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  • June 2020
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Results & Pictures- Medemblik Games Finale

You can find results here from the Medemblik Games Finale

Click here for Tims ProSkateShots’ pictures from the competition.

Photo from Tims ProSkateShots

Photo from Tims ProSkateShots

Pictures & Videos- Maneblusserstrofee In Mechelen

Click here for rik huys’ pictures from racing at the Maneblusserstrofee in Mechelen.

You can find a few videos here.

Photo from rik huys


Pictures- Nachwuchs-Cup Aaretal- From Quartier Zopf Online

Quartier Zopf Online published pictures from the Nachwuchs-Cup Aaretal.

Photo from Quartier Zopf Online

Photo from Quartier Zopf Online

Video- Titulares Deportivos

Check out the video Titulares Deportivos.

Videos- Skating In Austria- Training Camp & Slalom

Here are a couple of videos from Austria; Trainingscamp Wörgl 2009 and Int. Inline Slalom Wörgl 2009.

Geisingen (Germany) Arena Kids Camp

These past days there has been are really sucessful kids camp happening at the new skate arena in Geisingen, Germany.

Its been really positive to see a group of kids come out and have fun on their skates. And at the end of a long day they are still tearing around with more energy than me!

Read more here; Geisingen Arena kids camp.

Photo from here

My Pictures- Eastern Seaboard Series #3- Trexlertown

The third race of this year’s Eastern Seaboard Series was held this past Saturday.

Normally skaters race on the 1-mile loop. Because of the rain and wet conditions, race organizers decided to hold the race in the parking lot.

You can read a bit about the race here; Ride to Trexlertown from NYC.

Here are my pictures-