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Roller/ Inline Speed Skating Community Dealing With Failed Bid At Olympic Inclusion

The roller & inline speed skating community is coming to grips with roller speed skating’s failed attempt at gaining Olympic status.

Articles and posts convey mixed emotions and strong feelings.

So let’s face it: unless a cosmological miracle happens, or the politicians feel the need to screw karate or rugby, we’re not going to be an Olympic sport as yet. The good news is, we won’t die, and in the worst case scenario, nothing will change for us. We need to keep working towards an international & professional set of races that’s TV worthwhile, we MUST put a great deal of effort in bringing as much kids as possible to SKATING (NOT speedskating, at first), and finally we should keep proving to the world that the true Olympic spirit absolutely lives in our sport, in which fortius citius altius are perfectly epitomized.

Because if the Olympic Games are still run by the same crooks last seen in Singapore, they can take the whole five rings and shove them up their arses. Starting with the red one, please.

I don’t think there’s any sense at attacking or putting down other sports and their athletes. Roller & inline speed skating has to continue doing its best at improving and striving to be the best sport it can be. We’ve got to stay positive, focused, and come together with common plans and vision. And we all have a role in this-


It’s possible we were fighting a losing battle from the very beginning. The 2 sports that did get in have money we can’t compete with. I’ve always stated that you never talk down on someones passion, so I’m not gonna start talking badly about rugby or golf. Because if we would have been lucky enough to get in, I would hope for the same from people in other sports.

I was just sitting here bummed about the olympic decision. And I was wondering what about the X games. I think banked track racing with all the allowed contact and intense racing would be a perfect fit for the X games. There is a ton of sponsorship money and a huge and growing following world wide. Athletes from all over the world compete in the X games. Although it is not the olympics I do believe it would help grow the sport in a huge way and would also give our athletes something to look forward to. Maybe this would be something to pursue .

Now i don’t have the answer to “grow” our sport at all.. to be honest, I’m not sure anyone does.. The way that we would eventually get in the Olympics would be to be in the media, TV, movies, papers, etc…. The way to get in the media is to have major sponsors that pour tons of cash into advertising. To get sponsors to see us is to be on TV.. see what I’m getting at here? we are stuck between a rock, and a really hard place. I hope that everyone can work together to build up skating in the public eye, we could use it..

So, we aren’t in the Olympics.. eh, whatever.. do i wish we got in? yes, very much so! do i think that we will still continue to do what we do? yep, of course!

No Olympic Inclusion For Roller/ Inline Speed Skating, Golf & Rugby

The roller/ inline speed skating world is reacting with strong emotions after learning that roller/ inline speed skating won’t be joining the Olympic family.

I’ve got about 1400 friends on Facebook, many of whom are posting comments and their reactions about today’s decision. Here is what I wrote in my Facebook status;

Roller/ inline speed skating is a great sport, with or without Olympic status.

Look at where the sport is and how great the sport is. Great athletes from all over the world are fueling exciting racing. Good coaches develop young talent and fantastic events bring the masses.

We haven’t lost anything. Not gaining Olympic status won’t take anything away. Take this as a chance to build, improve, grow, and get stronger.

Bill Begg shared his thoughts-

A bunch of many outdated relics & out of touch with reality, we need to start cleaning these relics out of our National Olympic Committee’s.

Todays decision was an utter disgrace & money ruled.

What happened to the introduction of the new modern sports, well we stuffed ourselves up a bit, with this roller sports crap, as half them do not know what roller sports is.

THE TICKET SHOULD OF HAD SPEED SKATING, forget Inline or anything else.

ESPN showed Golf as a dull & boring game compared to Speed Skating at the World Games, I thought sports come out of the World games, no Golf & no N.Z. rugby team there ??????????????????????????????????????????????

We need to get rid of the incumbents & change the entire system.

Without Tiger woods golf is nothing, except an exclusive game for the rich.

Make sure you confront your Olympic Delegates the 15 men & start off with Rouge in Belguim, as he came to N.Z. & had meettings with Golf & Rugby, does not seem like an invitation to speed skating, what utter arragance.

Yes a disgrace 2 Swiss in there with the 15, no rugby played there & little golf, what did they do ?

And Samey from South Africa, well obviously Rugby was the first choice.

What about the Italian, I suppose he could not be trusted either ?

SO we need to make an effort to hunt them down & confront them eyeball to eyeball & tell them what we think of there wayward ways.

Here are a few links/ resources for you-

Golf is set to return to the Olympics after a 112-year absence in 2016, and rugby sevens will also be recommended to be part of that year’s Games.

The International Olympic Committee’s executive board voted to include both at its Berlin executive board meeting.

The recommendation must be rubber-stamped by a full meeting of the IOC congress in Copenhagen in October.

Softball, squash, baseball, karate and roller sports were also hoping to be included, but have all missed out.

Day 1- Canadian Short Track Olympic Team Trials- 500-Meters & 1500-Meters

Vancouver is playing host to the 2010 Canadian Short Track Speed Skating Olympic Team trials. The multi-day competition openned on August 9th and runs until the 18th.

You’ll can find many videos in captsteveheart video archive. Here are videos from the 500-meter and 1500-meter men’s & women’s A-finals-

Canada’s top short track speed skaters are in Vancouver for the next two weeks, hoping to get the chance to represent their country at next year’s Olympic Winter Games. The Bell Short Track Team Selection event will run from August 9th to the 18th at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, the same venue that will be home to the events of the 2010 Olympic Games next February.

This will likely be the toughest competition of the year for Canada’s short track skaters, as the country can only send 10 representatives – 5 men and 5 women – at the Olympic Games, but many more athletes from the National and Development teams have proven over the last seasons that they are worthy to compete against the best in the world.

De la joie, des pleurs, des blessures, des dépassements serrés, des coups fourrés: les patineurs de vitesse sur courte piste canadiens s’apprêtent à vivre une compétition pas comme les autres, les sélections pour les Jeux olympiques de Vancouver.

Men Overall Rankings after day 1

1- Olivier Jean
2- Francois Hamelin
3- Michael Gilday
4- Guillaume Bastille
5 – Remi Beaulieu

Women Overall Rankings after day 1
1- Tania Vicent
2- Kalyna Roberge
3- Amanda Overland
4- Valeria Maltais
5- Marianne St-Gelais

One more practice to feel confident. The 2010 Canadian Olympic Team Trials start tomorrow afternoon. I am ready. I know that I can be confident that I have put all the necessary work, focus and sacrifice in. I think that I am lucky because I am able to say that no matter what happens at trials, I have no regrets with my preparation and training leading up to these trials. I have made sure to try new things in order to improve and have made the necessary adjustments to get the most out of each day. Nothing left to do but execute, let my body do what I have trained it to do and have FUN.

For day 1 results, check out Patinage De Vitesse Courte Piste

Some of the skaters are maintaining their blogs-

I don’t think a lot of people expected me to make both A finals today – 1500 m and 500 m. I unfortunately “crapped the bed” in the 1500 m final coming in 6th, but needless to say that’s actually pretty darn good considering I was ranked 16 out of 16 going into the distance… Michael Gilday however, my Calgarian teammate, won the race! Congratulations to him!

Here are some reports & articles-

Canada’s best short track speed skaters did not hold back on anything on the first day of the Bell Short Track Team Selection, the event that will determine which ones will get to skate at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. Races were full of actions and athletes fought to the end, hoping to get precious points in the 1500m and 500m.

How do you look forward to next season and to the Olympics in particular?
“Of course I want individual medals, but right now the focus is on training really hard and skating fast!”

What is the one thing/most memorable moment that sticks out for you when you think of the Olympics?
“When I received my silver medal for the relay in Torino, because it’s such a big thing! For an athlete to be able to win an Olympic medal, it’s such a big accomplishment!”


300-Meter World Record For Nicolas Pelloquin & Nicoletta Falcone At European Roller Speed Skating Championships- – Results, Pictures, Reports, & More

France’s Nicolas Pelloquin set the 300-meter time trial record of 24.221 seconds on day 1 of racing at the European Roller Speed Skating Championships under way in Belgium. Joining the World Record parade was Nicoletta Falcone from Italy in the senior women with a time of 26.572

Here are links with loads of information, results, pictures, and more that will keep you clicking all over the world wide web-




Photo from Daniel Yeow

Photo from Daniel Yeow

Photo from Tims ProSkateShots

Photo from MundoPatin

Photo by Uwe Ziedler, from Bildimpressionen.de

Photo by Uwe Ziedler, from Bildimpressionen.de

Photo by Uwe Ziedler, from Bildimpressionen.de

Photo by Uwe Ziedler, from Bildimpressionen.de

Photo by Uwe Ziedler, from Bildimpressionen.de

Claudia Pechstein Contesting Suspension

According to SkatingOnline‘s article Claudia Pechstein vecht haar schorsing aan bij het CAS en wil via een spoedarbitrage afdwingen dat ze weer in teamverband mag trainen, Germany’s Claudia Pechstein, who recently was tested for blood doping, is denying that she used blood doping and is contesting her suspension.

Until her case is reviewed in September, the suspension denies Pechstein’s access to training with the national team.

The following text is translated using Babel Fish

Pechstein deny have used blood doping and its suspension have contested at the CAS. THE CAS treat that profession in the autumn of this year. Pechstein and its lawyer believe Simon Bergmann however that cannot train irreparable delay in team link causes in an Olympic season. The aim of emergency arbitration thus the enforcement of suspending prohibition in team link to that train the CAS a definite pronouncement has been done.


Costa Rica Has New Track, Brazil Plans On Building One

According to PatinCarrera, a roller speed skating track has just been completed in Costa Rica.

PatinCarrera is also reporting that plans are in place to build a new track in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Photo from PatinCarrera.com

Gerardo Herrera Zea Deported

Skating news I found interesting, Experts Race Team skater Gerardo Herrera was deported (back to Columbia), since his Visa expired.I don’t know what went wrong, but he is back in Columbia and his European season is over.

Read more from Andrew’s Speed Skating Blog here; Gerardo Herrera Zea deported.