

It was the “swoosh, swoosh” sound that lured Kim Brennan to competitive inline skating.

That’s the sound a peloton, or group, of inline skaters make as they race, taking each stride in sync.

“I could hear them coming,” said Brennan, 34, who was then a recreational skater. “As soon as I saw that, I thought that is neat.”

Now, roughly five years later, the financial analyst is treasurer of the Ottawa Inline Skating Club and has clocked a marathon on wheels in under an hour and half.

You Can Help Create The ‘Top 10 Reasons To Skate Ottawa’ List

The Ottawa Inline Skating Festival is less than two weeks away! (Sept. 6th)

So in the interest of making it a big success, please help with our Top 10 List of Reasons to Skate Ottawa.

I’ve never been to Ottawa so I’m going to need help!

Read more here; Top 10 Reasons to Skate Ottawa.


KNSB’s 2009-2010 Long Track Speed Skating Calendar

KNSB shared a 2009-2010 long track speed skating events calendar.


TVMR To Live Webcast NIRA Nationals

Great News! TVMR will be live webcast of this years NIRA Nationals starting on Saturday September 5. This is the same company that just did the USARS Indoor Nationals in July. They will stream this through their site at http://tvmr.com/store.html. Ross Creveling is being brought in to handle the interviews and commentary for the webcast. Bob Justice is set to handle the announcing again this year. Also, When you see Mr Jim Blair give him a big thanks for setting this up for this years NIRA National Championships.

Click here for more; TVMR to Live Webcast NIRA Nationals.

This Weekend- Minnesota Half Marathon & NROC 10K Championships

The Minnesota Half Marathon & NROC 10K Championships is taking place this weekend-

Goods news from St. Paul today: More than 700 skaters have signed up for the Minnesota Half Marathon and NROC 10K Championships.

What a surprise!

After all the complaints about the change in the format from a full to a half marathon (plus a 10K), I was afraid that not enough skaters would sign up to save this event from extinction.

But apparently I was wrong.

With more than 700 skaters signed up by Wednesday morning and more expected to sign up before the weekend, the Minnesota Half Marathon and 10K will apparently be the second largest outdoor skating event in North America this year. (As usual, the NorthShore Inline Marathon will be the largest.)

Read more here; New St. Paul Skate Event Is Attracting a Crowd.


Pamplona-Puente, Spain- September 13th

Pamplona-Puente (P2P) will take place on September 13th.


The competition is taking place in Spain near the border with France. The race starts in Pamplona, Spain and will run through the mountains to Puente.

2009 USA Fall Banked Track Clinics

Two USA banked track clinics are set to be held this fall- one in Colorado Springs and the other in Florida;