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  • January 2009
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RIP Bryce Jagel

R.I.P. one of the sports best ever

Bryce Jagel passed away in Florida this week and will be missed by many. I had the pleasure of growing up with Bryce and skating with him for many years with the Tampa Bay Sprinters. He was one of the most amazing skaters of all time and also a great friend. For those of you that knew Bryce please keep his family and friends in your prayers as now is a rough time. For those of you new comers to the sport that do not know Bryce he was one of the most dominant skaters from 1986 to 1994. Bryce did not lose a single final at nationals in division from 1988 to 1993 and racked up 10 individual national titles in the 9 year span (Tiny Tot to Freshmen). R.I.P. Bryce we will miss you.

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  1. Bryce was my husband. We have a beautiful 2 1/2 year old daughter named Jayla. He was a wonderful man. It’s nice to hear all the thoughts and words everyone has to say. He was good at pretty much everything he set out to do. He will always be loved and missed by us.

  2. Thank you for sharing this- my heart and thoughts (as well as those of others) go our to you and your family & friends.

  3. i skated with bryce from 90 to 94 and had a great time with him and brant and kept bryce as a friend for many years after.. we always crossed paths living in the same area.. he was a great guy and definitely good at everything.. R.I.P. you will be missed……. sincerely.. joe porter…………………

  4. I would like some info to contact the Jagel family. I skated with Bryce and we were Tiny Tot Champs together. My brother Shane was very good friends with Bryce and we would like to contact his family to send our sympathy. Please contact me if you have info on this.

    Shauna Jansen (Frisk)

  5. I have lost a huge part of my life and I didn’t even call or write. I miss Bryce like a brother and the rest of the skating community that I let pass by the wayside. If I could tell you all the things we did for instance letting stink bombs off in an elevator that had to many people in it and got stuck. I loved traveling the U.S. just to get to the meet so that I could see my friend. The thing that sucks is we wanted to be normal kids and play football and baseball, when we should have kept kicking everyones ass in skating. I will never forget you my friend I just wish that I could have done something to help. I LOVE you Bryce. Shane SKATE EAST WEST DES MOINES IOWA. This is my girlfriends E-mail please contact me through this e-mail anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I’m not sure if you remember me, Bryce and I were always skating partners as we grew up together and skated for Southland and The Tampa Bay Sprinters. Please email me.

  7. I can’t believe this happened. I grew up with the Jagels, from the age of 5. My deepest sypathy to his family. You will be kept in our families thoughts and prayers.

  8. I met Bryce through a very good friend of both of ours named Dave we hung out every day for just about for the year before he died. Its sad I didnt know him as long as any of you but we spent alot of time together and I grew to love him like a brother because he would do anything for the people he loved. He was going to be the godfather to my son but passed before he was born so I decided to name him Jayden Bryce in his honor… RIP Bryce we all love and miss you so much

  9. I was searching facebook for old friends that I used to skate with and was directed to this site. Bryce was such a great person and will always be a legend in the skating world. RIP Bryce.

  10. I met Bryce when we were just entering our teenage yrs. I live in Oklahoma, so our friendship was quite unique. But somehow we became best friends even with the miles between us. His mother once said that our friendship was one that only others could dream of having. I have so many memories of him and of course memories of the chaos he and Shane Frisk created!! For those of us who knew him, Bryce was a great guy…very shy, but onery to the core. For those who didnt know him, he was untouchable. Bryce will NEVER be forgotten…he was one of those guys that once you got to know him, he stayed in your heart forever. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers…they are truly amazing people. RIP Bryce…I love you and miss you deeply.

  11. I remember Bryce and Shane Frisk throwing firecrackers into the bonfire in Couderay Wisconsin at the banked track clinics and riding back to Florida in the Jagel’s van playing the original Gameboy. Bryce’s records for F-1 race are still in it! RIP Buddy. There wasn’t a better skater or person. Goodbye, see you on the flipside.


  12. I remember Bryce Jagel living in Tampa in the early 90’s skating for one of the most dominating speedskating teams of that era..The Tampa Bay Sprinters coached by Linda Dorso Pena. one of the two most dominating skaters in the history of the sport the other being Deanna Parker. All I have to say is I MISS YOU BUDDY!!!!! I still get chills when I see your name. God Bless george, Donna, Brant, and all other close family members. Love ya’ll!!!

  13. I met Bryce when I was eight. We both skated for Team Florida before going to the Tampa Bay Sprinters. He was the most dominant male skater of all times and nobody will ever accomplish as much as he did. He was a wonderful athlete and friend and we will all mish him. My prayers are with his family, Donna, George and Brant. I just wish his daughter had the chance to see how wonderful of a person he really was.

  14. RIP man.

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