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Enforcing Rules- Fighting At The Berlin X Race World Inline Cup

With a few recent events featuring infractions including fighting but no calls/ disqualifications/ declassifications coming  from officials, skaters & fans are venting and sharing their thoughts in the thread X-Race in Berlin today

I personaly tried to get the officals to disqualify the skater even in the 3 SIC races before and even was pointing out the person to the judges before the race and nothing happend! From the rule book you can not disqualify someone after the race! I hope we have some clear calls next season!

From the Beil evidence the skater has to be outed, forget some of these guys who do not know a skate from a motor car, that think they are interpreting the rules the right way. Its Blatant, its clear & its rubbish, you can not have standover man tactics happening regularly & do nothing, you have to stand up to them.

Bringing the sport into disrepute is a strong enough offence to be outed on, when you have skaters scared of an opponent who has a reputation, as an enforcer in the finishing Zone area, who blatantly breaks the rules of fair play, its time someone took action.

Its like the closely related coach, who told me in a moment of anger in Holland, to never walk on the same side of the road as him in future. The first thing I done the same day, is deliberately made sure I Did.

Like the small skater who did not get his own way when I was a team manager & then told me he was connected, I then told him I had ordered the Boss from Palermo’s Girfriend out of a CIC meetting in Italy & she was connected also, so don’t bother scaring me with that story line.

Stand up & be Counted, whoever is running the show!

Yet another reason there needs to be a strong technical committee, separate in every way from the influence of sponsors money , and also a big reason the race director should not have any say in officiating issues, because we all know what happens when a race director , team manager, coach, or similar, is allowed to participate in the officiating process.

A solution is : Separating “PRODUCTION” issues and operations from “COMPETITION” issues and areas.

Production includes : Sponsors (raising money, public relations, anything to do with making teams or skaters comfortable, raising prizes or money, dealing with the media, that sort of thing)

Competition includes : Tabulation of results, interpreting and enforcing rules, course safety issues, equipment standards, etc.

There is an issue of course, of who funds the technical committee – however there should always be a contract separating the two areas of “production” and “competition”.

In production, its their job to make people smile, keep people happy, including sponsors, teams, spectators, media, athletes, city or government permits and permission, collecting and soliciting the prizes etc.

In competition the “technical committee” has a narrow focus of ensuring that the “technical rules” of the race / federation/ rulebook are are enforced in black and white fashion – no favoritism, no pandering or ass kissing of sponsors, big name athletes, no cozying up to the race director, no special favors granted to famous athletes, that sort of thing.

So when a competition decision is rendered (such as a penalty , or change of placement, or a fine, and the athlete or team files a “protest” or “appeal”, the jury that decides on the original decision or appeal, should NOT include the race director.

The officials should have (be furnished by the race itself) sufficient number of motorbikes with skilled drivers, to be able to be all over the race – always changing position around the peloton , be in radio communication with each other, be able to pull people out of the race, be able to inflict instant time or placement penalties on offenders (and with chalkboard , clipboard, and megaphone(bullhorn/loudspeaker) instantly inform the offender/peloton of infractions/penalties .

Just my opinion…

Reports- Berlin’s X Race

Here are some more reports from this past weekend’s X Race World Inline Cup held in Berlin;

Martin Thaler and Cecilia Baena are the winners of the 8th XRace’09 in Berlin. While the Colombian Baena proceeded with her string of victories, the victory of the Austrian Martin Thaler was a real surprise. Three kilometres before the finish area he wanted to do it on his own, broke away and left the top stars behind. Brilliant sunshine in Berlin, 800 participants and numerous spectators made the race, which goes over the half marathon distance and belongs to the WORLD- as well as to the GERMAN INLINE CUP series, a real success.


Reports & Results- X-Race World Inline Cup (Berlin)

You can find results from the X-Race World Inline Cup, held in Berlin, in the thread X-Race in Berlin today.

After first informations from Berlin a single skater from X-Tech escaped in the last lap. Scott Arlidge tried to bring it back, but he did not get any help from the other teams. Guyader alone with Elio Cuncu did not work,. Powerslide Phusion with 5 did not take the lead at all in this situation, Rollerblade with a tired Nicolas Iten not able to chase, so the sprint of the field was only for 2nd place.

Nayib opend the sprint very early passing the complete Rollerblade line up with Powerslide Phusion behind him. Nayib won the sprint of the field easy for 2nd place in front of Kwinten Tas.(Powerslide Phusion).

1. Cecila Baena
2.Sabine Berg
3. Jana Gegner

Men results:

1. Martin Thaler, IDEEprint-X-tech 0:32:08
2. Juan Nayib Tobon, ZEPTO Skate Team 0:32:11
3. Kwinten Tas, Powerslide Phuzion World 0:32:11
4. Christian Diaz Granados, Powerslide Phuzion World 0:32:11
5. Nicolas Zamudio, Powerslide Phuzion World 0:32:12

Here’s a report; Überraschungssieger beim X-Race – Martin Thaler schleicht sich davon!!


KNSB’s 2009-2010 Long Track Speed Skating Calendar

KNSB shared a 2009-2010 long track speed skating events calendar.


Pictures- Biel Swiss/ World Inline Cup- From AlphaOmega Publishing

Click here for AlphaOmega Publishing’s pictures (20 pages) from the recent Biel Swiss/ World Inline Cup.


Information Needed On WIC Events

Information needed on WIC events

1. What are the categories and their requirements? I know this goes by age, sex, and by distance run (like 300m, 1000, and so on)
2. What are the fees and what do they include? Is it admition only or there are other things included in fees like hotel rooms?
3. Where do you pay fees if any?
4. When do you pay the fees right before the races or there is a deadline?
5. When the season starts and when does it ends?
6. Where are the races and what are their dates and schedule?
7. What is the most important race? I mean by that the one that can crown you “World Champion!”
8. What are the rules of the trade, regulations?
9. And finally the question that I’m really confused with is this: I see teams racing with the names of their countries, like the USA team, or the New Zealand team, does that means that the teams wearing their countries name own exclusively the right to wear their nation’s name? What if there are 2 or more teams from the same country who gets to be the one representing it?

Video- Biel Swiss/ World Inline Cup- From Videosport67

Check out this video from this past weekend’s Swiss/ World Inline Cup held in Biel, Switzerland- Swiss/World Inline cup 2009 Biel/Bienne.

It includes footage from the kids races and the top racers & their finish.

Video- Crash At Biel Swiss/ World Inline Cup- From Skate-tv.de

Check out Skate-tv.de’s video from the Biel Swiss/ World Inline Cup.

I’m still trying to figure out what hapenned in that crash.


ISU Communications- World Cup, Junior World Cup, & International Speed Skating Competitions

The most recent ISU Communications include a whole bunch of long track speed skating competition dates-


Results & Pictures- Biel World Inline Cup/ Swiss Inline Cup

Biel was the host city to the latest World Inline Cup/ Swiss Inline Cup.

Click here for complete results.


Here’s a report- WORLD- und SWISS INLINE CUP in Biel 9th August

A six km circuit full of bends in the heart of the watchmaking city, made Biel-Bienne totally crazy about this event on rolls. The whole world elite of inline skating started in Biel enjoying wonderful weather conditions and looking for points and prizes in the WORLD- and SWISS INLINE CUP. Luca Saggiorato und Giovanna Turchiarelli made the Italian double victory perfect. More than 2,000 mainly fitness and amateur skaters – which means considerably more than the year before – took part in the well-organized races.

Check out Quartier Zopf Online for lots of great pictures.

Photo from Quartier Zopf Online

Photo from Quartier Zopf Online

Photo from Quartier Zopf Online

Photo from Quartier Zopf Online

World Inline Cup & Swiss Inline Cup- Biel- August 9th

The World Inline Cup & Swiss Inline Cup will make their next stop on August 9th in Biel-

The track in Biel, in the very heart of the city, is both varied and demanding. Races will start on the central street leading six times around the six kilometres circuit that goes slightly uphill and easily downhill on the very good asphalt street. The numerous bends in the pedestrian precinct make Biel to be an attractive and challenging racing event.

Recreational and fitness-orientated athletes as well as kids and teenagers can enjoy the races in Biel with its short distances. Traditionally, a very large number of spectators line the streets and make every participant feel like a star.

Read more here; WORLD- & SWISS INLINE CUP in Biel 9th August.


Video- Zug Swiss Inline Cup

Here’s a video from the Zug Swiss Inline Cup; Swiss Inline Cup – Zug 2009– it gives you a pretty good idea of what the race course is like.

Video- Einsiedeln Swiss Inline Cup- From Videosport67

Here’s a video from the recent Einsiedeln Swiss Inline Cup; Swiss Inline Cup 2009 : Einsiedeln ( Schweizermeisterschaft Halfmarathon + Roller ski cup ).

Pictures- Zug Swiss Inline Cup/ World Inline Cup

Click here for Quartier Zopf Online’s pictures from this past Saturday’s Zug Swiss Inline Cup/ World Inline Cup.

Photo from Quartier Zopf Online

Photo from Quartier Zopf Online

Results & Reports- Zug Swiss Inline Cup/ World Inline Cup- Diego Rosero & Cecilia Baena Win

The Swiss Inline Cup/ World Inline Cup made a stop in Zug, Switzerland on Saturday. You can use the following links to find more on the competition, including results & reports;

Due to road works the course this year took another route. Some would call the diverted course dangerous, while others technical. I wasn’t there but from watching the video of the new course it looked very tricky and there looked to be quiet a few dangerous sections if not taken with caution.


Photo from WIC

Results, Reports, Pictures- Swiss Inline Cup Einsiedeln

The Swiss Inline Cup made its most recent stop last weekend in Einsiedeln. You can use the links below to view results and more-

Diego Rosero and Cecilia Baena win the 5th stage of the SWISS INLINE CUP 2009 in Einsiedeln. The half marathon seemed to be used as a sprint training. The average speed of the race was incredible. No breakaway group suceeded, due to inconsistency within the groups.


Photo from Quartier Zopf Online

Photo from Quartier Zopf Online

Photo from Quartier Zopf Online

Rapport De Course- Engadin World Inline Cup/ Swiss Inline Cup- De Roller En Ligne

Roller En Ligne a partagé un rapport de course de la World Inline Cup/ Swiss Inline Cup qui a eu lieu a Engadin en Suisse en fin-de-semaine; WIC – Mantia et Baena s’imposent à Engadin

Au même moment que les 24 Heures du Mans Roller, se déroulait l’une des Coupe du Monde de vitesse les plus réputées de l’année : l’épreuve d’Engadin (Suisse). 1650 patineurs ont pris le départ.

La course a été remportée par Joey Mantia (USA) et Massimiliano Presti (Italie) pour le team Luigino. Chez les dames, la colombienne Cécilia Baena (Matter Powerslide) enchaîne les victoires. Les patineurs auraient dépassé les 85 km/h dans la descente de Saint-Moritz.


New Zealand News- Kalon Dobbin, Nicole Begg, Peter Micheal, DJ Nation, & Ben Alchin

In the thread  New Zealand News (see post #591), Bill Begg shared the latest on Kalon Dobbin, Nicole Begg, Peter Micheal, DJ Nation, & Ben Alchin; 

Kalon Dobbin has not retired, he was unfortunately suffering from an injury, that had not cleared up as quickly as it should have, but Like Nicole Begg, who is still not permitted to race, due to blood thinning to prevent Thombouses, there first appearances care likely to be the World Games, 17th, 18th & 19th July in Kaohsiung Taiwan.

Peter Micheal is back in New Zealand training, due to lack of team options, the former 3 times World Junior Champion won all the N.Z. Senior national titles, he chose to go for & its hoped the lack of top of the three training partners & the cold Palmerston North Winter, does not effect his form for Worlds.

It is a worry for N.Z. this year, as to collect Government Funding, we have to secure so many senior medals, with Shane Dobbin out of the team, due to Ice contract committements, DJ Nation struggled to regain good Technical form after comming back from the Ice & the Injuries to there two Stars Nicole & Kalon, who usually ensure the medals are delivered, it is a concern.

Ben Alchin not wanted by the selectors & with the fastest ever Le Mans Official lap time, its time they became a bit more flexible, as the cupboard is becomming very bare & Alchin a former Junior World Medalist, is one of N.Z. Strong Men.

Clara Hughes- Limitless Potential

Clara Hughes‘ most recent journal entry is Limitless Potential

They’re both going to compete in their first Olympics. They have a hunger for excellence that I also feel as I prepare for my fifth. Patrick mentioned people telling him how “the first Olympics are for experience” and “not to worry about results”. He told me didn’t know if there will ever be another. I remember my first Olympics, and how certain people tried to impose those very limitations on me. It only solidified the intense motivation to be better than I ever had. I knew I had the capability to be the best. Why else would I train so much? For experience? I shared these thoughts with Patrick, hoping my words outweighed the other advice.

My first Olympic race and first Olympic medal back in the road race in Atlanta, 1996‘- photo and caption from Clara Hughes

Report, Pictures- Engadin World Inline Cup/ Swiss Inline Cup

Powerslide shared the following from this past Saturday’s Engadin World Inline Cup/ Swiss Inline Cup-

Click here to view pictures (I’m pretty sure it’s Quatier Zopf Online’s pictures) from the race.


Pictures- Engadin World Inline Cup/ Swiss Inline Cup- From Skate4Fun.ch

Skate4Fun.ch shared pictures from Saturday’s Engadin World Inline Cup/ Swiss Inline Cup.

Photo from Quartier Zopf Online

Photo from Quartier Zopf Online

Photo from Quartier Zopf Online

Photo from Quartier Zopf Online

Video- Engadin World Inline Cup/ Swiss Inline Cup

Click here (and scroll down) to find SF Sport’s video of the Engadin World Inline Cup/ Swiss Inline Cup. You’ll be treated to some fantastic shots from the helicopter of the pack zooming through beautiful scenery.





Scott Arlidge’s Speed & Distance Graph- Engadin World Inline Cup/ Swiss Inline Cup

Check out New Zealand’s/ Zepto Skate Team‘s Scott Arlidge’s speed and distance graph from Saturday’s Engadin World Inline Cup/ Swiss Inline Cup; Speed & Distance data from WIC St Moritz.


Report- Engadin World Inline Cup/ Swiss Inline Cup- Bont Forum/ Niki Neck

If you click your way over to the thread Engadin St Moritz, you’ll find that Niki Neck shared reports & updates from today’s Engadin World Inline Cup/ Swiss Inline Cup-

Its 25mins before start time..the village is almost empty…no rain , 20degs overcast with a slight head wind for the skaters. The helicopter just flew over assuming they are filming from the air again. About to take up my position on the bank above the village.

After scrutinizing the video by the jury, both were disqualified for a serious misdemeaner, A finish line judge had seen it and it was verified in the video. Both were shown the video and disqualified.

Report- Engadin World Inline Cup/ Swiss Inline Cup- From Zepto Skate Team

Zepto Skate Team shared a report on today’s Engadin World Inline Cup/ Swiss Inline Cup.


Results- Engadin World Inline Cup/ Swiss Inline Cup

Click here for the complete results from today’s Engadin World Inline Cup/ Swiss Inline Cup.


Report- Engadin World Inline Cup/ Swiss Inline Cup- From PatinCarrera

PatinCarrera shared a report on today’s Engadin World Inline Cup/ Swiss Inline Cup.


Nicole Begg- Busy Weekend: Mans 24 Hours & Engadin World Inline Cup

Tamara and Alexandra have both left today to head up to St Moritz for the Engadin World Inline Cup which is on Saturday. This is one of the most beautiful races in the World when the weathers good. It starts up at Maloja overlooking the lake which on a nice day is full of windsurfers and kite surfers. The fast course then snakes down the valley passing the inline village at half way and then going down a big steep hill which quite a few skaters dread.

Everyone one else left early this morning to head to Le Mans, France for the Le Mans 24 Hour Race. It’s held around the Le Mans car race track where the famous car race is held. Bont have a 10 man strong team entered with skaters from all over the World. The race starts at 4pm Saturday and ends on 4pm Sunday. The course is about 7km long and each team has one skater out on the track at a time. The skaters relay as they choose and the team that has covered the most distance in the 24 hours wins.

Read more from Nicole Begg here; What’s on this weekend.


More Videos & Reports- Dijon French Inline Cup/ World Inline Cup- From Roller En Ligne

Roller En Ligne shared more material covering the recent Dijon French Inline Cup/ World Inline Cup-


Suzhou World Inline Cup Cancelled

I have got this morning an information from the secretary general of the Chinese Roller Sports Association (CRSA) that the World Inline Cup Suzhou 2009 must be cancelled.
The Chinese government and health department decided due to the H1N1 virus to reduce or avoid the danger of infection and cancel big events, even sport-events with masses of people closely together in certain areas. All involved authorities together with the local organizers and the CRSA tried everything and did their best to realize the event, but unfortunately this morning the health department find their final decision and cancelled the event. We, together with the Chinese association CRSA, deeply regret the annulation of the race, but the final decision has been made without any influence on our side. You will find a more detailed information posted on our homepage http://www.world-inline-cup.com in short time.

Read the entire post here; Suzhou 2009 Cancelled.