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Video- Sweden Skaters Core Training In Finland



Impromptu Training Venture In Guelph

Yes, it was fun, and yes we could be called wild, weird and wacky, as suggested. The bike ride was refreshing, and at the track we practiced our Ellis Edge “press-scoop-pinch” – for those that didn’t attend the Ottawa Master’s camp we will tell you all about that on ice, but trust me – it works!



Ellis Edge September Newsletter

Check out the Ellis Edge September Newsletter. The newsletter includes the following tip; Dynamic Flexibility Training.

For years we athletes have had it drilled in to our heads – STRETCH BEFORETRAINING! The goal of stretching and being flexible is to increase range of motionto prevent injury and improve performance. And for years the standard form ofstretching was what is called static stretching. Static stretching involves graduallyeasing in to a stretch position, say, like a calf stretch, and holding the stretch foranywhere from 10 seconds to 20 seconds or longer. While static stretching stillhas a very important place in athletics, research has shown is can actually bedetrimental to performance when performed before training by actually decreasingmuscle strength for up to an hour following the stretch. So does that mean weshouldn’t do static stretching?


Low-Walks In Ottawa While Attending Ellise Edge Camp

While attending the Ellis Edge Master’s Speed Skating camp in Ottawa, we went for an awesomely fun bike ride one morning. In addition to having a great time, the photo-series “Low walks in Ottawa” was born – travel adventures as seen from the perspective of speed skaters.



Pictures- Colombia’s Roller Speed Skating Team Training For Worlds

Click here to view pictures of Colombia’s roller speed skating team training for China’s World Roller Speed Skating Championships coming up in September.

Photos by Luis Ramirez, shared here

Video- Roger Schneider In Training

This is a pretty cool video featuring Switzerland’s Roger Schneider training in Boston- Sommerserie: Roger Schneider.


Road Rash Chronicles- Busy Busy

I am sad in a way. Peter over at Speedskateworld.com is now posting more frequently about Ice. I use this as a signal that winter is upon us. The leaves will begin to fall and posts about marathons and such will dwindle away into the fray. Stretch out your summer coverage Peter…..or better yet, just postpone winter altogether.

Read more from Road Rash Chronicles here; Busy Busy.

Cor Misses Skating

Since returning to the Tennis fold lately and trying to get as much match time as I can before my tournaments, I am finding that I am missing skating. Both the activity and the people. More so the people I think. But to be honest, I miss the hardcore workouts. I hate to say it but I miss the intervals and the drills. I miss the thrill of the speed when everyone is working together. 😦

Read more here; I miss skating.

Pascal Briand- Running Sprints, Rest Day At The Beach, & Bike Crash

Here are Pascal Briand’s three latest entries;

donc ce matin je faisais un travail a pieds pour retrouver mon depart des grandes années…je commence par des educatifs d’athletismes pour developper mon “pied” c’est a dire ma qualite d’appui au sol et renforcer les chevilles. ensuite des series de 10 20 30 40 30 20 10m progressivement accelerer …et enfin 3 departs arretes en duel contre le fameu thomas boucher.

so as u can see i crash this morning on the bike during a sprint…i broke my chains…F*** so i crash on the left side. burn in many small different place, incredible i didnt get more…really lucky in some ways. the frame is destroyed, carbon broke in the higher tube…was 2 weeks new…good job man…other pieces looks older now but still work.


Andrew Love- 8th Anniversary & Questions With The Master

Here are Andrew Love’s two newest entries;

He was meditating calmly in his wool suit, battered Vikings gleaming through the fog as he skated effortless turns with eyes closed. The ice was milk-perfect & he was smooth as black cat, ageless power in every stride….

My past entries were more “arty” than this year’s, but I had more “space” for contemplation then. I used to think my life was “busy”. Ha… how little I knew! A blog can be a personal index, where you can look back on where you were at that time in your life, and marvel. This is post #631… Wow…


More On Susan Nelson

Use the following links find heart-felt blog entries about Susan Nelson’s passing-

Yesterday was long. It started with a meeting at the funeral home, taking care of the business end of Susan’s funeral. Then I worked for a while on the program for the funeral itself. Then I took my boys to buy us suits.

And then, when I got home, there was a big chunk of the core team, hanging out at my house and ready to go for a ride. I have great friends.

In an act of constant courage, Susan agreed to let me tell her story, as it happened. Because of this, thousands of people, all around the world, were inspired to take up her fight against cancer.

Sitting & watching it with little RZ, I could not help but think it was Susan’s Nelson’s soul, taking a final powerful lap around the Wasatch range & the world was shuddering with her power, and the grief of those left behind swirling in the blinding smoke & wind.

There is nothing good to come from cancer, except in appreciating the good days we have, in sickness & health. For Elden there is no novelist/bloggers roadmap on how to “write” this kind of experience as it happens, no social guidelines for writing profound pain & grief & with justice & respect in the real-time nature of blogging.

Inline Planet Skate Tip- How To Make A Slideboard

Click here to find out how you can make a slideboard.

When it’s raining and pouring and dry-land gets boring, the slideboard is the most skate-specific and beneficial alternative to the real thing. Done properly, slideboarding will improve your form and balance, work your quads, glutes and back muscles, and prepare you for any distance.


Road Rash Chronicles- Crow…Takes Like Chicken

Road Rash Chronicles‘ latest entry is Crow…takes like chicken

Looks like the Ottawa Inline Festival is a no go for me this year even though I already registered. Refund? I will have to look into that. In efforts to revive my tennis career, I have lots of training and tournaments that conflict with most events for the next year. Am I giving up skating? Hell no. I just might not be able to race in events as often as I would like. But don’t lose faith, I will still be around. I just decided to rekindle the passion for the game I love more than anything. I have only committed myself to one year of competition to see if I still have the ability to play at that level. If not, I will bow out gracefully and learn to appreciate what I achieved thus far.


Pictures- DSB Bank Ceccina Training Camp

Click here for pictures from DSB Bank’s Ceccina training camp.

Photo from here

Photo from here

Photo from here

Ask Bill Begg! Can Skaters Train on Both Inline and Ice?

The latest Ask Bill Begg! article is Can Skaters Train on Both Inline and Ice?

Hi, Gaby: When children are young and flexible, it’s OK for them to do a variety of sports. Only later, when they are 14 or 15, do they need to focus on one sport — and only if their goal is to reach the top levels in international competition.

I don’t know many skaters who successfully move between inline and short track skating, although a few Canandian short-trackers have done this. But, as I said, lots of skaters have rotated from inline to long-track ice, including Elma De Vries, Sijird Huisman, Shane Dobbin and Pascal Briand.


Fat Cyclist- Don’t Say She Lost

From Don’t Say She Lost

Susan died tonight (August 5) at 7:25pm. It was a hard, long day, and Susan fought right to the end, for much longer than anyone would have thought she could.

Susan’s part in the battle is over, but she didn’t lose. She led the charge. She showed the rest of us how to fight: with determination, focus, creativity, and outrageous endurance.


Clara Hughes- Pain Is Pain

PAIN IS PAIN is another great entry from Clara Hughes-

Though the regime is entirely different for the two sports, both are equally hard to train for. Some aspects of the training for speed skating are more difficult. What makes skating training harder is the relentless focus on technique. Sitting on the bike is far easier than finding the perfect position for skating. However, both of these endurance sports leave a person completely exhausted. Sitting here on the one day off a week I get to rest, I’m in a state of intense fatigue. I’m not tired some of the time – I’m tired ALL of the time, exactly as I was as a professional cyclist.

Thinking about all the training I have left to do in preparation for the Olympics in February, one thing is for sure: I will look inward to see what strengths developed in bike racing have been lying dormant for me to utilize in these coming months.

As for which sport is harder, pain is pain. Endurance sport allows for no escape from it.

Road Rash Chronicles- Mixed Bag & Quickies

Road Rash Chronicles’ latest entries include Mixed Bag and Quickies.

3. Someone told me this weekend that I had huuuge legs. I laughed out loud. I have never thought that…especially now that I am surrounded by skaters who’s legs measure the same circumference as my chest.

Speedskateworld.com. Peter D has been updating like crazy lately with all the pics and results of events happening worldwide. Make sure you check him out. Plus I think for the first time I realized he didn’t win an event? Chicago….?? Peter what happened? You must be getting old.

New Bont Cycling Shoe Website And Blog

This is from the thread New Bont Cycling Shoe Website and Blog

We have just launched a new Bont website for our cycling shoes:

and a new Blog:

Photo shared here

Road Rash Chronicles- Tracks & Cycling

With the creation of facilities like the new Taz in Montreal, it can’t be that difficult. Not to mention, with the cross promotional opportunities of a track facility, there should really be no problem finding other organizations to jump on board.

If you build it, they will come.

Read more in Hmmm..

The main lesson I have learned in this journey is much the same as one I learned from skating. Cycling or skating alone is just not fun. Time drags on and the experience is not as enjoyable. Problem being, most of my friends outside the skating group have Canadian Tire specials. Which means their top speed is about 10kms. So I am finding it a chore to actually get out there and put in the distance rides. I have no idea what I am going to do when the snow starts falling. Don’t even want to think of that yet.

Read more in Cycling Update.

Recovering From A Knee Injury- Ask Bill Begg!

The latest Ask Bill Begg! article is How Do I Recover From a Knee Injury?

Hi, Norm: First off, take the advice of qualified medical people, preferably with specialties in sports medicine. These days, there are sports-medicine specialists all over the world.

Once you’ve recovered your knee strength, by all means get rolling again. But, as I said, throw away the running. After a knee injury, skating and cycling are better options.


Andrew Love- Riding (Or Not), Ice At Utah Oval, New Bike Lanes

Here is some solid reading for you, courtesy Andrew Love;

On the subject of using the bike for skate training, I find that when I am skating, my bike riding position tends to change in these subtle ways

•Reach to handlebars is a little shorter
•Seat schooches forwards
•Hip are rotated forward, instead of down
•Curled skater “cat back” instead of bike racer “flat black”
•Saddle lowered a bit

Photo shared by Andrew Love, from Brian Boudreau

Thanks to Scott, and all the Oval staff. It’s about a 2 week process to lay the ice, and the athletes truly do appreciate it.

I remember hearing that the ice is put on in 17 separate layers! With as much time as it takes, I believe it.

Lines to follow are only useful to a certain extent. Daydreaming about racing is only useful to a certain extent. Sometimes the lines disappear, or the smooth road ends, and you must forge your own path. Not just the road less traveled, but at times you must make your own road.

Photo from
Andrew Love

RZ was sticking her feet up into the air, spreading her toes into the breeze, and making happy cooing noises as we zipped along together. Later in the day, I had a chat with National Team member Pat Meek, he was exhausted from a day containing a brutal short track workout, followed by weights.

Hiking Up Buffalo Mountain With Eddy Matzger

Hike up Buffalo Mountain

Photo from Nadine

Michael Gilday- 3 In 1 Post

The latest from Michael Gilday is What a deal! 3 in 1 blog post

On Tuesday this past week I went down to Vulcan, Ab for the annual County Central High School sports award banquet. The owner of the local grocery store, Scott Mitchell had asked General Mills if one the aspiring Olympians that are on various General Mills cereal boxes would come down and speak at the banquet. So off I went. It was very cool to go down and attend an event like this.

Last but not least today is the day that we are off to Vancouver for our annual training camp. Just like last year, we will be taking advantage of being able to skate at the Olympic Short Track facility and get as much home ice advantage as we can.

Olivier Jean organized a salmon fishing trip for our rest day. Should be fun.


This Evening- Skaters & Cyclists Will Gather At 6pm At Montreal’s Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve

This evening (June 12th) from 6pm to 7pm, there will be a non-violent protest- a gathering of cyclists and skaters- at Montreal’s Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve.

The gathering’s purpose is to protest against the installation of speed bumps on the track. These will prevent athletes to use the circuit as a safe training venue.

You can sign this petition and also sign this petition.

Here is an article from la Presse; Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve: Gérald Tremblay pédale en mode compromis.


Petition To Protect Montreal’s Gilles-Villeneuve Circuit

Maintient du Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve pour l’entraînement des cyclistes / Keep Gilles-Villeneuve Circuit for Cyclist Track

We, the undersigned, oppose the new devices installed on the Gilles-Villeneuve circuit to restrict the speed of cyclists. The Gilles-Villeneuve circuit is the only place in Montreal where competitive cyclists can train. This decision hinders the development of local athletes in cycling and in triathlon. Furthermore, this decision jeopardises the safety of road users and of these athletes because it forces them to relocate their training to busier roads or bike paths that are used by leisure cyclists.


Ottawa- In Town And Out Radio Interview

Check this out nice interview featuring the Ottawa Inline Skating Club & interviews from some of the members & how they got into roller speed skating & why they do the sport- In Town and Out Interview

Hey, local radio program In Town and Out:

http://www.cbc.ca/intownandout/fitatfifty.html (May 16th Ottawa Inline Skating Club)

Dd a great interview with our skating club. The Podcast is here:


Its a good listen, and worth sharing with your friends who are on the fence about getting into skating.


Andrew Love- 2009 Salt Lake Century

Here’s the latest from Andrew Love; 2009 Salt Lake Century

Sharing the work, we fly along. Spinning big gears. At my turns at the front, I take pedal strokes equal to how many years I want to live. 80, then 90. over and over.

We see big packs starting up the hills we are leaving.

Going the other way, on a shorter route, I see an inline speedskater whipping out a pro-level double push (It’s Josh Wood). As I whip by, I see all sorts of faces I know in a blur of bikes. There are the Speed skaters out for a training day. I miss my friends.


Ice Blog- German Long Track A Team In Mallorca

Check out Ice Blog‘s latest entry from Mallorca, Spain; TL Mallorca – Zwischenbericht.


Belgium Sander Armée- Roller Leads To Everything

Mais quand un ancien patineur de vitesse est sur le point de passer pro, autant que cela se sache ! Le Belge Sander Armée vient de remporter deux victoires d’étape sur le Tour de Bretagne : il a fini septième du général final. Vous pourrez apprécier son évolution dans cet article paru dans Ouest-France, édition du 2 mai 2009.

Read more about Sander Armée here; Le roller mène à tout.