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Thanks/ Support SSW

Many wonderful individuals & organizations have helped me as an athlete & SSW as a website- to all of you who have helped and supported me & SSW, thank you very much- I could put logos here, but I’ll let the words speak for themselves.

SSW Design
I would like to thank Eric Gee and Andrew Love, who over the years, have giving me specific web design knowledge & tips as well as general inspiration. Much of what you see here can be, in some form, traced back to them.

Financial Support
It is difficult being an athelte when there is little formal support. I would like to thank Canadian Athletes Now Fund for their financial support for non-Olympic athletes (see Thank You CAN-Fund) as well as for how they mange to bring Canadian athletes from virtually all summer & winter Olympic & many non-Olympic sports together to work for a common cause.

If you’re considering donating money to SSW, please do so. If you’re looking for an additional group to support, consider Canadian Athletes Now Fund. They support and know athletes of the highest caliber- Olympic medalists- and the funding goes directly to the athletes.

Logistical Support
My most direct supporters & advocators include Mike Murray, Wayne Burrett, Morgane Echardour, and my mother. Thank you. Your support & guidance are worth more than you will ever possibly know. You are helping build a better athlete and a better person.

There are numerouse family members, friends, team/ club mates, and anonymous people who have also helped me become who & what I am today and who & what I will be tomorrow.

Thank you to the Canadian Sport Centre Ontario for putting me in touch with a professional and knowledgeable array of doctors, therapists, councilors, nutritionists, & more.

The Cleveland Health Clinic has an amazing office on the 30th floor of the BCE building in the heart of Toronto. The view from their location is to say the least, stunning. And their services is even better than the view- thank you.

Dr. Sunita Joshi– kicking in the dental care when I have no insurance or health plan- thank you.

Contact me by leaving a message/ comment  if you are interested in donating, helping, supporting, sponsoring, or purchasing ad-space on SSW. Thanks to everyone supporting Speed Skate World and my dreams of racing and reporting from the front line and beyond.

Why support SSW & Peter Doucet?

  • Over 1000 hours are put into SSW each year
  • Just like funded & un-funded athletes, I many hours training each day
  • You can help make SSW a better source of reporting & news & much more
  • You’ll feel good donating to a worthy cause
  • Sponsorship & support opportunities are very limited
  • I am committedt to my training & racing and of course, to SSW
  • Support me as an underfunded athlete to train & compete- there are very limited funding opportunities available to roller speed skaters
  • Helps SSW spread its wings and expand, travel to certain events where I can report live
  • Your donations help me as an athlete & help SSW

If I support SSW & Peter Doucet, where does the money go??

  • airline tickets & gas for travel to events for i) racing, ii) covering the events on SSW
  • massage therapy & physiotherapy
  • healthy food & supplements for competition & training
  • entry fees & possible SSW team
  • hotel accomodations- including at the World Championships
  • equipment such as camera, computer, memory cards- they really help making videos faster
  • internet fees
  • web hosting fees
  • racing equipment- wheels, bearings, frames, skates, costumes
  • promotion of SSW & Speed Skating
  • medical expenses & immunizations
  • helping off-set the cost of not working full a full time job

Fun-Raising Drives
The first Speed Skate World fundraising drive was held in June 2008. It lasted one week. Funds that are raised went to help with racing expenses, website expenses, equipment, and travel to ice & roller events for racing & reporting purposes. The 2008 SSW Fund-Raising drive yielded $700.

The 2009 SSW Fund-Raising Drive was held May 10th to th 16th. With about 1000-hours of labour and love going into SSW each year, this provided SSW readers & fans a chance to give back to & support SSW. The 2009 SSW Fund-Raising Drive brought in $260.

Official Canada Suit
The Official Canada Suits can now be purchased from Il Peloton. The Official Canada Suit was one of two winning designs in the Design Canada! Contest.  $20 from each suit sold will be donated to the 2008 Canadian World Team athletes. Canadian World Team athletes are responsible for the costs of representing Canada at the World Roller Speed Skating Championships. The costs can run upwards of $4000 per athlete. [Click here to purchase a suit]

Photo from Cor1000

9 Responses

  1. If I support SSW & Peter Doucet, where does the money go??

    entry fees & possible WIC team fees (yes, I’d like to have a WIC team)

    When do you intend to skate in the WIC or have you WIC team or skate in the WIC with your team?

  2. Hi Rm- good question.

    I am contemplating World Inline Cup/ Europe training for this summer.

    I would love to be involved in running a WIC team. I don’t think there is very realistic chance of this happenning this season though.

  3. Is there a postal address to which checks can be sent? (Please reply to the email address listed for this message.)

  4. do you know where he nano racing are made ? Patrick

  5. I heard they were made in Korea.

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    I loved your post and will be telling others about it. Subscribing to your RSS feed now. Thanks

  8. Dear editor,

    We are proud to invite all speed skaters comunity to join the Brasilian inline speed skate nationals live on your PC. Our federation is provading the link, so if you could link it to your site it would be very important to us. The championship will take place in BRasília- BRazil on the 10 and 11 of july (this friday and saturday) on the Brasilian time (-3 greewich). Friday all day long and saturday morning.

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    Marcos Birbeire
    FEBRAHPA vice-president

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