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Theory Of Skater Evolution

Dan Collins’ vehicle was spotted at the Oval Racing Wednesday night with this sign in the rear window. The sign is starting to explain things a little better.

Read more here; Interesting Explanation.

Photo shared by InlineSkateMpls

Video- Raymond ‘Satch’ Setchel’s Retirement Party

Check out the video featuring Star City SK8 & Family Fun Zone’s closure & Raymond Satch’s retirement. Read more here; Retirement/Reunion Party for Satch from Star City in Roanoke, Va

Star City SK8 & Family Fun Zone in Roanoke, Va has been sold and on Sunday July 26th @ 2pm, we are saying farewell to Satch. 1000’s of Roanokers have at one time or another been to Star City Skater Center and know Satch.

There are some old file footage over the years… There is one the springer twins shown and a few other skaters from the Blue Ridge Challenge…not sure which year.
Also, if you look at the 2:43 mark..you will see a picture of Bobby Kaiser from 1978 Nationals.


Recovering From A Knee Injury- Ask Bill Begg!

The latest Ask Bill Begg! article is How Do I Recover From a Knee Injury?

Hi, Norm: First off, take the advice of qualified medical people, preferably with specialties in sports medicine. These days, there are sports-medicine specialists all over the world.

Once you’ve recovered your knee strength, by all means get rolling again. But, as I said, throw away the running. After a knee injury, skating and cycling are better options.


Videos- Retro-Skate- 1996 World Roller Speed Skating Championships In Italy- From Visual Skate

Visual Skate shared a couple of videos from the 1996 World Roller Speed Skating Championships In Italy- see RETROSkate.

1500mts Mayores Varones

Chad Heddrick, Derek Parra y Jorge Botero en una estupenda definición.

1500mts Mayores Damas
Maria Eva Richardson contra las dos norteamericanas, una de ellas Julie Brand, la ganadora. Fue medalla de bronce para Argentina.


Andrew Love- Great Grandfather’s Day On Father’s Day

Here’s Andrew Love’s latest entry; Great Grandfather’s Day

This is a blog about skating, so one story he likes to tell about his childhood is that there used to be a company that owned numerous vacant lots in NYC. In the winters they would flood them, and turn them into ice skating rinks.

There is always a sadness leaving close family who are very old. He is so clear, and so strong for 94. But as he shuffled away, I felt my heart tear a bit, and hoped I would see him again.


Pictures- Roller In The Mid-80’s

I came across these great pictures recently- I think they’re John Fry’s;

Back in 1986- Racing in Tatem Park in North London- John Fry leads Hugh Doggett

Rowan Harlow leads Ashley Harlow with John Fry sitting in 3rd. Coming up on the outside (right) are Hugh Doggett and Ian Cox

1985 podium in Tatem Park- Left to right are Bobby Kaiser, Tony Keefe, Mark Took, Hugh Doggett, Derrick Ritchie, and John Fry

Racing a 50km race in Belgium

Racing in St Brieuc, France’s International Road Event in 1984

Birmingham Wheels’ 25th Anniversary

Well…this month celebrates not only 25 years of having the first (and now only) purpose built banked speed skating track in the UK but also marks the 25th anniversary of the forming of the Birmingham Wheels Roller Speed Club.

Read more here; Birmingham Wheels – 25th Anniversary (#1192) and in the thread England News.

Aaron Arndt- Canadian Workshops

Here’s Aaron Arndt’s latest entry from a few days ago; hitch/from way back

I hope you each enjoyed the workshops, found the material valuable, and have an opportunity to apply the things learned.  I have already received several emails letting me know of specific instances where some of the race skills sections were used in races by participants.  I can tell you that this is a truly rewarding experience for me, and am happy to share these moments.


Video- 1960 Winter Olympics- Squaw Valley & More!- Shared By Speedskating-Online

Speedskating-Online shared a video from the 1960 Winter Olympics Games in Squaw Valley- SQUAW VALLEY OLympics 1960 speed skating 1.500m women.

And while you’re at it, you might as well check this video from the 1956 Winter Olympic Games; olympics 1956 Speed Skating Cortina d’Ampezzo.

At the 1956 Winter Games, Yevgeny Grishin earned the gold medal in 500m speed skating by equaling his own world record. Two days later, in the 1500m, he set another world record, tying for first place with teammate Yuri Mikhailov. Four years later, at the Squaw Valley Olympics, Grishin’s performance was remarkably similar. Again he won the gold medal at 500m and again matched his own world record. Then, again two days later, he finished in another tie for first place, this time with Roald Aas. Grishin returned to the Olympics in 1964, gaining a silver medal at 500m. He made a final Olympic appearance at the 1968 Games, placing fourth in the 500m and missing a medal by only one tenth of a second.

Nicole Begg & Her Mum

Here’s a nice entry from New Zealand’s Nicole Begg; Happy Mothers Day.


Christophe Audoire At The 1984 Olympics

Photo shared by Roller En Ligne

Read more about the photo here; Photo : Christophe Audoire aux JO de 84.

Beidaihe, China- Skating Alive Well & Thriving

Four hours by car on the seaside north of Beijing we have just seen the young skaters racing on a 200 meter Bank track for the past 2 days, with the enthusiasm, Drive & Numbers, plus the Backup support of local & National Government, it appears China is destined to follow in the footsteps of Colombia & Korea as a superpower in the sport, within the next 3 to 5 years.

But what is the Grand Daddy of them all is the ” SKATE MUSUEM ” yes a stand alone permanent building, in N.Z. $ terms a $200,000 building.

Where they managed to find all these Golden Relics from would is anybodies guess, but my blood certainly did tingle, when the only foreign skinsuit on display was a beloved Kiwi one.

Read more from Bill Begg here; Beidaihe CHINA Skating Mecca.

Sk8ologist- Issue #2- Doping, Dope, Dopers

Check out the Sk8ologist’s second issue #2; Doping, dope, dopers.

Let me put this straight: I suffered doping and dopers on my own skin, back in the quad days when this sport was anything but clean and the anti-doping measures where a joke. I consider myself lucky because I was infinitely more interested in scoring than racing (still am), and in all honesty I never give a toss about winning (perhaps because I got tired of victories while still a junior). But deep down it also pissed me off being defeated by a 250 pound hairy juggernaut that needed the juice (sometimes adding a certain degree of tactical cheating and/or judges’ help).

In comparison to other disciplines, the proved doping cases are so few and rare in our sport that nobody can say it’s dirty… But neither is absolutely clean, unfortunately. All these much talked about cases in the last 2 or 3 years are mainly hoaxes that only provide evidence of political intervention. In particular, I’m referring to the Spanish case arisen a while ago and the Colombian crazy hematocrit orgy of late. The more I stick my nose into those grubby affairs, the more I believe in the skaters’ innocence and politicians’ evilness.


Aaron Arndt- Ottawa Clinic April 25th, Toronto Clinic May 2-3, Picture 1996 Junior Worlds

Aaron Arndt will be holding two clinics- one in Ottawa on April 25th and then one in Toronto on May 2nd & 3rd. Also check out the picture from the 1996 World Junior Roller Speed Skating Championships from Barrancabermeja, Colombia-


Roller Skating History- 1760 To Today

Roller En Ligne published an interesting article chronicling roller skating’s history from 1760 to today- Le roller  histoire de 1760 à nos jours

ReL vous propose un survol de l’histoire du patin à roulettes de la naissance des premiers rollers en ligne aux patin traditionnels ou encore les “patins-cycles”. Nous nous devons de rendre hommage ici à l’un des rares historiens du roller, notre grand-père à tous : Sam Nieswizski auteur de « Rollermania » (1991) qui reste la référence incontournable de l’histoire du roller à travers les époques…


Road Skating- Practising Saloon For Ladies, With Lady Attendant

I received this image from a friend- looks like 2 wheel frames with big wheels have been around for a while 😉


Milpitas Speed Club- Going Strong After More Than Two Decades

Going strong after more than two decades, the Milpitas Speed Club competed at a regional meet in Citrus Heights, Calif., bringing home eight medals.

Read more here- Inline skate team medals: Citrus Heights.


Pictures- OldKiwi- First Hyper Sponsored Skater

Taken during the 1988 Dade City (Florida, USA) 100km road race. Click the pic for larger image. OldKiwi (Johnny Pelzers) is the one wearing the “Brancale Brain Bucket”, behind 2nd pl finisher Chris Wyche, with Jerry Morris finishing off a water bottle handoff in the background. Photos courtesy of and copyright by Jonathan Seutter

See more here; OldKiwi , world’s first Hyper sponsored speed skater pics.

Photos courtesy of & copyright Jonathan Seutter

Jimmy B’s Thoughts to Ponder- Sponsorship

A long time ago, USAC (now USARS) did not allow skaters to have known sponsors. There were many reasons, and some are seen today. The mid to late 90’s were FILLED with sponsorships from all kinds of company’s, ranging from product, all the way to paying skaters large amounts of money for a paycheck. Geo/Rollerblade, Hyper, EC Beast, Rollerblade, Terminator, Miller, Labeda, Ultimate,.. I could go on ALL DAY on past sponsors that have thrown in tons of money to athletes. I was lucky enough to see it happen then, but I am also lucky enough to BE a sponsor today. Let me tell you, its ALOT different today, than it was 10-15 years ago.

Read more here- Sponsership… Then… Now…..


Video- 1988 Olympic Winter Games, Calgary

Speedskating-online shared a video featuring  Jan Ykema ‘s  500-meter silver medal performance at the 1988 Olympic Winter Games in Calgary- Jan Ykema wins silver medal in 1988.

Jan Ykema wins the silver medal in the 500m in a time of 36.76 during the Olympic Games in Calgary in 1988. Uwe-Jens Mey won the gold medal in a time 36.45 (new olympic and world record at the time).

The Top 10 Candian Olympic Winter Moments

Be a part of history — help capture a moment in time


The list of great Canadian achievements is long, and etched in our memories are the successes Canada has earned on the world stage, on the ice and snow at the Olympic Winter Games. With so many outstanding moments to remember, we would like to know: which one stands above the rest in your mind? Go to www.CTVOlympics.ca/10moments and win a trip to Vancouver 2010 to witness history in the making!

With less than one year until the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, the Royal Canadian Mint proudly presents an opportunity to be a part of history, to help immortalize the greatest Canadian Olympic Winter Games moments – Until March 25, we invite you to revisit the top 10 Canadian Olympic Winter moments and rate each moment. The top three moments as chosen by the Canadian public will then be minted by the Royal Canadian Mint. Canada’s top Canadian Olympic moment will be revealed in September 2009, and the three 25-cent coins will join the family of Vancouver 2010 coins already in circulation.

Picture- Tony Muse Vs Bike At Downer’s Grove

Check out this picture of Tony Muse racing a cyclist at Downer’s Grove (I think it’s from 1994), shared on the Inline Planet Skater Network.


World University Games- Canadian Short Track Speed Skaters Since 1985

Patinage De Vitesse Courte Piste shared a list of Canadian short track speed skaters who have competed (and medaled) at the World University Games since the 1980’s. Read more here; Les Canadiens en patinage de vitesse courte piste lors des dernières Universiades.


Cindy Klassen, Marc Gagnon, Gaetan Boucher, Clara Hughes, & Catriona Le May Doan’s Olympic Moments May Be Etched & Minted In Time

This is pretty cool, as shared by Patinage De Vitesse Courte Piste, Une pièce à l’effigie de Marc Gagnon: Pour la dépenser, il faut voter

The Top 10 Canadian Olympic Winter Moments– Which Canadian Olympic winter moment will forever be etched in time? Cast your vote for each moment…

Until March 25, we invite you to revisit the top 10 Canadian Olympic Winter moments and rate each moment. The top three moments as chosen by the Canadian public will then be minted by the Royal Canadian Mint. Canada’s top Canadian Olympic moment will be revealed in September 2009, and the three 25-cent coins will join the family of Vancouver 2010 coins already in circulation.



Bill Begg- FIRS Power Struggle

This is quite the post from Bill Begg; FIRS POWER STRUGGLE


We are that engroosed in the outcome of ythe Olypmic Decison come October this year, that many are unaware of the state of play with politics within the FIRS.

There is a serious groundswell of discontent with the performances of our organization.

As you are the controlling body of our sport, there are many things you are Accountable & responsible for, some of which you may well feel you are achieving, but you are falling far short in many other areas of accountability.

In this present era, we are always focusing about the Olympic dream, we the skaters & team management, are constantly being reminded about, how we should act & help us to achieve this end.

Now its long past the time that someone reminded the CIC of there duties, you may not like what I am about to advise you , but its the talk of 90% of the skating fraternity!.I have more to do with my time than to climb out on a limb by myself & upset the CIC, but I would not be doing it unless there was a heavy groundswell of discontent.

AS the person who has probably seen more racing, in more countries, than anyone else involved on a Daily level & someone who has helped the Developement of speedskating in more countries, than most travellers would visit in a life time, so I think I have a very wide prespective on this sport.
So please take note of some of the points I will raise, or ignore it at your own peril

In all Dictatorships ( Sorry our election systems can only be descibed as such ), where a president appoints his fellow committee members, after a period of time, you can not see the forrest for the trees & no one is prepared to make a stand, as they want to be re-elected for another 4 year term, so you can become blinded by your own ineffectiveness.

First off its supposidly a Technical committee, made up of Technical expertise, within the sport of speedskating, not to be confused with Political expertise. So we are behind the 8 ball to start with, which is not in the best interests of our sport.

Now enough of generalizations, lets get cold hard facts & situations.

Ex Roller Speed Skaters- From JorgeBotero.com

JorgeBotero.com shared profiles and pictures of ex-roller speed skaters


Video- Men’s 5000m Final And Stephen Whyte Winning 500m Final At 1989 World Roller Speed Skating Championships

Here’s a great video from 1989 in Hastings, New Zealand- Stephen Whyte winning the 500m final World Championship. Since you’re already at it, you might as well click over to 1989 World Speed Rollerskating men’s 5000m final– d’you catch the skaters tangling up in the final straight?

899 World Titles Contended For Since The First In 1937 In Monza, Italy

Here’s a bit of a history lesson- this is quite intereseting- Did you know…

…for those who are interested…there have been a total of 899 world titles contended for since the first one back in 1937 in Monza, Italy. These are made up from:

Men – 182 individual track, 185 individual road, 20 track relays, 11 road relays, 16 marathons
Women – 161 individual track, 151 individual road, 20 track relays, 11 road relays, 16 marathons

….amazing to think that if Hedrick was a nation he would be 4th in the overall rankings by country since championships began…over 70 years ago!!

From 1937 until 1968 the European Championships and World Championships (for men) were held in conjunction with one another, so for example when Danny Kelly won the 1000m knockout in Nantes in 1963 he was crowned World AND European Champion. What is interesting is that in 1966 the combined World and European Championships were held outside of Europe for the one and only time – in Mar del Plata, Argentina. This event was held for men only.

Barbara Fischer Interview

This is a very good one to read; check out Zepto Skate Team’s Barbara Fischer Interview

Amazingly you still hold the women’s World Record for the track 1000m (1:27:060). You set it in August of 1988, does it surprise you that this record still stands today 20 years on?

It do surprise because inliners are faster than quads and the level of our sport increased during the years especially in ladies races. But it don’t surprise if you look back how the records came off at this time and how situation is today. At this time mostly all records were not skated during normal competition. We had extra record trials with pacemakers and you were concentrated only in the time. Additionally our record trial took place on the new built 400 m ice skating track in Inzell. At this time this track was very very fast. Today records are mostly a “coproduct” of World Championships. No nation still has record trials because the structure of our sport has changed. With the WIC, the teams and the closed calendar there is no time to do this.

Roller Speed Skating- History About World Championships During 1960’s

I hope you enjoy readng through the thread Bill Begg Interview World Champs 2008‘s history lesson on results and the racing action from the 1960’s.

Willi Raes DID win 4 x 20km titles on the road and all in consecutive championships. ’63 Nantes, ’64 Madrid, ’65 Wetteren and ’66 Mar del Plata.

There wasn’t any World Championships in 1967 – for men that is. There was a World Championships for women only in 1967 in Barcelona on the track, where Pepita Cuevas (Spain) won all three titles, 500m k/o, 3000m and 5000m.

I’ve got some results (some complete some just first three) dating back to 1949. I’ll get what I can scanned and emailed to you Ron if you’d like them. I’ve also got a full list of World Champions since they began if your interested.