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300-Meter World Record For Nicolas Pelloquin & Nicoletta Falcone At European Roller Speed Skating Championships- – Results, Pictures, Reports, & More

France’s Nicolas Pelloquin set the 300-meter time trial record of 24.221 seconds on day 1 of racing at the European Roller Speed Skating Championships under way in Belgium. Joining the World Record parade was Nicoletta Falcone from Italy in the senior women with a time of 26.572

Here are links with loads of information, results, pictures, and more that will keep you clicking all over the world wide web-




Photo from Daniel Yeow

Photo from Daniel Yeow

Photo from Tims ProSkateShots

Photo from MundoPatin

Photo by Uwe Ziedler, from Bildimpressionen.de

Photo by Uwe Ziedler, from Bildimpressionen.de

Photo by Uwe Ziedler, from Bildimpressionen.de

Photo by Uwe Ziedler, from Bildimpressionen.de

Photo by Uwe Ziedler, from Bildimpressionen.de

Report, Pictures, Results- Day 2- Canadian Roller Speed Skating Championships

The second and final day of the 2009 Canadian Roller Speed Skating Championships took place at Toronto’s Father Remond Track.

Withbetter wind conditions than Saturday, skaters broke numerous national records.

Some of the news coming from this year’s Canadian Championships;

  • 2010 Canadian Roller Speed Skating Championships will be held in Calgary in July. More information will be posted on Roller Sports Canada
  • There will not be any skaters representing Canada at the 2009 World Roller Speed Skating Championships this September in China. This is because there were not any skaters who submitted World Team Trials entries.

You can use the links below to view photos, reports, and results-

Volunteers & Officials Make It Happen
With a very small but committed roller speed skating community, each volunteer’s impact & importance is great and appreciated. The volunteers & officials who put in the long andunseen hours did a good job putting together these Championships. I know about the behind-the-scenes work that goes on; I was responsible for getting the generator, washrooms,  sound system, and permits for the Championships. I also helped measure and mark the starting & finishing lines & promote the Championships to other clubs & skaters. We also had the RSC Speed Technical Committee meeting on Friday night where rules were discussed. This is just the tip of the iceberg of things that need to get done when organizing an event.

It took a small team of officials, tabulators, starters, place-judges, and volunteers to run these championships

The Young Skaters Break Records
The young skaters in the Primary, Freshmen and Intermediate categories set many Canadian records on the 2nd day of racing.

  • Marissa Grayson- 10km elimination- Intermediate
  • Dragi Dodevski0 500-meter sprint- Intermediate
  • Bailin Xie- 2km points- Freshmen
  • Adrian Alvarez- 2km points- Freshmen
  • Xavier Charron- 800-meters- Primary
  • Karelle Berger, Marjorie Berger, Bailin Xie- relay- Freshmen
  • Angus Cowan, Adrian Alvarez, Hugh Xie- relay- Freshmen

Adrian Alvarez leading the Freshmen boys’ 2km points race- photo by Peter Doucet

Senior Men- Pauley Brothers Strike Gold, 15km record
The senior men’s 15km elimination race came down to a final-lap sprint between Jesse Pauley and I. Pauley grabbed the lead with 200-meters to go and held on to claim the win. Pauleybroke the Canadian record, set earlier in June, by one second.

The 500-meter final saw Jade Pauley, Alex D’Mello, Brett Leavens, and I take to the line. We all had to qualify through heats and semi-finals. Leo Frusteri, one of the 500-meter sprint contenders, went down coming out of the final corner in his heat. In the final, I took the early lead, but Jade Pauley accelerated past me in the back-straight and took the lead right before the entry of the final corner. He held on andtook the win with a gap over 2nd place.

Stephane Charron (outside left), Travis Shaw (leading), Marc Belanger (yellow & blue), Jesse Pauley (right)- 500-meter b-final- photo from Marie-Eve Leblanc

The final race of the day for the senior men was the relay. With four teams, including the trios of Jade Pauley/ Jesse Pauley/ Travis Shaw, Simon Clement/ Benoit Letourneau/ Stephane Charron, Alex D’Mello/ Chris D’Mello/ Brett Leavens, and Morgan Williams/ Marc Belanger/ Peter Doucet, racing action was fast. The race was decided in the final stretch with Jade Pauley and I stretching for the line and taking the win by a fraction of a wheel and besting the old Canadian mark by about 12-seconds to 4:17.

Open men’s relay finish- Jade Pauley edges me out- photo from Marie-Eve Leblanc

Senior Women- Morgane Echardour’s First Canadian Title & 15km record
The senior women saw Morgane Echardour earn her first senior Canadian title. She won the 15km elimination race by taking the early lead and finishing almost a lap ahead of Sarah Hopkins. After clicking skates with Ottawa’s Dominique Lalonde, Candy Wong finished in 3rd place, earning the bronze medal in the distance category. In winning the race, Echardour set the 15km elimination record in a time of 27:21, besting the old mark by 1-minute 23-seconds.

Sarah Hopkins won her 4thrace of the weekend in the 500-meter race.  Morgane Echardour took the early lead in the final, but Hopkins flew by Echardour in the back straightaway andtook the win by 1-second.

Morgane Echardour leads Shannon Hegarty, Sarah Hopkins, and Leah Kaluta, senior women’s 500-meter A final- photo by Peter Doucet

Hopkins, Echardour, and Dominique Lalondeteamed up for the relay. They set the new Canadian record with a time of 4:54, 4-seconds lower than the old record time.

Wilby’s Pictures
On Saturday, I had a chance to chat with Wilby Mcknight. He hung out for Saturday’s racing action before returning to Ottawa on Saturday evening. He posted all his pictures here.

Photo from flickr_photographer

Photo from flickr_photographer

Photo from flickr_photographer

Photo from flickr_photographer

Photo from flickr_photographer

Photo from flickr_photographer

Videos- USA Outdoor Nationals- Track Days 1-3

Wouter Hebbrecht shared videos of Sara Hebbrecht’s & Erin Jackson’s 300-meter sprint USA records- view them here; US Outdoor Nationals results. You can view more videos here; Video’s 500m ODN and also here; US Outdoor Nationals results Day 2.

Under the results I added some video of Sara and Erin, probably the two most amazing skaters out there today and some pictures (sorry picture quality isn’t that great but it will still do).

You can find tons of videos from the USA Outdoor Nationals thanks to Milpitasspeed’s blog

I embeded a few of the videos;

Philippe Coussy Going After Official 24 Hour Record

Philippe Coussy, who skates under the name of  ‘LOU Solitaire’, will try to set the official 24 Hour Record on September 24th to the 25th. Read more from Roller En Ligne here.

Les patineurs fréquentant le forum de rollerenligne.com connaissent Philippe Coussy sous le pseudonyme de “RPhil”. Malgré ses 50 ans, le patineur du LOU Roller tient la dragée haute aux petits jeunes et autres adeptes de longues distance. Les 25 et 26 septembre 2009, il va tenter de battre le record officiel des 24 Heures…


Report- Dijon World Inline Cup/ French Inline Cup- From Roller En Ligne

Roller En Ligne shared a report on this past weekend’s Dijon World Inline Cup/ French Inline Cup.

Photo shared by Roller En Ligne

Video- 15km Elimination Race- San Antonio Circuit- Pamplona, Spain- From Roller En Ligne

Roller En Ligne shared a video of the 15km elimination races at the San Antonio Circuit in Pamplona, Spain from this past weekend’s competition. These are the races where the men & women skated faster times than the FIRS records.


Circuito Internacional San Antonio (Pamplona) Live Updates- World Record In Women’s 15k

Check out the following links for live updates, results, pictures, and more from the Circuito Internacional San Antonio track races in Pamplona, Spain;

300 meters T/T Men:
01. Andres Muñoz, Colombia
02. Kalon Dobbin, New Zealand
03. Joseba Fernandez, Spain

500 meters Sprint Ladies
01. Sabine Berg, Germany
02. Estefania Cuervo, Colombia
03. Cecilia Baena, Powerslide Matter
04. Jercy Puello, Colombia

500 meters Sprint Men
01. Andres Muñoz, Powerslide Matter
02. Juan Nayib Tobon, Colombia
03. Jorge Luis Cifuentes, Colombia
04. Felipe Castillo, Venezuela