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Video- Endurance Traveler Learns To Inline: Buying Inline Skates With KC Boutiette

Here’s a video for you; Endurance Traveler Learns to Inline Webisode 1 “Buying Inline Skates”

This is the first installment of webisodes as the Endurance Traveler goes from a complete beginner to attempting the Annual 87 mile Athens 2 Atlanta inline skating event held annually. K2 Skates provided a pair of Radical Pro Inline skates to get us started on this adventure. KC Boutiette is a 4 time Olympian and world champion inline skater. KC’s inline accomplishments include the World Ultra Distance Championship (100K), and five National Championships.

Ellis Edge September Newsletter

Check out the Ellis Edge September Newsletter. The newsletter includes the following tip; Dynamic Flexibility Training.

For years we athletes have had it drilled in to our heads – STRETCH BEFORETRAINING! The goal of stretching and being flexible is to increase range of motionto prevent injury and improve performance. And for years the standard form ofstretching was what is called static stretching. Static stretching involves graduallyeasing in to a stretch position, say, like a calf stretch, and holding the stretch foranywhere from 10 seconds to 20 seconds or longer. While static stretching stillhas a very important place in athletics, research has shown is can actually bedetrimental to performance when performed before training by actually decreasingmuscle strength for up to an hour following the stretch. So does that mean weshouldn’t do static stretching?


Unveiling The Marchese Record Long Track Blade

CadoMotus & Marchese have been working hard developing blades for the approaching Olympic year, and today marks the release of the new blade… together with the ONE ST boot and ZERO ST blade, the RECORD LT blade is the result of more than 2 years collaboration on the Marchese Racing project.

Read more here; Unveiling the Marchese RECORD LT blade.


Ask Bill Begg!- What Are The Best Wheels For Road Skating In Sultry Singapore?

Ask Bill Begg!‘s latest entry is What Are the Best Wheels for Road Skating in Sultry Singapore?

I would advise against switching to harder wheels. On roads, harder does not mean faster and can slow you down. Hard wheels don’t provide enough rebound for roads. And the result is poor roll and butchered feet.


All You Need To Know About Wheels, Part 2

Do you want to become a wheels expert? In four parts we will tell you all there is to know about inline skating wheels, get your master degree in wheels now!

A wheels hardness is measured in an ,A-chart’. It is impairing the rolling quality, the durability, the cushioning, the grip and also the rebound in most cases.

Read the entire article here; All you need to know about wheels, part 2.


Schankel Canada’s Fall Sale

Check out Schankel Canada’s Fall Blowout Special.


Website Redesign For Schankel Canada

Check out Schankel Canada‘s redesigned website.


Gyro Walkyrie Wheel Review- From Roller En Ligne

Roller En Ligne shared a review of the Gyro Walkyrie wheels.


Miami Fraud- Look For Bont’s Products

We have had an online fraud case from Bont.com. The person bought $3700 worth of equipment and had them sent to: 

444 Brickell Avenue 
Suite 51-708 
FL 33131-2492

The person who signed for the goods was Ms Ramos 

If you see anyone trying to sell these products cheaply, please let me know so I can pass the information to the cops. 

1 $399.00 Sniper Evo 4 Magnesium 13.2″ 110mm

1 $399.00 Sniper Evo 4 Magnesium 13″100mm

1 $859.00 Vaypor 2pt Boots Black Red (9.5/43 ,195mm) 

1 $859.00 Vaypor 2pt Boots White Leather (195mm 7.5/40)

4 $116.00 High Roller G4 110mm (8pcs) (85A/ Mint Green)

2 $324.00 Jesa Bont 688 Ceramic (20pcs)

Read more here; Miami Fraud, please read.

FAG Cronitect Hybrid Ceramic Bearings

Check this out; FAG Cronitect hybrid ceramic bearings et en Francais; Un nouveau roulement céramique Powerslide ?

Kalon Dobbin was one of the first Powerslide skaters who tested the new Powerslide / FAG Cronitect hybrid ceramic bearings. His first test was a fast spinning test. Kalon could not believe his eyes when the time stopped at 7´30″ minutes and tested the spin a few times more, always a similar result. He broke his freespin rekord by about 1´15″ minutes.

Powerslide serait en train de travailler sur de nouveaux roulements hybrides céramique en collaboration avec FAG Cronitect (société allemande). Ils auraient été testé par Kalon Dobbin à l’occasion des championnats d’Europe d’Oostende.


Inline Planet Skate Tip- How To Make A Slideboard

Click here to find out how you can make a slideboard.

When it’s raining and pouring and dry-land gets boring, the slideboard is the most skate-specific and beneficial alternative to the real thing. Done properly, slideboarding will improve your form and balance, work your quads, glutes and back muscles, and prepare you for any distance.


Liam McFarlane- Spares, It’s August

Liam McFarlane latest entry is Spares. I also missed this one; It’s August!.

My coach, and others, probably think this is crazy… I’m not entirely sure why, but I’ve always done it that way (maybe I’m just lazy). I don’t like to fiddle with my equipment, unless I absolutely have to! It drives me insane, literally. For a little while I tried to be more compulsive about it. But it eats you up, I’ve learned to trust the work done on the blades. Seeing the numbers on the gauge is good enough for me. I hope that mentality will stick with me through the next few weeks. Luckily, I’ll have two great coaches to take care of it for me if things should go wrong! Haha.

There is so much depth in Canada for Short Track talent. So it is going to be an intense week and a half. I general have that feeling when it comes to skating Canadian trials, but I know this’ll be different.


Candy Wong- Shopping & Skater Fashions

Like I mentioned before, apparel for runners is a great resource for skating outfits because of all the fancy technical features. However, more often than not, that intangible cuteness factor is simply missing.

Read more of Candy Wong’s latest here; Time To Shop.


SS Boots

SS Boots is now in the links.


Andrew Love- Thanking Bruce Kohen

Check out Andrew Love’s latest entry; Thanks Bruce!.

  1. At the elite level of speedskating, 99% of athletes use custom made carbon fiber boots. A perfect fit is an absolute necessity when trying to push hard while balancing on 1mm of steel at 30+ mph (add in gallons of lactic acid induced haze for more fun). Custom boots are even more important if you have unusual feet like I do.

Although 3 pairs of boots might seem a lot, all 3 boots together is cheaper than a high end carbon fiber road racing bicycle, and given how much of my heart & soul have gone into speedskating, it is a worthwhile investment, and repaid with the joy I get from skating these amazing intersections of engineering and art.


New Bont Cycling Shoe Website And Blog

This is from the thread New Bont Cycling Shoe Website and Blog

We have just launched a new Bont website for our cycling shoes:

and a new Blog:

Photo shared here

Instructions For Heat Molding Your Boots- Oven & Heat Gun

I’m sure this will help someone; Video Instructions for Heat Molding?

Pre heat oven to 85C or 185F. Remove all bolts, frames, wheels etc from the boot. Place the boots in the oven for 20-30 minutes. Higher temperatures will damage the boot. Caution: Do not place feet in hot boots, let them cool a little first. Test the boot temperature with your hand before placing foot inside. Mount the frame to the boot and stand on it without wheels. Tighten the boot with the laces and wait until the boot cools. If there is a certain area giving you problems, push that area out using the handle of a screwdriver until the boot cools. You can heat mould the boots as many times as you like.


Inline Planet Skate Tip: Fine-Tune Your Skates

The Inline Planet‘s latest skate tip is Fine-Tune Your Skates

Properly aligning your frames beneath your skates (as outlined here) fixes a lot of common technical problems for skaters. But if it doesn’t fix yours, try fine-tuning your setup with this troubleshooting guide.

Ask Bill Begg- What Wheels Are Best for Inline Marathons?

The latest Ask Bill Begg! is What Wheels Are Best for Inline Marathons?

Wheel hardness is one factor to consider when buying wheels — and it’s very important. But just as important is rebound. You can find one 84A wheel that rolls and rolls and another that goes nowhere. The general rule of thumb is the rougher the road, the more you need rebound.

Getting Your Frames Straight

A frequent source of problems is the alignment of the frame on the bottom of the skate boot. Misaligned frames can cause various problems, including pronation and lack of power.

Frame alignment is an individual matter. What’s good for one skater won’t work for the next. But there’s no mystery to optimal frame alignment. The secret is to align your frames directly beneath the pressure points on the bottom of your feet.

Read the complete Inline Planet Skate Tip of the Week here; Getting Your Frames Straight.

Pictures- Busan International Shoe Fashion Show

Check out the pictures from the Busan International Shoe Fashion show.

Photo from Gyro Wheels

Photo from Gyro Wheels

Ask Bill Begg! Skate Bearings

If you’re in the market for bearings, there’s a lot to consider. These days, everybody makes a big deal about ABEC rating and wants ABEC 7s or better. But as far as I’m concerned, one of the most important things to consider is where the bearings are made. Bearings are a precision product, which need to be made with great attention to detail. That’s why I prefer bearings made in Switzerland or Germany, countries with reputations for precision manufacturing.

Buying bearings nowadays is a bit of a lottery. Some of the so-called “top” names don’t always perform as advertised. As a result, it’s hard for me to offer any firm recommendations.

Read more from Bill Begg here; Bearing Down on Skate Bearings.


Ellis Edge Newslettery- July 2009 Edition

Check out the Ellis Edge Newslettery July 2009 edition, featuring the tip Off Ice Training with Straps

One of the keys to making technical improvements or changing bad habits is to slow things downto really FEEL what you need to feel off ice. By adding resistance to slow training you arerecruiting more muscle fiber and training them in the proper neural pathways to create theexact motion you want on the ice.


Wheel Test- MPC Road War- From Roller En Ligne

Roller En Ligne shared an MPC Road War wheel test article.


Video- TVM Testing New Equipment

De Telegraaf Telesport shared a video of the TVM Team skaters testing new long track speed skating equipment in Heerenveen. You’ll even see Joey Cheek who’s spending time in Europe and visiting for fun. They picked a good song to go along with the video.


Planet Skate Tip: Picking Wheel Size That Complements Your Skating

The most recent Inline Planet Skate Tip Of The Week is written by Debbie Rice; 100 or 110mm Wheels?

There are some pros and cons to consider. But the decision boils down to a few factors:

1.Skater size
2.Skating style & ability
3.Type of racing


Ask Bill Begg! Why Is My Son Pronating?

The latest Ask Bill Begg! column is Why Is My Son Pronating?-

Hi, Perry: Kids are sometimes so flexible that their limbs flop around like jelly, which could explain what’s going on with your son. However, without seeing him, I can’t say for sure what’s causing his apparent pronation.

If the problem isn’t with his equipment, you might try fitting him with ankle supports to wear while skating. In Switzerland, skaters with weak ankles often use Easy Fit Ankle Supports (not to be confused with Ezeefit Ankle Booties).


Ask Bill Begg! To Shim Or Not to Shim

The most recent addition to the Ask Bill Begg! collection of articles is To Shim or Not to Shim

As for shims, you are right: most pro skaters — I’d say 90 percent — use them. They often spend a month at the beginning of the season, after they get their new boots, experimenting with different shim configurations.


Tremo Flex Treatment Demonstration- From Eis Blog

Eis Blog shared the following entry about Tremo Flex treatments; Tremo Flex Vorführung.

Photo from Eis Blog

Ask Bill Begg!- Why Did My Son Slow Down?

Hello, Bill. Last year, I bought 84mm Bont Alphas for my 7-year-old son, who has been skating for several years. Since then, his aggression while sprinting has reduced. He can no longer start as quickly and is no longer competitive on shorter tracks. Could the problem be the new skates? Kind regards, Jaspal from India.

Read Bill Begg’s response here; Why Did My Son Slow Down?