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No Webcast For USA Olympic Short Track Speed Skating Team Trials

We at US Speedskating are very excited about the U.S. Short Track Championships/Olympic Trials event that will be held in Marquette, Michigan next week. This event is an official Olympic Trials. NBC owns the rights to broadcast or webcast all Olympic Trials including this event, however, NBC has not opted to broadcast this event. Additionally, because NBC owns the exclusive rights to the event, US Speedskating does not have the option to broadcast or webcast the event. With this being an Olympic Trials, individuals are also not permitted to video tape the event for any use without specific permission by US Speedskating.

Read more here; Webcasting of speedskating.

USA’s 2010 Olympic Speed Skating Team Trials

In the thread Winter Olympics 2010, Jim White gave some information about USA’s 2010 Olympic speed skating team trials;

Short track: 9/8-12 in Marquette, MI
Long track: 10/21-25 in Milwaukee, 12/26-30 in Salt Lake, with World Cup races also a factor, it’s complicated (thanks, Julie)

Andrew Love- Qualifying Like a Lightning Strike Setting Your Heart On Fire

Andrew Love latest entry is Qualified!

For many speedskaters, qualifying for Olympic trials is a HUGE moment. It’s that moment where you KNOW, that all that suffering has paid off. Certainly there are higher goals, world cups, O-games, medals, media immortality, etc, but for the vast majority of the athletes. QUALIFYING is the goal, and a moment that they remember forever.

The first time you do it, it’s a lightning strike that sets your heart on fire.


Michael Gilday’s Canadian Olympic Short Track Speed Skating Trials Recap

Since then I have been dealing with the fallout of not qualifying for something that I had spent everyday of the last four years working towards. For the first couple nights, I had alot of trouble sleeping as thoughts swirled through my mind about this and that. I had expected a let down after trials no matter the outcome, good or bad, just because there is such a build-up to a competition that is as important as Olympic Trials. What I didn’t expect though, was that I would feel so free at moments and then so crushed in others only minutes after.

Read more from Michael Gilday here; Olympic Trials recap.

Jessica Gregg’s Lifelong Olympic Dream Comes True

The day was kind of bittersweet, though, as two of my teammates from Calgary missed out on making the team by just fractions of a second. It’s hard to believe that in that short period of time, your dream can either come true or be changed. I was upset after watching my teammates’ two races, but at the same time I needed to celebrate.

I think now would be a good time to thank the skaters in Calgary who have been training with me for a very long time. We’ve all been through so much together and even though they won’t be joining me on the Olympic team, they will be a huge part of my experience. So thank you Jessica, Gabby, Marie Eve, Tyler, Mike, Liam, Richard, Dustin and Cory. I couldn’t have done it without all of you! And of course, thanks as well to my coach, Jon.

Read more from Jessica Gregg here; My lifelong Olympic dream comes true.

Lightning Sidelines Olympic dream

Lightning sidelines Olympic dream

MONTREAL – His shot at the Olympics disappeared in a flash. Three years ago, Joel Mineau was struck by a lightning bolt during a team training retreat in Quebec. He will be gazing from the sidelines Tuesday as Canada announces its short-track…


Canada’s 2010 Olympic Short Track Speed Skating Team Selection Concluded

Canada’s 2010 Olympic Short Track Speed Skating Team trials are now completed.

Patinage De Vitesse Courte Piste shared lots of results, reports, and articles- click here for site’s most recent archive.

Liam McFarlane wrote the following entry; Goodbye Vancouver…

Anyways, after racing today my teammates and I took a well deserved trip to the beach for a few hours or R and R. I’ve just returned from a party that Red Bull put on for us at their private lounge downtown but now looking forward to returning to Alberta and spending some quality time with my family! Try and make up for the last 3 years of missed vacations and holidays when I was out competing and/or training.

The following is from Bell Short Track Team Selection concludes with the 1000m race.

Today’s 1000m race put an end to the Bell Short Track Team Selection event that has been taking place at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver since August 9th. Anne Maltais (Québec, QC) and Guillaume Bastille (Rivière-du-Loup, QC) won the finals, but those results do not have much of an impact on the nominations that will be made for Canada’s short track Olympic team.


Days 3 & 4- 2010 Canadian Short Track Speed Skating Olympic Team Trials

The 2010 Canadian Short Track Speed Skating Olympic Team trials conclude tomorrow in Vancouver. Here are links to help you figure out what happenned so far and which athletes have claimed sought-after Olympic squad positions;

Then with a little luck on my side pulled myself back into the 1500 m A final where I came 5th. I was sitting well with 3 laps to go (in 4th behind Olivier) but got taken out when Gilday and Marc collided hard and skated into the back of me. Both Marc and I went down, both of my skates ended up tightly packed beneath the mats.

I brought it all today. Two second places. I raced the best I could in the 1500 and was inches from pulling it off. It came down to a mano a mano race between myself and one other and I just lost out in the last lap and a half. As it looks now, I won’t be on the Olympic team. More to come in the next few days probably, I just can’t bring myself to write anything now. Thanks to everyone for your support, I know it gave me the legs I had today.

The short track speed skating team for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games is starting to shape up, as two other skaters were able to secure their place on the team, today, during the Bell Short Track Team Selection at the Pacific Coliseum. Both Kalyna Roberge (St-Étienne-de-Lauzon, QC) and Olivier Jean (Lachenaie, QC) won their 1000m race, their second win in the distance in the event. They will therefore not need to skate the distance a third time as no one could catch up with them in the standings.

Today was definitely the most exciting day at the Bell Short Track Team Selection, and Canada’s Short Track Team for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games now has four more members. With a win in the 1500m race, Guillaume Bastille (Rivière-du-Loup, QC) joins the ranks, Jessica Gregg (Edmonton, AB) and Marianne St-Gelais (St-Félicien, QC) also secured their spots thanks to their first and second place finishes in the 500m. Tania Vicent (Laval, QC) is the fourth addition to the team.

Results, Reports, Videos, Blogs- Days 2- Canadian Short Track Olympic Team Trials

With one more day of racing to go at the 2010 Canadian Short Track Olympic Team Trials, there’s plenty of action remaining.

The suspense is still in the air of the Pacific Coliseum after the second day of the Bell Short Track Team Selection, with many athletes holding on to a chance to qualify for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. Athletes were racing on 500m and 1000m today, and four different athletes came out victorious.

The trials, taking place in Vancouver, will see more racing action on August 15th, 17th, and 18th.

Men’s Rankings After 2 Days Of Racing
1- Olivier Jean
2- Francois Hamelin
3- Michael Gilday
4- Marc-Andre Monette
5- Liam McFarlane
6- Guillaume Bastille

Women’s Rankings After 2 Days Of Racing
1- Kalyna Roberge
2- Jessica Gregg
3- Tania Vicent
4- Marianne St-Gelais
5- Amanda Overland
6- Valérie Maltais

1 mm doesn’t seem like a lot, but in speed skating it is. It could mean the difference between 1st and 2nd (referring to Dustin’s and my 1000 m final yesterday, guy tried to sneak me at the line after I had lead 9 out of 9 laps, haha – 1 mm difference) or it could mean the difference between feeling comfortable or not, especially leading into the 2nd round of 500 m’s. I needed that comfort back!

You can use the following links to find rankings, results, reports, and more for days 1 to 3.

Today was a day. Nothing special, but nothing terrible. Two 5th places in the 500m and 1000m. In the 500m this was my best placing ever at a National Trials, but I was left wanting more after winning the start in my semi final then proceeding to butcher the rest of the race to finish third.


Day 1- Canadian Short Track Olympic Team Trials- 500-Meters & 1500-Meters

Vancouver is playing host to the 2010 Canadian Short Track Speed Skating Olympic Team trials. The multi-day competition openned on August 9th and runs until the 18th.

You’ll can find many videos in captsteveheart video archive. Here are videos from the 500-meter and 1500-meter men’s & women’s A-finals-

Canada’s top short track speed skaters are in Vancouver for the next two weeks, hoping to get the chance to represent their country at next year’s Olympic Winter Games. The Bell Short Track Team Selection event will run from August 9th to the 18th at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, the same venue that will be home to the events of the 2010 Olympic Games next February.

This will likely be the toughest competition of the year for Canada’s short track skaters, as the country can only send 10 representatives – 5 men and 5 women – at the Olympic Games, but many more athletes from the National and Development teams have proven over the last seasons that they are worthy to compete against the best in the world.

De la joie, des pleurs, des blessures, des dépassements serrés, des coups fourrés: les patineurs de vitesse sur courte piste canadiens s’apprêtent à vivre une compétition pas comme les autres, les sélections pour les Jeux olympiques de Vancouver.

Men Overall Rankings after day 1

1- Olivier Jean
2- Francois Hamelin
3- Michael Gilday
4- Guillaume Bastille
5 – Remi Beaulieu

Women Overall Rankings after day 1
1- Tania Vicent
2- Kalyna Roberge
3- Amanda Overland
4- Valeria Maltais
5- Marianne St-Gelais

One more practice to feel confident. The 2010 Canadian Olympic Team Trials start tomorrow afternoon. I am ready. I know that I can be confident that I have put all the necessary work, focus and sacrifice in. I think that I am lucky because I am able to say that no matter what happens at trials, I have no regrets with my preparation and training leading up to these trials. I have made sure to try new things in order to improve and have made the necessary adjustments to get the most out of each day. Nothing left to do but execute, let my body do what I have trained it to do and have FUN.

For day 1 results, check out Patinage De Vitesse Courte Piste

Some of the skaters are maintaining their blogs-

I don’t think a lot of people expected me to make both A finals today – 1500 m and 500 m. I unfortunately “crapped the bed” in the 1500 m final coming in 6th, but needless to say that’s actually pretty darn good considering I was ranked 16 out of 16 going into the distance… Michael Gilday however, my Calgarian teammate, won the race! Congratulations to him!

Here are some reports & articles-

Canada’s best short track speed skaters did not hold back on anything on the first day of the Bell Short Track Team Selection, the event that will determine which ones will get to skate at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. Races were full of actions and athletes fought to the end, hoping to get precious points in the 1500m and 500m.

How do you look forward to next season and to the Olympics in particular?
“Of course I want individual medals, but right now the focus is on training really hard and skating fast!”

What is the one thing/most memorable moment that sticks out for you when you think of the Olympics?
“When I received my silver medal for the relay in Torino, because it’s such a big thing! For an athlete to be able to win an Olympic medal, it’s such a big accomplishment!”


Vancouver Olympic Trials Begin Sunday

Michael Gilday‘s latest entry is Vancouver Olympic Trials

Van Van Van Van Van. We are back in Vancouver. Trials start on sunday but first heres a shout-out to J-Gregg, who has been blogging occasionally for CBC sports over the past few months.


Jonathan Cavar- One11Twelve: Keeping Busy With Preparing For Olympic Trials

Jonathan Cavar’s blog, One11Twelve, hsa been updated with the following entry; Where have I been?

The Canadian Olympic Trials are just around the corner and my athletes have been training like champions. They’re ready for one of the most difficult short track competitions they’ll ever compete in. (It has been referred to as the Olympics before the Olympics).

By the numbers:
– 5 days of racing over a 10 day period
– 3 distances, 3 times each for a total of 24 races
– 16 women vying for 5 spots, 16 men vying for 4 spots
– 1 goal, Vancouver 2010

One day, one distance and one race at a time.

Jessica Gregg- Final Countdown To Canada’s Olympic Trials

Jessica Gregg shared a new entr on CBCSports- Final countdown to the Olympic trials

The objective of the competition is simple: to select the five best male and female short track speed skaters to represent Canada in 2010. To do this, Speed Skating Canada wanted to create an environment for the trials that would be as similar as possible to the Olympics. That means we’ll have some off days in between the race days, imitating the Olympic schedule, as well as racing in the afternoon to finish roughly around the same time at night that the Olympic races will.

Right now we’re in our tapering phase of training. We’ve done all the hard work to get in shape, and now it’s all about fine-tuning. We’ll have four opportunities to skate on the ice in Vancouver before we start racing, so that will be enough time to adjust to the ice and feel confident in that environment again. Being there for a good part of the summer really helped us out, and I think it’s safe to say that everyone feels very comfortable there. It will be a nice feeling during our trials, but even nicer for the team that will skate there during the Games. That’s what home-ice advantage is all about.

Jim White: Ice Season Has Started

The following is from Here Comes Chad!!! (read the threaded entry)-

Ice season has started, actually has been for a couple of months or so. Olympic level skaters got like a couple of weeks break after the last competition, in March I think, then were back working. Some of the best long track ice skaters have been in Vancouver for a couple of weeks or so, just got back to Salt Lake yesterday. They’ve been doing dry-land training in various places before getting ice at Vancouver. Ice was out at Milwuakee, back in a couple of days ago; skaters there have been doing dryland, including some inline. Long track Olympic trials are October 21-22 & 24-25 in Milwaukee, with a last-chance trials a couple of months later in Salt Lake. Short track trials are September 8-12, no second chance.

Liam McFarlane- Update; On Track For 2010

Olympic Trials are nearing, we leave a week today to Vancouver and our first day of competition is August 9th. I will try and keep things more update now.

Read the latest from Liam McFarlane here; Update!.

You can read the article that goes along with his post; Short-track speedskaters on track for 2010.

“It’s going to be tough, Canada’s one of the strongest men’s teams in the world,” said Gilday. “But we’re confident. Everything’s been going really well the past couple weeks.

“Once you make the team, you don’t have to have any doubts that we can definitely be medal contenders in all distances and the relay at the Olympics,” said Gilday, 22. “I’m confident the men’s team has the ability to put somebody on the podium and there’s no way we want anything other than gold in the relay.”


USA Outdoor Nationals- Good Thing, Bad Thing- From Keith Carroll

USA World Team member Keith Carroll shared his insight and perspective on each division from the recent USA Outdoor National Championships- Outdoor Nationals Is Over

Outdoor Nationals is over. Well it came and went. Congratulations to everyone that made the US World Team. Like last year I must stress that making the world team should not be the end of it, it’s simply a formality the goal should have been and be the entire time the World Championships. What that means is after Indoor Nationals, almost everyone in the skating community will be taking it easier maybe going on vacation or returning to technical work with their skating but there should still be 24 skaters working harder then they did prior to Outdoor and Indoor Nationals!

Reports, Pictures, Results, Standings- USA Outdoor National Championships

Here are a bunch of links about the USA Outdoor National Championships for you to explore and click through;

Photo from here

Live Video- On Now- USA Outdoor Nationals

Click here to access the live video feed from the USA Outdoor Nationals taking place in Colorado Springs. As I type this, the Junior World Class Men are on the line for their elimination race.


Pictures & Audio Recap- Day 2- USA Roller Sports Inline Speed Skating Outdoor National Championships

Check out the following material from day 2 of the USA Roller Sports Inline Speed Skating Outdoor National Championships;

Photo from here

Report- Day 1- USA Outdoor Championships- Keith Carroll

Keith Carroll shared a report from day 1 at the USA Roller Sports Outdoor Championships- read it here; Outdoor Nationals Day 1

Some quick standouts from the day would be Erin Jackson, Sara Hebbrecht, and Jonathon Blair for all breaking 300m records and also Mario Valencia for having an exceptional day in junior men all together.In senior men Joey was not here for the first day because of a World Inline Cup race in Europe that he attended (and won) but he will be here tomorrow. Personally I thought of it as a opportunity to seize some good points before he got there which I think I did.

Results- Day 2- USA Outdoor Roller Speed Skating Championships

Use the links below to find out what went down on day 2 of the USA Roller Sports Outdoor Roller Speed Skating Championships;

Points up to date thus far (no Senior Women)
Junior Men
Justin Mannon 37 — Mario Valencia 30 —– Jonathon Blair 27 —— Andrew Shatzer 19 —— Michael Ringer 11 —— Drew Valinsky 10
Junior Women
Erin Jackson 39 — Alex Harris 33 — Sophie Web 23 — Megan Gillis 18 — Hailey Leech 18 — Darian O’Neil 14
Senior Men
Michael Cheek 37 — Keith Carroll 26 — Justin Stelley 23 — Will Bowen 15 — Joey Mantia 12 — Chris Springer, Corey Gahan, Brian Talley all have 10


Reports & Results- Colombian Team Trials

Colombia’s team trials are taking place. Use the following links to access results and reports-

Live Twitter Updates & Results- USA Outdoor Nationals

If you’re interested in keeping up with up-to-the-minute results from the USA Outdoor Roller Speed Skating Championships, make sure you check USARS Events Twitter updates.

You can access results by using this link to the competition page.


You can also catch more results and take part in discussions here; ODN Results

Results 300 Meter Time Trials – http://bit.ly/4VmK4
26 minutes ago from web Josh Bode 28.914
about 1 hour ago from web Justin Stelly 26.604
about 1 hour ago from web Michael Cheek 26.458
about 1 hour ago from web Jake Powers 26.969
about 1 hour ago from web Jonathan Bell 28.164
about 1 hour ago from web William Bowen 26.037


A Younger Perspective- Outdoor Nationals

Alright the jitters! This year is very very different for me. I am now Senior World Class, I definitely think I am ready for it but it’s different racing all together. I watched the video of just about every track race from last year’s ODN and with respect to everyone I raced, for the most part I was just flat out better then the majority of people.

Read more from Keith Carroll Jr here; ODN.

Schedule (Tentative)- USA Roller Sports Outdoor Championships

Click here for the event schedule of the upcoming USA Roller Sports Outdoor Championships.


Live Coverage For USA Roller Sports Outdoor Nationals

The United States Olympic Comittee has provided for 1 exciting day of live video coverage from the 2009 Inline Speed Skating Outdoor National Championships.

Up to the minute results will be available throughout the competition on the 2009 Inline Speed Skating Outdoor National Championship Event Page.

Live Updates will also be available throughout the competition via the USA Roller Sports Events Twitter Feed
http://twitter.com/usars_events *Please note that this is a different Twitter feed than the normal USARS feed.

Read more here; Live Video Coverage Inline Speed Skating Outdoor National Championships – July 1st! and check out reactions and share your thoughts here; Live Coverage for Outdoor Nationals.


Jessica Gregg- Highwood Pass & Short Track In Vancouver

It’s getting harder and harder not to think about our Olympic trials, coming up as they are so soon, but I am trying to stay focused on my day-to-day training. Our Vancouver camp will be a lot of fun, the training will be hard, but we will get another chance to hang out with the group from Montreal, so I am pretty excited. After that, only one month to go before our trials in August!

Read Jessica Gregg’s complete entry here; No turning back on the Tour de Kananaskis.

Michael Gilday- 3 In 1 Post

The latest from Michael Gilday is What a deal! 3 in 1 blog post

On Tuesday this past week I went down to Vulcan, Ab for the annual County Central High School sports award banquet. The owner of the local grocery store, Scott Mitchell had asked General Mills if one the aspiring Olympians that are on various General Mills cereal boxes would come down and speak at the banquet. So off I went. It was very cool to go down and attend an event like this.

Last but not least today is the day that we are off to Vancouver for our annual training camp. Just like last year, we will be taking advantage of being able to skate at the Olympic Short Track facility and get as much home ice advantage as we can.

Olivier Jean organized a salmon fishing trip for our rest day. Should be fun.


Jessica Gregg- How I Keep Going When I Don’t Think I Can

As athletes, we commit a great deal of our time to our sport, and so when the training gets hard it’s nice to remind ourselves that not everyone has the ability — or the will power — to do what we’re doing. It’s something we should feel proud of, no matter what the results are in the end.

Here’s Jessica Gregg’s complete entry; How I keep going when I don’t think I can.


Reports- France Road Championships- From ASTA

It seems like ASTA was successful at France’s road championships last weekend, collecting a total of 73 medals! You can read more from ASTA using the following links;