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ill just stick to skatin, while you sit there hatin,
debatin on how to write a rap thats not so quite degradin

i know you tried real hard, regardless it still smelt,
you might wanna look for a rhyme inside your utility belt

Here we come with a novel of episodes,
the novice, the pros, and evens the chodes.

skating on products that don’t even work,
from slipping to wobblers to crap that even chirps,

We bust our hineys and put in laps,
traveling the country from state to state on dis here map.

We’re all about survival in this sport they call skatin,
floor to floor, bumpin and grindin, for some it about hatin

Watch for deception and who can make ya,
better yet choose your friends wisely cuz they can break ya….

Read more here; We’re BAAAACK!.

No Webcast For USA Olympic Short Track Speed Skating Team Trials

We at US Speedskating are very excited about the U.S. Short Track Championships/Olympic Trials event that will be held in Marquette, Michigan next week. This event is an official Olympic Trials. NBC owns the rights to broadcast or webcast all Olympic Trials including this event, however, NBC has not opted to broadcast this event. Additionally, because NBC owns the exclusive rights to the event, US Speedskating does not have the option to broadcast or webcast the event. With this being an Olympic Trials, individuals are also not permitted to video tape the event for any use without specific permission by US Speedskating.

Read more here; Webcasting of speedskating.

Would There Be Sport Without Coaches?

The following is from the thread Would There Still Be?

seriously. i do think a lot of coaches are taken for granted. i have a good crew. but you no it only takes one. and i am sure everybody has one on their team.

I could rant on and on about this too Don…..If all the Coaches that were Competitave Skaters themselves (most) would Tally up all the Monies and hard work they put in to acheive their level as a competetor, it would be MILLIONS and Milloins of US Dollars.

Guess those who may not want to pull out an EXTRA 5 BUCKS a WEEK for the Coach, don’t see those numbers when they VALUE their Coachs Request for a few bucks to offset costs.

Enforcing Rules- Fighting At The Berlin X Race World Inline Cup

With a few recent events featuring infractions including fighting but no calls/ disqualifications/ declassifications coming  from officials, skaters & fans are venting and sharing their thoughts in the thread X-Race in Berlin today

I personaly tried to get the officals to disqualify the skater even in the 3 SIC races before and even was pointing out the person to the judges before the race and nothing happend! From the rule book you can not disqualify someone after the race! I hope we have some clear calls next season!

From the Beil evidence the skater has to be outed, forget some of these guys who do not know a skate from a motor car, that think they are interpreting the rules the right way. Its Blatant, its clear & its rubbish, you can not have standover man tactics happening regularly & do nothing, you have to stand up to them.

Bringing the sport into disrepute is a strong enough offence to be outed on, when you have skaters scared of an opponent who has a reputation, as an enforcer in the finishing Zone area, who blatantly breaks the rules of fair play, its time someone took action.

Its like the closely related coach, who told me in a moment of anger in Holland, to never walk on the same side of the road as him in future. The first thing I done the same day, is deliberately made sure I Did.

Like the small skater who did not get his own way when I was a team manager & then told me he was connected, I then told him I had ordered the Boss from Palermo’s Girfriend out of a CIC meetting in Italy & she was connected also, so don’t bother scaring me with that story line.

Stand up & be Counted, whoever is running the show!

Yet another reason there needs to be a strong technical committee, separate in every way from the influence of sponsors money , and also a big reason the race director should not have any say in officiating issues, because we all know what happens when a race director , team manager, coach, or similar, is allowed to participate in the officiating process.

A solution is : Separating “PRODUCTION” issues and operations from “COMPETITION” issues and areas.

Production includes : Sponsors (raising money, public relations, anything to do with making teams or skaters comfortable, raising prizes or money, dealing with the media, that sort of thing)

Competition includes : Tabulation of results, interpreting and enforcing rules, course safety issues, equipment standards, etc.

There is an issue of course, of who funds the technical committee – however there should always be a contract separating the two areas of “production” and “competition”.

In production, its their job to make people smile, keep people happy, including sponsors, teams, spectators, media, athletes, city or government permits and permission, collecting and soliciting the prizes etc.

In competition the “technical committee” has a narrow focus of ensuring that the “technical rules” of the race / federation/ rulebook are are enforced in black and white fashion – no favoritism, no pandering or ass kissing of sponsors, big name athletes, no cozying up to the race director, no special favors granted to famous athletes, that sort of thing.

So when a competition decision is rendered (such as a penalty , or change of placement, or a fine, and the athlete or team files a “protest” or “appeal”, the jury that decides on the original decision or appeal, should NOT include the race director.

The officials should have (be furnished by the race itself) sufficient number of motorbikes with skilled drivers, to be able to be all over the race – always changing position around the peloton , be in radio communication with each other, be able to pull people out of the race, be able to inflict instant time or placement penalties on offenders (and with chalkboard , clipboard, and megaphone(bullhorn/loudspeaker) instantly inform the offender/peloton of infractions/penalties .

Just my opinion…

Geisingen (Germany) Arena Kids Camp

These past days there has been are really sucessful kids camp happening at the new skate arena in Geisingen, Germany.

Its been really positive to see a group of kids come out and have fun on their skates. And at the end of a long day they are still tearing around with more energy than me!

Read more here; Geisingen Arena kids camp.

Photo from here

The Race- Poem By D.H. Groberg

The Race
“Quit, give up, you’re beaten”
They shout at you and plead
“There’s just too much against you
This time you can’t succeed”.

And as I start to hang my head
In front of failures face
My downward fall is broken by
The memory of a race

And hope refills my weakened will
As I recall that scene
Or just the thought of that short race
Rejuvenates my being

Read the entire poem here; “The Race” by D.H. Groberg (Nice Poem)….

What Makes Inline Speed Skating NOT An Olympic sport!!!

The world as we know it is quite amazing; it features a constant never ending drama stream that in the human side would never cease to surprise people by its lack of change! It is the same nonsense going on over and over again in this vicious circle called history, and history shows very clearly a humanity with a MASSIVE addiction to stupidity, nonsense, and above all the preservation of the last two things mentioned as actual values that people will defend with their lives, and to be quite frankly we are all part of this dilemma, it doesn’t matter if you are lovely Nicole Begg, genius Albert Einstein, or this humble ANGRY poster, if you are a Homo Sapiens then you are part of it.

Read more here; What makes Inline Speed Skating NOT an Olympic sport!!! Please read.

Dust Still Settling On Roller & Inline Speed Skating’s Unsuccessful Olympic Bid

The dust is still settling on roller & inline speed skating’s recent unsuccessful bid at becoming an Olympic sport.

There are lots of thoughts and opinions as the skating community is trying to figure out what to do next-

It’s not influx from the Olympics, it’s stopping the bleeding TOO the Olympics. We can’t create a sustainable growth for ourselves while we’re being over-harvested.

So this is problems we have, and Olympic nomination would solve them in few moment. I could go around school’s to gain kids into Olympic sport, we would get money injection to keep top athletes expenses covered when they race for country, we would be able to pay some real coaches and well we would have more than 5 people watching smaller races. Any ideas on how else we could do this?

Roller Sports

Why it’s in: The sport may appeal to the younger demographic that the IOC covets, and the committee saw the way snowboarding helped increase the appeal to that demographic at the Winter Games. If the committee can bring snowboarding and BMX into the Olympics, why not roller sports? The races that would run between 500 meters and the marathon have already played well on TV during the Asian Games, where they are a regular staple.

Why it’s out: The sport’s leaders have simply been too low-key in their lobbying of IOC members, many of whom may never have seen the sport, even on television while the other sports can be found on many international channels. The potential Olympic races could be held indoors or on the roads, but the type of venue hasn’t been specified for 2016.

The International Olympic Committee’s executive board voted last Thursday to include women’s boxing in the 2012 Summer Games in London, and recommended that rugby and golf be included in the program for the 2016 Games, rejecting baseball, karate, roller sports, softball and squash. The news was greeted with cheers and jeers.

But does adding golf or rugby make sense? Should the board have said yes to women’s boxing after eliminating softball? What exactly should be the criteria for choosing which sports to add to the Olympic program?

Good Training Videos

After checking out my paylist of favored videos in YouTube which contains 116 videos I came to notice that there were few training videos on it, it seems that the comunity loves to post videos of them skating but few tutorials, so maybe I haven’t find them all, so I thought you guys could help me by sharing you links to FREE skating tutorials which is probably going to translate to YouTube and Vimeo videos but don’t be afraid to post the link of videos of other websites as well, here are some of my favorites ones.

http://www.bonttv.com has about 16 coaching & training films with instuctions, look up under Beggsport, the training programmes my daughter does.

A lot of Y Tube advice is incorrect, so thats why Alex Bont got me to do a series, on Technique, Gymnasium, Offskate etc, so that anyone around the World who did not have good coaching, had free access to it.

Read more here; What is a good training video in Youtube or Vimeo?.

Dangerous Skating & Cheating Need To Go Before Roller & Inline Speed Skating Becomes An Olympic Sport

Dangerous skating & cheating need to be adressed before roller & inline speed skating should be considered as an Olympic sport.

See the following links;

That there are other sports (even olympic sports) with bad actions by players, has little to do with this. If you jump off a cliff, I should jump to??? It’s about being a clean and fair skater, about being proud that you won that race. I wouldn’t be so proud if I was Locci and saw this video. Maybe he didn’t know anything about it, but still I would have a bad feeling about it.

After seeing the Bont girls rubbed for a few Minor Indiscressions this year, its about time some of the true perpertrators were punished, the Beil video & the European ones are an absolute disgace fullstop.

Golf is an extremely popular sport world-wide. Just about every U.S. town has a golf course. I live in a town of 100K people where there are 6 golf courses – yet I don’t have a good place to do hard skating workouts. I skate on the roads in my neighborhood and drive 80 miles to the better skating options.

Golf is very well organized. The “First Tee” is a very well established program to introduce kids to golf. The USGA (U.S. Golf Association, has been in place for 100 years) is the governing body of golf for the U.S. and Mexico. It has contributed tens of millions of dollars to golf programs for underprivileged youth and individuals with disabilities, and is the largest contributor to the First Tee program.

Just about every little town of 15K -20K people or more has a golf course. Most schools include golf as a sanctioned sport. The national amateur golf title is very big deal. There are several professional level golf tours just in the U.S., and there are also the European Tour, Japanese Tour, and several other professional golf tours. Many golfers from other parts of the world play on the U.S. PGA tour (from Asia, Africa, South America, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and all over Europe). The first place winner of a PGA event on a given week typically earns $1M or more. Last weekend, the winner walked off with $1.35M. The total purse was over $7M.

Golf has Tiger Woods – perhaps the most recognizable athlete in the world.

A few weeks ago I told someone I did inline skate races – and they didn’t know what inline skating was. I told them they might know it better as roller-blading. They asked if that is the sport where people knock other people down when they go around the track.

Roller sports has a very long way to go to get into the Olympics.

Report- Inside View From The Inline One-Eleve St-Gallen

Click here to read Cheryl Begg’s account, via Bill Begg, of this past weekend’s Inline One-Eleve St-Gallen-

Finally changed Shanghai Hotels & got an Internet that does not keep knocking me offline, sorry a bit late, but my wife Cheryl was following the event on the back of a Motor Cycle & sending reports back, so a bit of an inside view.

40 Km Mark – 50 men in the leading Bunch & 5 women Tamara Llorens, Kelly Martinez & Tina Struever.

47 km Mark Altnau, – 2 Lugino Skaters going for it, must not have known there was no Altnau sprint this year, gap to Roman Christen, about to stop off & greet
His Girfriend, ( Unlike big Brother the legendary SuperMarc) & another Gap to Rueben Martinez, at the start of his long solo effort.

51 Km Mark – Rueben Martinez on Solo Breakaway, never to be caught again, an heroic 60 km Solo effort.

Discussions On Roller & Inline Speed Skating’s Unsuccessful Olympic Bid Continue

There is good discussion about roller & inline speed skating’s failed Olympic inclusion in the following topics-

You can also read more here A SAD DAY FOR THE WORLD OF ROLLERSPORTS…...

Wow, such negativity pertaining to golf. I’m going to defend it’s appeal for a moment, and I do so as an avid golfer, and and avid skater. I’m pretty good @ both. So I have a perspective that seems to be in the minority here.

We did not make the public aware of our “Awesome Rollersports”. We have to take a deep look at this and to look, listen, learn and plan our future. NOT run and jump to ice. If all of us run and jump to ice, then you can forget our great sport and watch it fade away. I have seen a decline in all that we stand for here in the USA and have seen a decline in the way we think of competitions. If we don’t start supporting the movement, then we can kiss our Rollersports away!

I believe that with the proper support and love, we can still succeed and one day see the Olympics and more. Please do not give up and do not forget the sport that we have all loved and have supported for the years past. Stay strong and let’s build and learn from this experience we have had with this Olympic push. Train hard, and show the world what they are missing!

Information Needed On WIC Events

Information needed on WIC events

1. What are the categories and their requirements? I know this goes by age, sex, and by distance run (like 300m, 1000, and so on)
2. What are the fees and what do they include? Is it admition only or there are other things included in fees like hotel rooms?
3. Where do you pay fees if any?
4. When do you pay the fees right before the races or there is a deadline?
5. When the season starts and when does it ends?
6. Where are the races and what are their dates and schedule?
7. What is the most important race? I mean by that the one that can crown you “World Champion!”
8. What are the rules of the trade, regulations?
9. And finally the question that I’m really confused with is this: I see teams racing with the names of their countries, like the USA team, or the New Zealand team, does that means that the teams wearing their countries name own exclusively the right to wear their nation’s name? What if there are 2 or more teams from the same country who gets to be the one representing it?

Happy Birthday Bill Begg

Happy Birthday Bill

I tend to forget my birthdays now days & good to see some nice words from you all!

My aim now is to see the Asianic Inline Cup develope into a Super competition & lead our Family & partners to develope the Begg Skating Academy, focused with bringing coaching to an International certified level, we are going to show the Olympic Guys, how stupid their decision was & is angered & livened me up, just like Jeds water Bomb onto the table with Me & Anne & the Brute, did he jump in to life LOL, I stiff laugh, one of the cleverest water Bombings in History.

I am going to lead the way to show them our great sport, they have only made my resolve stronger, but I need to be talking & dealing with the IOC people.

At Present in Shanghai for the World Slalom Skating champs, sponsored by my associates & the Chinese Federation, then I will go to Haining for the World Speed champs, Nicole is there now & Cheryl will Join me soon.

Roller/ Inline Speed Skating Community Dealing With Failed Bid At Olympic Inclusion

The roller & inline speed skating community is coming to grips with roller speed skating’s failed attempt at gaining Olympic status.

Articles and posts convey mixed emotions and strong feelings.

So let’s face it: unless a cosmological miracle happens, or the politicians feel the need to screw karate or rugby, we’re not going to be an Olympic sport as yet. The good news is, we won’t die, and in the worst case scenario, nothing will change for us. We need to keep working towards an international & professional set of races that’s TV worthwhile, we MUST put a great deal of effort in bringing as much kids as possible to SKATING (NOT speedskating, at first), and finally we should keep proving to the world that the true Olympic spirit absolutely lives in our sport, in which fortius citius altius are perfectly epitomized.

Because if the Olympic Games are still run by the same crooks last seen in Singapore, they can take the whole five rings and shove them up their arses. Starting with the red one, please.

I don’t think there’s any sense at attacking or putting down other sports and their athletes. Roller & inline speed skating has to continue doing its best at improving and striving to be the best sport it can be. We’ve got to stay positive, focused, and come together with common plans and vision. And we all have a role in this-


It’s possible we were fighting a losing battle from the very beginning. The 2 sports that did get in have money we can’t compete with. I’ve always stated that you never talk down on someones passion, so I’m not gonna start talking badly about rugby or golf. Because if we would have been lucky enough to get in, I would hope for the same from people in other sports.

I was just sitting here bummed about the olympic decision. And I was wondering what about the X games. I think banked track racing with all the allowed contact and intense racing would be a perfect fit for the X games. There is a ton of sponsorship money and a huge and growing following world wide. Athletes from all over the world compete in the X games. Although it is not the olympics I do believe it would help grow the sport in a huge way and would also give our athletes something to look forward to. Maybe this would be something to pursue .

Now i don’t have the answer to “grow” our sport at all.. to be honest, I’m not sure anyone does.. The way that we would eventually get in the Olympics would be to be in the media, TV, movies, papers, etc…. The way to get in the media is to have major sponsors that pour tons of cash into advertising. To get sponsors to see us is to be on TV.. see what I’m getting at here? we are stuck between a rock, and a really hard place. I hope that everyone can work together to build up skating in the public eye, we could use it..

So, we aren’t in the Olympics.. eh, whatever.. do i wish we got in? yes, very much so! do i think that we will still continue to do what we do? yep, of course!

This Weekend- Minnesota Half Marathon & NROC 10K Championships

The Minnesota Half Marathon & NROC 10K Championships is taking place this weekend-

Goods news from St. Paul today: More than 700 skaters have signed up for the Minnesota Half Marathon and NROC 10K Championships.

What a surprise!

After all the complaints about the change in the format from a full to a half marathon (plus a 10K), I was afraid that not enough skaters would sign up to save this event from extinction.

But apparently I was wrong.

With more than 700 skaters signed up by Wednesday morning and more expected to sign up before the weekend, the Minnesota Half Marathon and 10K will apparently be the second largest outdoor skating event in North America this year. (As usual, the NorthShore Inline Marathon will be the largest.)

Read more here; New St. Paul Skate Event Is Attracting a Crowd.


Miami Fraud- Look For Bont’s Products

We have had an online fraud case from Bont.com. The person bought $3700 worth of equipment and had them sent to: 

444 Brickell Avenue 
Suite 51-708 
FL 33131-2492

The person who signed for the goods was Ms Ramos 

If you see anyone trying to sell these products cheaply, please let me know so I can pass the information to the cops. 

1 $399.00 Sniper Evo 4 Magnesium 13.2″ 110mm

1 $399.00 Sniper Evo 4 Magnesium 13″100mm

1 $859.00 Vaypor 2pt Boots Black Red (9.5/43 ,195mm) 

1 $859.00 Vaypor 2pt Boots White Leather (195mm 7.5/40)

4 $116.00 High Roller G4 110mm (8pcs) (85A/ Mint Green)

2 $324.00 Jesa Bont 688 Ceramic (20pcs)

Read more here; Miami Fraud, please read.

Roller & Inline Speed Skating’s Olympic Quest

The roller & inline speed skating community will be holding its breath during the next few days because important decisions will be made about the sport’s possible Olympic inclusion.

Only 4 days remaining to the IOC Executive Board Meeting in Berlin, Germany, where the 15 Members will choose 2 of the 7 Sports Candidates to be into the 2016 Olympic Summer Games. Chicago, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo are bidding for the 2016 organization.

PatinCarrera.com just launched the new special exclusive coverage with the hottest information abou the candidature of our sport to be part of the Olympic family!.

Keep updated at http://www.patincarrera.com/patinaje2016/

Roller/ inline speed skating’s possible Olympic inclusion brings along mixed feelings. Some say that the sport, because of dirty skating & lack of structure in some countries, needs more time to develop before gaining Olympic status.

On the flip side, the skating community has come up with many arguments about roller/ inline speed skating’s readiness in gaining the revered Olympic status. If you’d like to read some proff about this, go to Which sport would you most like to see added to the 2016 Games at October’s IOC Session in Copenhagen?.

So that leaves rugby sevens and roller sports. I like the chances of both making it as medal sports. Sevens doesn’t need a purpose-built facility. It can use the main stadium for two days between the opening ceremony and the start of the track and field programme.

It also offers real medal chances to smaller nations like Fiji and Samoa. This year’s Sevens World Cup in Dubai was a huge success with big TV audiences, and the women’s competition as popular as the men’s. That’s likely to be the most watched rugby event of the year.

Roller sports ticks all the boxes. A combination of speed skating and dancing events could do for the Summer Olympics what ice skating does for the Winter Games. There’s tremendous TV appeal, young participants and, as with BMX racing and whitewater canoeing, there’s a real sense of excitement about racing on in-line skates.

You can use the links below to find the pulse on what’s going on, about who’s doing what, and about what’s coming next in roller & inline speed skating’s Olympic quest-

Roller sports offer pure performance – it is like watching an athletics race at the speed of a bicycle.

And that is why it is so exciting for younger ones.

It is also a sport practiced in five continents by men and women, with objective results guaranteed by a photo finish.

Speed skating is a fresh and young sport: the sport of the 21st century’s youth.

But roller sports is not only a sport. There is also a social element to roller skating that attracts over 50 million people to the sport around the world.



Video- Junior Men’s 500-Meter Road Final- European Roller Speed Skating Championships

Here’s a video from the junior men’s 500-meter road final at the European Roller Speed Skating Championships; Inline skating 2009 championship Oostende Italia 500m junior men road slowmotion DQ.

You can read and share thoughts here; What makes Inline speedskating an olympic sport!!!

What an outright disgrace & I hope Sanfrantello, one of the ones promoting this grap ( The Buck stops with Him ) is ashamed of it, as he is supposidly one leading our Olympic Charge. Well this unsavoury bit of skating deserved being sent home, if he did not, she should stay with the Ice.

The Italian being gifted ( Nearly as big a Sham as Maradonna’s Hand of God Goal ) was a drafthorse compared to the Belguim, who got manhandled & interfered with on 4 occassions that I could see. He was not good enough to win on merit & him relegated to 3rd, should have been the best outcome they could have dreamed about.

The problem was the belguim boy tried to use his hand to get back from the first foul & thats probably what the Judge saw, well he should have had his feet kicked out from underneath him & bit the bitumen, that would have been justice, but my wife lost 4 World titles to the same sort of crap, so I know how he would feel.

This is clearly dirty or maybe just too aggressive; my question is this do the rules prohibit that kind of skating? And if so, then what do you do with this kamikaze racers that would get themselves disqualified to clear the way for their team mates to win the race? Shouldn’t the team be penalized as well and not just the skater? Because this dirtiness have team strategy written all over it.

Jim White: Ice Season Has Started

The following is from Here Comes Chad!!! (read the threaded entry)-

Ice season has started, actually has been for a couple of months or so. Olympic level skaters got like a couple of weeks break after the last competition, in March I think, then were back working. Some of the best long track ice skaters have been in Vancouver for a couple of weeks or so, just got back to Salt Lake yesterday. They’ve been doing dry-land training in various places before getting ice at Vancouver. Ice was out at Milwuakee, back in a couple of days ago; skaters there have been doing dryland, including some inline. Long track Olympic trials are October 21-22 & 24-25 in Milwaukee, with a last-chance trials a couple of months later in Salt Lake. Short track trials are September 8-12, no second chance.

Video- Senior Men’s Relay- European Roller Speed Skating Championships

I know it’s Tuesday and you’re checking SSW catching up on all the news and every other good thing that I share here. That means you’ve got a few minutes to watch this good race from the European Roller Speed Skating Championships- Inline Skating Oostende 2009 Senior Men 3 000 m relay final.

In fact, after I wrote this, I found this in Bont’s Forum; What makes Inline speedskating an olympic sport!!!

Yes it was not the first & not the last time that Bart Swings done something special to Electrify the local crowd, just as the Chinese Taipei skaters did at the World Games, we need stars & hero’s to elevate our sport. Lets Hope your Mr Rouge looks at some skating or video & has a word

Congratulations to the Belgian team! What an amazing effort! Many could take example of this clean racing and beating its opponents with pure determination and the will to be the best! Congrats!

Do Rolling Officials Need Helmets?

A proposal to the Speed Committee from the Coaches Regional Representatives deals with Helmets for Rolling Referees. With the speed of the skaters leaving and returning to the relay box, many referees lack of agility and speed to avoid a collision with these skaters. It is obvious that a potential serious head injury is just waiting to happen. Why is it that we are told that the Insurance company requires skaters on the skating surface to have a helmet on and fastened or be disqualified while not requiring helmets for the safety of the rolling officials. Once again at Nationals we saw officials getting knocked down, tripping and falling and one time two referee falling on top of each other while skating in the center. With skaters speeds increasing every year, Officials are forced to skate at their top speed in a smaller and smaller circle in making an attempt to call a skater over or disqualify a skater. Do we wait until a rolling referee is seriously injured before common sense dictates that referees wear helmets. Officials, please don’t tell us that helmets will limit your ability to see or wear radios. Every sport with referees on skates (ice hockey, roller derby, ect) requires helmets. What do you think?

Click to read more and to share your thoughts; Do Rolling Officials Need Helmets?.

Vote For Roller Sports’ Olympic Inclusion

Here’s poll for you to take; go to GamesBids.com and take the poll on the left-hand side about which sport should be included in the Olympic program. Read more here; We need your support! > Vote for Roller Sports 2016!.

Another important poll just started on the famous sports website http://www.gamesbids.com/

What sport would you like to see in the Olympics? ROLLER SPORTS! Vote Now!

We are very close to get our dream!

Here is what Bill Begg had to say;

Good to see we are winning the race on previous votes, on a semi official site & one the new one, but we need everyone to log in.

With the World games it has created a big buzz for our sport, top racing, program running to time, good excited crowd & that much front line Media & Television present, other sports suffered, as with Chinese Taipei winning, the Focus the first 3 days was on Speedskating, but with good quality TV & ESPN taking all events up, it has spread to other places in the World.

In Kaoshiung one day two Front pages had Speed skating photo’s, as my daughter Nicole was racing the Local Hero & $212,000 USA richer Huang, she was on the Front page twice, back home in New Zealand her Bronze Medals saw her on the front page also in our newspaper.

Two requests for TV interviews & 2 for media coverage have shown that the sports profile has been greatly enhanced by the World games.

Also Roberto Marotta had a continual stream of important sport Dignatories come to view the exciting racing.

In this last minute push, we are closer than ever & in with a good chance, its the money sports / Or the new exciting sports, as to who will get the nod, cycling is in there, we are every bit in the same type situation as them, except their drug history is bad, we rely more on skill & human performance than the cyclists & less reliant upon equipment, lets hope that we have helped them open their eyes, that we deserve to be Olympic.


National Speedskating Circuit

Check out the National Speedskating Circuit.

Read more about it here; Something cool from Joey….

The NSC was an idea introduced to me that immediately sparked my interest when the creater approached me with a business plan that will allow the sport to be commercialized without sacrificing the integrity. From here, he asked me to be a part of an advisory panel which would include marketing, ideas on structure, athlete compensation, and many other aspects that are important from an athlete’s perspective. I have 100% confidence this will become the pinnacle of our sport and open up endless opportunities for the entire inline community to grow.

The objective is to create a professional sport by commercializing inline speed skating. This in turn creates an outlet for younger skaters to have a potential career in our sport; career being defined as an occupation with a legit salary.


Roller In The Running For Olympic Inclusion- ‘For Sure We Are Right In There’

The following is from Bill Begg in OLYMPICS NOT A DONE DEAL;

Hi Skaters & Supporters,

Some very good & positive news comming out of the World Games, shows we are well in the running with a more than 50 / 50 chance.

Its down to two choices 1/ The Money sports & 2/ The modern sports, as to who will get the nod.

A number of big brockers close to the Olympic power brockers have been present observing the skating & what is happening here is giving our sport a very big boost in the push for Olympic Inclusion.

1/ Chinese Taipei winning has all the TV focusing reports on the skaters.

2/ The Front page of the Taipei Times has seed skating a big coloured photo, showing the ladies 1,000 meters 2nd Semi Final.

3/ On ESPN last night Golf first up, had nothing to offer compared to the exciement & racing spectacle at the Bank Track.

CIC President lost everthing in the big LA Aquilla earthquake & has thrown all his energies into the Olympic bid, it would be a wonderfull reward for Roberto to see his beloved sport gain Inchusion in the October voting showdown.

For sure we are right in there.

Discussion Continues Re. Breaking Downward Cycle In Roller Speed Skating

Discussion has been ongoing in the thread Reverse Cycle needed urgently in Speed Skating since I recently shared the link.

In my area alone I think I might be the only skater, I live in one of the largest cities in the east coast USA, where there is 4 million people. Of course I’m not the only skater but I haven’t seen any other and people ask me what is your sport? They think I’m going to say Soccer or Baseball, or maybe Cyclist? When I answer Inline Speed Skating they look at me like if I just made that up. How are we going to have a successful sport if people aren’t even aware of it? It’s our fault guys, simply our fault but we could certainly use a little help to take the sport further by having the pros participating more in social events designed to attract people to the sport not just the races

I have always felt that the USARS does not do enough for inline skating in the United States. With strong indoor participation one would assume that this would trickle over to all aspects of the sport. In fact, it does not. For some time USARS has continued to gouge its members with high fees for National Championships and has given almost nothing in the way of marketing or direction for the sport of inline speed skating, or roller skating as a whole.

Another issue of equal importance is how to approach the youth about it, we wouldn’t want the sport to become a Harley Davidson beautiful but for the old! Kids get lured in differently, we have to find a way to literally deliver the sport to them and that we have to figure it out as well.

Skating In India

Glenn asked me to post to the site. Attached is a picture of me skating in Jaipur at 5:30 in the morning shortly after a heavy rain. Gotta do it when you can do it. Skating the roads in Jaipur is suicidal so skating is done in the Industrial part where I’m working. Interesting skating in an area where wild dogs provide the motivation to skate fast and where building guards carry machine guns. Fortunately, they are all very friendly and I become a source of entertainment for them. Hope to have more pictures shortly. Very much enjoying the new sport.

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P’tit Train Du Nord Trip- Sunday July 12th

Hey everyone, UPDATE: this is now happening on Sunday the 12th. We have 5 skaters going at the moment. If you want to go, let me know. Car space may be tight so if you don’t have wheels I can’t guarantee a seat, but will try to find something for you.

Read more here; P’tit Train Trip Saturday July 12th.


Let’s Break The Downward Cycle In Roller Speed Skating

Its a case of Bring your Family, Bring your friends, Bring your School mates, you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time, OH for Data sport, all the skating lovers need to react, Famous parties that used to attract numbers, are only a meek imitation.The Top Sport, Sport for All & Party had something for everyone.I have heard that many conflicting stories I done a bit of research myself. One race only.

2006 – 1,586
2007 – 1,588
2008 – 1,200
2009 – 782

But alarming is the young children we seem to have failed in this area of development


2006 – 87
2007 – 38
2008 – 27
2009 – 17

It appears there are far to many options, with Skykes, Gigatholons & other multi sports, also lack of Enterprise, Enthusiasm.& Passion.from organizors.

The great Covered Bank track built at Weinfelden, yes the location & Zurich lock traffic do not help, but my first night back in Switzerland this was the tally, at evening training.

1 – Russian Visitor doing some racing & learning.
1 – Estonian Staying over for a couple more races.
1 – Swiss man
I – Venezuelan
1 – Swiss Kiwi.- Emily
1 – Hungarian Kiwi. – Suzi
2 – New Zealanders Nicole & Kalon.
3 – Argentinian’s.
1 – French Girl. Travelled 3 hours over & 3 hours back.
1 – Colombian.

Simply an underutilized facility. Its simply time everyone stood up & acted, to bring the sport, back to recent bygone days.

Read more of Bill Begg’s thoughts here; Reverse Cycle needed urgently in Speed Skating.

New Zealand News- Kalon Dobbin, Nicole Begg, Peter Micheal, DJ Nation, & Ben Alchin

In the thread  New Zealand News (see post #591), Bill Begg shared the latest on Kalon Dobbin, Nicole Begg, Peter Micheal, DJ Nation, & Ben Alchin; 

Kalon Dobbin has not retired, he was unfortunately suffering from an injury, that had not cleared up as quickly as it should have, but Like Nicole Begg, who is still not permitted to race, due to blood thinning to prevent Thombouses, there first appearances care likely to be the World Games, 17th, 18th & 19th July in Kaohsiung Taiwan.

Peter Micheal is back in New Zealand training, due to lack of team options, the former 3 times World Junior Champion won all the N.Z. Senior national titles, he chose to go for & its hoped the lack of top of the three training partners & the cold Palmerston North Winter, does not effect his form for Worlds.

It is a worry for N.Z. this year, as to collect Government Funding, we have to secure so many senior medals, with Shane Dobbin out of the team, due to Ice contract committements, DJ Nation struggled to regain good Technical form after comming back from the Ice & the Injuries to there two Stars Nicole & Kalon, who usually ensure the medals are delivered, it is a concern.

Ben Alchin not wanted by the selectors & with the fastest ever Le Mans Official lap time, its time they became a bit more flexible, as the cupboard is becomming very bare & Alchin a former Junior World Medalist, is one of N.Z. Strong Men.