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ill just stick to skatin, while you sit there hatin,
debatin on how to write a rap thats not so quite degradin

i know you tried real hard, regardless it still smelt,
you might wanna look for a rhyme inside your utility belt

Here we come with a novel of episodes,
the novice, the pros, and evens the chodes.

skating on products that don’t even work,
from slipping to wobblers to crap that even chirps,

We bust our hineys and put in laps,
traveling the country from state to state on dis here map.

We’re all about survival in this sport they call skatin,
floor to floor, bumpin and grindin, for some it about hatin

Watch for deception and who can make ya,
better yet choose your friends wisely cuz they can break ya….

Read more here; We’re BAAAACK!.

Alberta Amateur Speed Skating Association Seeks A Director Of Speed Skating

Alberta Amateur Speed Skating Association seeks a Director of Speed Skating to lead Alberta Speed Skating in the integration and application of the Speed Skating Canada LTPAD (Long Term Participant and Athlete Development) Model. The Director of Speed Skating will work at a Provincial level to bring every Alberta speed skater to his or her high performance potential.

Find more information here; AASSA Looking for a Director of Speed Skating.

Video- Part 2- Eddy Matzger Skates The Highest Paved Road In the World

Here’s a cool video from Eddy Matzger- Eddy Matzger Skates the Highest Paved Road in the World. It’s pretty wild- check out the dancing man at 3:40!

Joey Mantia- Not Meant To Offend

… Ultimately, your highest sports goals are where you want to end up in the long run… for competitors these include things like: winning regionals, winning nationals, placing at worlds, winning worlds, etc. For those who do skating for fitness and for fun, the goals will often not be result oriented; things like: lose 5 lbs, skate 10 miles without stopping, etc. If your long term goal isn’t to achieve a certain placement eventually, then most of the things in my blog don’t really apply to your situation; you’re just skating because you like it and you’re having fun doing it… and there is nothing wrong with that. If your goals in skating are to be the best liked athlete and be a good sport, then these are a lot less like sport goals and a little more like humanitarian goals.

Read Joey Mantia’s entire latest entry here; Not Meant To Offend.

Marathon Course & Host City- 2009 World Roller Speed Skating Championships

The thread WORLD CHAMPS HAINING 2009 contains Bill Begg’s description of the marathon course and of Haining- host city of the upcoming 2009 World Roller Speed Skating Championships-

The road circuit is about to be layed today, the Chinese have training scheduled for Monday on the road & it appears they will be on the money.

The Marathon course is about 5 km a circuit, no need to get lost hunting for it, one end of it goes past where the Bank Track is & the road circuit is in in the centre of the the marathon track, so all very close together in this small Chinese city of around 600,000 population, virtually no one speaks English.

I went around the Marathon cource today, with officials from Haining Organization & the Police, noting where any little patch up Jobs will be required.

Its a Rectangular course 2 sides about 1.5 Km & the other two about 1 km, at least 3 lanes wide.

So In Colombia we had the win behind the motorbike, as the wrong skater got on it first.

In Spain we had the grabfest at the last Roundabout, the same Nation getting gold each time, by totally unnaceptable actions & no action by judges.

These corners are big & open & its a least a 600 meter straight Joey Mantia or Luca Saggioratto run to the finish.

So lets hope no ugly cheating at this years marathon.

The road circuit is all prepared & about to be laid, with the tar sealer all ready appied to the stone base cemented to keep it firm & not loose & dusty.

It is a very nice looking circuit around 400 meters in length by the look of it.

Anywhere else in the World this late people would be worried, but with an army of workers, anything can be transformed within a day.

I am predicting a great Championships here in Haining in this quiet City of 600,000 people, the locals call it a tiny city, but to New Zealand standards, it is virtually double the size in population of our 2nd biggest Cities.

The people are very friendly, but only about 1 in every 200 speak any English, the city is full of Bicycle Richshaws, I paid the poor women who had to pedal me up a little hill, over a bridge 15 Rnb for a 8 RNb ride, thats about $3 New Zealand.

Now the bigger Vechicles & the Horns rule, but its not to tell you to get out of the road, its mainly to let you know they are there, in the constant game of Dodgems, but like everywhere in China Pedestrian crossings mean nothing, do not be Niave enough to think, that as you are on a crossing with a green light, as you are not. you look both ways 3 times then go, so you never get a clean run, its usually only half way accross at a time.

For you English speaking people & decendants, I was told by a couple of foreingners I bumped into that the Oasis Bar, Sports, Bar & Grill, Cangi River Street was a reasonable quiet place to go, with a great atmosphere for foreigners & an Aussie owned the Bar.

Well a free Pool table in the bar, lots of lovely young ladies circulating & organizing the drinks, this American who had a small table Keg in front of him, that he had just refilled seemed to know his way around, he told me if you want to learn Chinese, you play this Dice game, the problem is, that if you get it wrong, you have to skull your drink , so him and the other two reserves who kept changing saw off a couple of Kegs & 12 Steinlargers later I walked out of the Oasis.

Well the next day the owner arrived at the skating rink with half the staff & his wife, they said they also had lovely Western Food, well they were right there, as their Bacon Cheese & Egg Burger, with some salad & chips was great & honestly one of the nicest burgers I have ever tried, so will full on top steak, Pizzas & Toasted Sandwiches, we can all feel at home.

Great news for English Dinning Legend Vincent Henry, alias Prince of Belair, The Fresh Prince, Mr Kentucky, Mr McDonald & Chicken & Chips, they also have a Chicken Burger on the Menue! So two Kentucky frieds in Haining, plenty of Fried Chicken shops & one opposite our Hotel, that is open till 2am usually, with Chicken Burgers & Chips, plus pick your own barbacue skewers, with everything to select from.

So find your way around, its an interesting city, with the biggest difference, nearly half the middle age female population drive these battery operated Motor Scotters, cost about $350 USA in Shanghai.

Roller Speed Skater Salaries

In TRANSFER MARKET 2010, you’ll find information about skaters & their salaries and contracts- Bill Begg shared the following-

Well no one hears much, its a confidential matter between sponsors & the skater.

For instance some may have made contracts while the market was bouyant & before the recession, I know this year some lucky people had contracts, that there was a lot better value out there in the market place.

Four or 5 years ago, top men could expect to collect around $40,000 USA sign on fee, I doubt if more than a handfull if that, get that kind of sign on fee at present.

Apart from the Verducci team of ladies a few years back, who apparently got generous handouts & the Kia Motors team with the Korean Good looking Girl, who was reportidly on $100,000 USA plus, there have not been lucritive contracts for women, I would say in these times a $20,000 sign on fee would be tops.

Also the prize money has decreased, everyone was hoping getting in the Olympics would boost there salaries, but we have to build the numbers up & open up new territories to bring in new sponsors, a few industry ones are hanging in there at present, but we need the ones from outside the Industry.

Also at present the World Inline Cup does not have the glamour it used to & some thoughtless tinkering of the points system, has made a mockery of it, hopefully they see the light before its to late.

But at present you could buy a top team of men, with about $50,000 USA up front for sign on fees.

The team managers or coaches are paid very little, sometimes the skaters paid for or 5 times more, so no one wants to be a team manager, unless they have another Income source to support them.

Joerg from Zepto was involved in the management of cycle teams & was one of the few who could bring in other than skate team sponsors.

I was involved talking with him early on , as they gradually picked up one or two good skaters & built up over the past 5 years from seen by the previoius pro teams, as a bunch of no bodies, to one of the best teams allround nowdays.

Joerg & Eginhard kept the name Zepto ( From memory a measurement of a period of time, less than 7 secs.) while even the WIC hierachy criticised them, that they needed a big brand name sponser, but as its turnt out perhaps 10 sponsors between 2,000 to 10,000 Euro a piece, are far better than no sponsers at all.
As they are the only team that has really grown in recent times.

Inline Planet Skate Tip- How To Prepare For An Ultra-marathon

The newest Inline Planet Skate Tip is Francisco Ramirez’ How to Prepare for an Ultra-marathon

Like a lot of skaters, I used to think ultra-marathons were for crazies. I couldn’t understand why anyone in their right mind would submit to these ordeals: battling exhaustion, fatigue, dehydration, muscle cramps, sore feet and the elements for three-plus hours.