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Scroll down & leave a comment to have your event to be added to my calendar. This calendar isn’t organized by discipline (roller, ice, short track, indoor) or by country/ area. For Canadian events, please see Roller Sports Canada’s events.

Roller Speed Skating Event & Series Calendars

Ice Speed Skating Event & Series Calendars

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  1. Ice speed events

    marathonskating.org is MSI’s, the North-American ice marathon series, web site…

  2. Featured & Key Events

    2008-05-11- Marathon Roller de Montréal, Montréal, Quebec, Canada
    2008-09-04 to 12- World Roller Speed Skating Championships, Gijon, Spain (roller- track & marathon)
    2008-09-27- NYC Skate Marathon & New York 100k- New York, USA (roller- marathon +)
    2010-02-13 to 27 Olympic Winter Games- Vancouver, Canada (ice- ST & LT)

    are theses the races SSW will attend, what do you mean by key – featured events?

  3. Hi there Rm- I’ll probably be competing in Montreal, Spain, & NY 100k. I would LOVE to cover the Olympics as press.

    What I mean by key events are events that are important such as the Olympics & World Championships.

    The featured events (mixed in with they key ones) are ones that have helped me or they may be events that I help organize & run.

  4. Oh got my answer(about the WIC) on the fundraise page…Thanks! You may erase my question…

  5. Congratulation for your very instructive and complete site, it will be my opening page from now on, the links and informations are great, we can navigate from here to almost any speed-skating site of the world. We´ll keep in touch so we can send you the competitions here in Brazil and news from our team.

  6. I require bank track specification/drawing for 200mts inline speed skating.

  7. Please add MTV inline series to inline schedule,
    Aug 29th, and Sept 27th, Indianapolis, Indiana..

  8. Where can we find an 2011 inline racing calender?

    • Hi Robbie-

      The site has been moved to speedskateworld.com

      You can check out the inlineplanet.com patincarrera.com and mundopatin.com who should all have events. RollerSports.ca features a Canadian events calendar.

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