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Pictures- North Of The 49th Marathon (Winnipeg)- From Randall Plett

InlineSkateMpls shared Randall Plett’s pictures from this past weekend’s North of the 49th Marathon held in Winnipeg.


Results, Report, Pictures- San Benedetto Italian Inline Powerslide Cup

The Italian Inline Powerslide Cup made its most recent stop this past weekend in San Benedetto;

1- Laura Lardani
2- Simona Di Eugenio
3- Arianna Arcidiacono
4- Valentina Fede
5- Sofia D´Annibale

1- Luca Saggiorato
2- Massimiliano Presti
3- Francesco Zangarini
4- Fabio Francolin
5- Matteo Amabili

Photo from here

Photo from here

Photo from here

Photo from here

Pictures- 2×4- From Tims ProSkateShots

Check out Tims ProSkateShots 2×4 pictures.

Photo from Tims ProSkateShots

Results, Report, Pictures- Sneek Open Games

The Sneek Open Games (Open wedstrijd Sneek) were held this past weekend.

An open criterium race in Sneek was held last Saturday, with good performance from CadoMotus athletes. One win, four podium spots.

Photo from Tims ProSkateShots

Photo from Tims ProSkateShots

Results & Pictures- Medemblik Games Finale

You can find results here from the Medemblik Games Finale

Click here for Tims ProSkateShots’ pictures from the competition.

Photo from Tims ProSkateShots

Photo from Tims ProSkateShots

Pictures & Videos- Maneblusserstrofee In Mechelen

Click here for rik huys’ pictures from racing at the Maneblusserstrofee in Mechelen.

You can find a few videos here.

Photo from rik huys


Pictures- Nachwuchs-Cup Aaretal- From Quartier Zopf Online

Quartier Zopf Online published pictures from the Nachwuchs-Cup Aaretal.

Photo from Quartier Zopf Online

Photo from Quartier Zopf Online

Pictures & Report- Winnipeg’s North Of The 49th Marathon- From Herb Gayle

Herb Gayle sent me a report with pictures & results from this past weekend’s North Of The 49th Marathon held in Winnipeg-

I went to Winnipeg on August 29-30 to support Randy Plett’s wonderful inline event titled: North of 49th. Mike Anderson (Bont) took top honours, Stephane Tremblay 2nd (Ilpeloton), Benoit Letourneau 3rd (Ilpeloton), Conrade Thomas 4th (my Aloe Up team-mate); I got dropped from the leaders with one lap to go and was caught by a large chase pack.

Skating in a large pack is much easier than skating alone in a marathon, however since it was the last lap, skaters were moving within the pack for better positioning. I tried to avoid getting trapped near the back when it was time for the battle. You could feel the adrenalin building as skaters anticipated the inevitable field sprint. Dave Lawler was up front, but he was reluctant to initiate the sprint since we still some distance to the finish line. Moments later, Tim Turner lead out the sprint and I was third of fourth in the peloton, then I heard someone moving up on the left, so I moved around the skater in front of me on the right side. The sprint battle was in full force with legs, skates and arms flying which seemed like a long journey slightly uphill to the finish. My Aloe Up Team-mate Conrade Thomas saw the action and he said I had a crazy look on my face as I was coming in ahead of the pack to claim 5th place overall.

The top overall women were Martha Flynn-Kauth 1st, Sue Welch 2nd, Becky Maus 3rd, [Lorraine Plett 4th and  Ann Vanbellinger 5th].

An added bonus this year was having a Porsche sport car as the official pace vehicle, thanks to Greg Carrigan and his friends at a local car dealership which were one of the race sponsors. A few lucky skaters got a chance to test drive the Porsche (in the parking lot) after the race.

I highly recommend you come out to the North of 49th and bring two friends…it is a terrific inline race on a very smooth course; kindly tell all your friends to come out to Winnipeg next year on August 29, 2010.


Pictures- Skating At The Salt Lake City Long Track Oval

Check out the thread Skated @ The Slc Oval !! to view pictures from Salt Lake City’s long track speed skating oval.

Photo from 18WHEELS

Pictures- Colombia’s Roller Speed Skating Team Training For Worlds

Click here to view pictures of Colombia’s roller speed skating team training for China’s World Roller Speed Skating Championships coming up in September.

Photos by Luis Ramirez, shared here

Pictures & Video- Argentina’s Roller Speed Skating Team Training

Check out VisualSkates’ pictures & video featuring Argentina’s roller speed skating team training on the road.

Photo from Visual Skate


My Pictures- Eastern Seaboard Series #3- Trexlertown

The third race of this year’s Eastern Seaboard Series was held this past Saturday.

Normally skaters race on the 1-mile loop. Because of the rain and wet conditions, race organizers decided to hold the race in the parking lot.

You can read a bit about the race here; Ride to Trexlertown from NYC.

Here are my pictures-

Results & Pictures- Linthmarathon

Click here for the results from this past Saturday’s Linthmarathon in Switzerland.

You can find Quartier Zopf Online’s pictures here.


Photo from Quartier Zopf Online

Photo from Quartier Zopf Online

Photo from Quartier Zopf Online

Photo from Quartier Zopf Online

Photo from Quartier Zopf Online

Pictures- Racing In Northern Argentina- From Visual Skate

Click here for VisualSkates’ pictures from competing in Argentina’s North.


Pictures- Inline One Eleven St Gallen- From Rene; Ursina

Click here for Rene; Ursina’s pictures from the Inline One Eleven St Gallen.

Photo from Rene; Ursina

Photo from Rene; Ursina

Photo from Rene; Ursina

Pictures & Reprot- Tour to Tanglewood Training Bike Ride & Inline Skate

Six of us started out on the steamy morning with hundreds of cyclists and made our way out from the shop on a nice route out of town, especially if you have Police support for the left turn onto Silas Creek Parkway. Coming back is fine without support, as it’s basically gently downhill and the only major inroad along the downhill is from the left, at the ramp from I-40. It’s a T with nothing coming from the right and there’s a shoulder there that provides comfort if needed Once you get to Buchanan Street, it’s an easy level stoplight with no stress.

Read more here; Photos and Maps for Paul’s Cycling & Fitness Winston-Salem NC 2009 Tour to Tanglewood Training Bike Ride & Inline Skate.

Photo from Roadskater.net

Access To Speed- Weinfelden 2009

Roller En Ligne shared links to pictures from the Weinfelden Access To Speed, which was held July 28th to August 1st.

Click here to access the photo gallery.

Photo from Dauvergne

Photo from Dauvergne

Results, Report (Inlcuding Collins) & Pictures- St. Michael Inline Half Marathon

The St. Michael Inline Half Marathon was held this past weekend. Here are links with reports & pictures-

They formed a straight line and jockeyed for position
In a paceline that shifted and changed in constant transition
They flashed on by with the fastest wheels and the best frames
The spectators whistled and shouted and called them names

C’mon Caveman, c’mon Clyde, C’mon Rod, Kauth and Flynn
Go Cupcake, faster Phil, lookit them wheels spin!
To the front of the paceline, over the top of the hill
Watch for the tar snakes, potholes, manholes and roadkill!


1. David Sarmiento, Adam’s Inline
2. Mike Anderson, Bont
3. Danny Frederick, Rollerblade/Midwest Skate Club
4. Andy Kotska, Aloe Up
5. James Kauth, Midwest Skate Club

1. Martha Flynn-Kauth, Midwest Skate Club
2. Rayna Meyer, Midwest Skate Club
3. Becky Maus, Midwest Skate Club
4. Renee Coffman, Rollerbob?
5. Sue Welch, Midwest Skate Club

Photo from fleetfeet250

Photo from fleetfeet250

More Pictures- European Roller Speed Skating Championships

Here are a couple of photo albums from this year’s European Roller Speed Skating Championships held in Belgium-

Photo by Søren Helmsøe

Photo by Søren Helmsøe

Photo by Søren Helmsøe

Photo from Maximillian_Viking

Photo from Maximillian_Viking

Pictures- Eastern Seaboard Series #3- From Herb Gayle

Herb Gayle sent some of his pictures from Saturday’s Eastern Seaboard Series #3.

Because of the rain, the race was held in the parking lot on a 250-meter track.

Reports, Results, Pictures- Hallum 100km Univé Holland Inline Cup

The Univé Holland Inline Cup made its most recent stop this past weekend in Hallum with a 100km race.

Photo from Harm de Boer Fotografie

Photo from Harm de Boer Fotografie

Photo from Harm de Boer Fotografie

Photo from Tims ProSkateShots

Photo from Tims ProSkateShots

Photo from Tims ProSkateShots

Photo from Tims ProSkateShots

Photo from Tims ProSkateShots

Pictures- Long Track Summer Training & Team Pictures- From Kritsi Bisteth

Here are Kristi Biseth’s latest & updated photo galleries;

Photo by Kristi Biseth

Photo by Kristi Biseth

Rintje Ritsma Sitting Well

Rintje Zit Er Goed Bij

Photo from CoenWesselman.nl

Barinas, Campeón De La IV Valida Nacional De Patinaje.

Barinas, campeón de la IV valida nacional de patinaje


Photo from PatinColombia

Pictures- European Roller Speed Skating Championships- From RollerSisters

RollerSisters shared plenty of pictures from the recent European Roller Speed Skating Championships held in Belgium.


Photo from RollerSisters.com

Photo from RollerSisters.com

Results, Reports, Pictures, Videos- Minnesota Half Marathon & NROC 10K Championship

The Minnesota Half Marathon & NROC 10K Championship were held this past weekend. You can use the links below to access results, reports,  pictures, videos, and pictures-

Dave Sarmiento was a tenth of a second behind first place Jose Botero’s 34:53.6. Both pros bolted through the course like a couple of overcaffeinated hyenas chasing down an impala for breakfeast. They stretched almost a minute between them and the rest of the pack before Rob Bell, Tyler McGinnis and Matt Meyer each caught up and stole a limb from the carcass. You could hear them laughing and growling all the way to the picnic tables.

Break out the Geritol. Morgan Williams (37:53.0) took first in the geriatric crowd. The next to reach the nursing home was Herb Gayle followed by Twiggs, Johnson and the Old Man himself, Cale Carvell. All of them were beating each other with canes to get across the finish first.

Last Saturday I raced in the inaugural Minnesota Half Marathon in St Paul. It was my second girls-only race of this season and it couldn’t be more different than the experience at Chicagoland Inline Marathon.

Photo from Tour de Photo

Photo from Tour de Photo

Photo from Tour de Photo

Photo from Tour de Photo

Results, Report, Pictures- Inline One-Eleven

The Inline One-Eleven was held over the weekend. Argentina’s Ruben Martinez & Tamara Llorens were the top finishers.

Click here for results. You can find reports here; Inline 111km St Gallen Switzerland.

You can find pictures from Quartier Zopf Online here.

What an amazing effort from Rueben, to be honest I saw him take off and thought it was too early, but it turned out to be an inpsired move and we didn’t see him again till a couple of hours later at the finish line! A brave and strong attack and a truly deserved victory. Congrats Rueben!


Photo from Quartier Zopf Online

Photo from Quartier Zopf Online

Photo from Quartier Zopf Online

Photo from Quartier Zopf Online

Photo from Quartier Zopf Online

Photo from Quartier Zopf Online

Photo from Quartier Zopf Online

Pictures- Biel Swiss/ World Inline Cup- From AlphaOmega Publishing

Click here for AlphaOmega Publishing’s pictures (20 pages) from the recent Biel Swiss/ World Inline Cup.


Pictures- European Roller Speed Skating Championships- From Pattinaggio Bellusco

Pattinaggio Bellusco shared many really nice pictures from the recent European Roller Speed Skating Championships. Use the links that follow-

More galleries;

Seconda giornata su pista in quattrocentosessantotto fotografie nelle raccolte: FGHIL

La prima giornata su pista in trecentoquaranta (grazie all’hot finger di Daria) fotografie nelle raccolte: BCDE

Photo from Pattinaggio Bellusco

Photo from Pattinaggio Bellusco

Photo from Pattinaggio Bellusco

Pictures- Summerice 2009 II & III- From Kirsti Biseth

Kirsty Biseth shared more long track speed skating pictures- Sommeris/Summerice 2009 II and Sommer-is III / Team Sparebank 1.

Photo by Kirsti Biseth