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Video- Sweden Skaters Core Training In Finland



Impromptu Training Venture In Guelph

Yes, it was fun, and yes we could be called wild, weird and wacky, as suggested. The bike ride was refreshing, and at the track we practiced our Ellis Edge “press-scoop-pinch” – for those that didn’t attend the Ottawa Master’s camp we will tell you all about that on ice, but trust me – it works!



Blog Entries From Pascal Briand And Candy Wong

Here are recent entries from Pascal Briand & Candy Wong;

today i was driving to holland, i stopped in lille tonight in hotel to make the trip easier. also i then had time to go run and do abs…tomorow i will inline, 1Min/1min and go to yves for bath and energy test.

Between the lovely weather and an improved waking heartrate, yesterday was the pefect opportunity I needed to get on the trail for some recovery pace skating. As I discovered last night, it was the workout that I needed.

Keith Carroll- Skating To Become Better

This year I am a senior man. I will not try to lie to anyone and tell you that I can skate with Joey because time in and time out he has destroyed me as long as we have been here, but that has not stopped me from skating with him. This is where I am getting with this: in my case, every time I skate with someone better then me I am chasing them. I am chasing and chasing and chasing. If they are going 80% i’m going to go 100% if that’s what I have to do to keep up. If I go 80% when everyone else does, but do not stay with them because I am set on 80% what good does that do me? When am I getting better?

Read Keith Carroll’s complete entry here; Skating to Become Better.

Ellis Edge September Newsletter

Check out the Ellis Edge September Newsletter. The newsletter includes the following tip; Dynamic Flexibility Training.

For years we athletes have had it drilled in to our heads – STRETCH BEFORETRAINING! The goal of stretching and being flexible is to increase range of motionto prevent injury and improve performance. And for years the standard form ofstretching was what is called static stretching. Static stretching involves graduallyeasing in to a stretch position, say, like a calf stretch, and holding the stretch foranywhere from 10 seconds to 20 seconds or longer. While static stretching stillhas a very important place in athletics, research has shown is can actually bedetrimental to performance when performed before training by actually decreasingmuscle strength for up to an hour following the stretch. So does that mean weshouldn’t do static stretching?


Candy Wong- Weekends No More

Candy Wong’s most recent entry is Weekends No More

So that was it for my 2009 race season weekend training. Starting Labour Day, I’ll be racing somewhere every weekend and the next time I return to my local training haunt (i.e. Hamilton Beaches Trail), it will be autumn when the leaves start to fall. I sure feel a little sad knowing that 2009 race season will come to close very soon.

Inline Planet Skate Tip- How To Prepare For An Ultra-marathon

The newest Inline Planet Skate Tip is Francisco Ramirez’ How to Prepare for an Ultra-marathon

Like a lot of skaters, I used to think ultra-marathons were for crazies. I couldn’t understand why anyone in their right mind would submit to these ordeals: battling exhaustion, fatigue, dehydration, muscle cramps, sore feet and the elements for three-plus hours.