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  • September 2009
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Pictures- North Of The 49th Marathon (Winnipeg)- From Randall Plett

InlineSkateMpls shared Randall Plett’s pictures from this past weekend’s North of the 49th Marathon held in Winnipeg.


Christophe Audoire- ‘Nihao’ From The Roller Speed Skating Championships In China

Christophe Audoire, coach of the Chinese roller speed skating team, shared his thoughts on the atmosphere building up in China for the World Roller Speed Skating Championships; HAINING : DANS L’AMBIANCE D’AVANT CHAMPIONNAT DU MONDE

Christophe Audoire, entraîneur de l’équipe nationale chinoise de roller de vitesse, a posé ses bagages pour quelques mois pour amener les patineurs au plus haut niveau. A l’approche du championnat du Monde de vitesse qui va avoir lieu à Haining, Christophe nous plonge dans l’atmosphère des lieux…


Hank Galbraith- Inliner On Ice

You can follow Hank Galbraith’s transtition from roller speed skating to long track speed skating- Inliner On Ice.

On August 8th of this year, I left Greensboro, NC to move out to Salt Lake City, UT; exactly 2074 miles from my parent’s house to my new home. I have skated on inlines since 1999, and though there have been plenty of tough times, as of right now, my heart still lies with inlines. The one thing that ice does have that inlines doesn’t is an Olympic stature. That is my ultimate goal, though it may be a long shot. Since I was a kid, I have always wanted to skate in the Olympics.


ill just stick to skatin, while you sit there hatin,
debatin on how to write a rap thats not so quite degradin

i know you tried real hard, regardless it still smelt,
you might wanna look for a rhyme inside your utility belt

Here we come with a novel of episodes,
the novice, the pros, and evens the chodes.

skating on products that don’t even work,
from slipping to wobblers to crap that even chirps,

We bust our hineys and put in laps,
traveling the country from state to state on dis here map.

We’re all about survival in this sport they call skatin,
floor to floor, bumpin and grindin, for some it about hatin

Watch for deception and who can make ya,
better yet choose your friends wisely cuz they can break ya….

Read more here; We’re BAAAACK!.

Video- Sweden Skaters Core Training In Finland



Impromptu Training Venture In Guelph

Yes, it was fun, and yes we could be called wild, weird and wacky, as suggested. The bike ride was refreshing, and at the track we practiced our Ellis Edge “press-scoop-pinch” – for those that didn’t attend the Ottawa Master’s camp we will tell you all about that on ice, but trust me – it works!



Blog Entries From Pascal Briand And Candy Wong

Here are recent entries from Pascal Briand & Candy Wong;

today i was driving to holland, i stopped in lille tonight in hotel to make the trip easier. also i then had time to go run and do abs…tomorow i will inline, 1Min/1min and go to yves for bath and energy test.

Between the lovely weather and an improved waking heartrate, yesterday was the pefect opportunity I needed to get on the trail for some recovery pace skating. As I discovered last night, it was the workout that I needed.