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Speed Skate World/ Peter Doucet posts original content as well as links to external articles that feature a vast array of information- including training tips, technical advice, event information, racing strategies, workout schedules, exercise plans- regarding the sport of roller and ice speed skating.

You are encouraged to check with a medical professional such as a doctor as well as seek expert advice before you take up and/or use any advice that is directly or indirectly linked, suggested, or otherwise brought up on and/or thanks to Speed Skate World/ Peter Doucet.

Speed Skate World acts as a gateway to the sport of roller and ice speed skating and serves as a promotional engine for the sport of speed skating. Speed skating and its related activities carry an inherent risk and can be dangerous. Speed Skate World/ Peter Doucet is not responsible for any of the choices that you make based on the information that arises on/ from Speed Skate World/ Peter Doucet.

Canadian Peter Doucet provides a look into the world of speed skating.

Online since March 1999, Speed Skate World provides the skating world with results, photos, news, gossip, and just plain fun!

Many updates are posted during time crunches- please excuse and try to ignore spelling mistakes on this site. If there are any errors or omissions in spelling, and more importantly, in reporting and accuracy, please kindly contact Peter Doucet.

Speed Skate World has undergone numerous design and content changes since its inception in 1999. Speed Skate World was originally named Peter’s Inline Racing Web Page (PIRWP). The website was created to share stories and reports of inline/ roller speed skating races.

PIRWP was renamed Speed Skate World in 2006. The new name allowed SSW to include content from all speed skating disciplines including roller and ice.

Thank you to all the readers, fans, and supporters of SSW.

Contact Peter Doucet at shaloheat@hotmail.com if you need more information.

Below are a few headers that I’ve used in the past.

Andrew Hegarty designed this header as a celebration of my 30000th hit.

This one of the original PIRWP headers- designed by Eric Gee in 2000

I put this header together in 2003 

I put all three headers together in 2004 as a celebration of PIRWP’s 5 years

You can always expect a joke on April Fool’s- someone sent me this one and I put it up on April Fool’s 2005

A sign of things to come- I could joke about this in 2005… but now it is a reality with SSW covering ice & roller

11 Responses

  1. i’m mr carlos gonzalez owner of Sk-force racing
    in whittier ,california ,and i will like to inquire about what do i need to do to add my website on your page
    i will appreciate your responce
    Mr Gonzalez
    Sk-Force Racing

  2. Hi there Carlos-

    It depends where you would like your link to be. I am eventually going to build a comprehensive links database and I’ll be more than happy to include your site there.

    I sell ad space as well.

  3. thanks for getting back to me
    if you get http://www.mundopatin.com you will se my advertise on that page look at ranking or w.inline cup
    can you tell me what it will cost me to do the same thing ,is the one where the logo is moving
    thanks carlos

  4. Peter, you can contact me at e-mail carlos@sk-forceracing.com

  5. You have collated good information on your site. We are an organization (Skating Association of Maharashtra) affliated to FIRS in Maharashtra, India.

    We would love to have a link to this site on our web site.

    I am sure you will not have objection to it. But, if you could just shoot a line about the same to the email provided that will be great.

    Thank you
    Keep up the good work.

  6. Additionally, if you can have our site listed on your page that will be great.

    Please let us know if you require additional information.

  7. Necesito detalles técnicos sobre la Pista de Patín Carrera, tipo de superficie, peraltes, ancho, cuerdas, dureza de ruedas recomendadas.

    De ser posible enviar Fotos , planos, croquis, etc con detalles.

    Alta Barda.

  8. Polish Federation of Roller-Skating cordially invites you to participate in the in-line skating marathon race to take place on August 28, 2009 in Gdansk, a charming summer resort at the Baltic Sea.
    It is our ambition to organise the event at the highest international level – both for professional in-line skaters and for all other categories of the in-line and classical rollerskates fans.
    The participants will also have the opportunity to enjoy several very attractive accompanying events to be held on the marathon day and on the day after.
    Plese send this mail to all clubs in your country.
    For all the details, including the regulations and the participation form, see web site: http://www.maratonsierpniowy.pl
    Kind regards

    Bartosz Pisarek
    Secretary general
    Polish Federation of Roller Skating

  9. Hello Canada,
    I just discovered this site. Next time I come to Canada, I’ll take my rollers in my luggages. I know it is a bit late now, but this is a link to some events on the other side of the Ocean:

    Thank you

  10. Hi,
    my son Prathamesh 9 years old is a great lover of speed skating, he participates in all the local races and wins ,his ambation is to be great skater . kindly sugest him some race wining tips. He skates quads now recently shifted to inlines.
    thanking you ,


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