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  • August 2009
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Video- Patrick Watson’s ‘Beijing’ (Non Skating)

Canadian Patrick Watson & the musicians he works with are superb; patrick watson beijing

Andrew Love- Qualifying Like a Lightning Strike Setting Your Heart On Fire

Andrew Love latest entry is Qualified!

For many speedskaters, qualifying for Olympic trials is a HUGE moment. It’s that moment where you KNOW, that all that suffering has paid off. Certainly there are higher goals, world cups, O-games, medals, media immortality, etc, but for the vast majority of the athletes. QUALIFYING is the goal, and a moment that they remember forever.

The first time you do it, it’s a lightning strike that sets your heart on fire.


Joey Mantia- I Just Cant Do It, Or I’m Afraid

Joey Mantia’s latest entry is I Just Cant Do It

If you’re a talented athlete that is always battling with yourself, saying i can’t, you’re wrong, you should just start saying what you mean- “im afraid.”

So in closing, my answer to the question is this: Figure out what you’re afraid of, accept it, and use it to your advantage. EVERYONE has fear. Everyone fears not getting their drivers licence when they’re young, but eventually, those people who failed their first 12 times are out there on the road driving right next to you because they were persistent and didnt give up. Make your mind believe that fear is a positive thing and if it doesn’t believe you, trick it into thinking that its simply excitement.

Wouter Hebbrecht- Learning From Others

Throughout the years that I have been competing I have to admit that training with other athletes can make you a WAY BETTER skater. I learned a whole lot off skaters by listening to them and taking all of the advice that I could take from them. Even if sometimes I could only pick up half of what they were saying I tried to take it all up and deal with it. More so I think I even learned a big deal out of skating with people that weren’t world champions. They made me realize that skating isn’t as easy as it seems; its not all about training till you drop and being the most physical skater you can be. It’s also about learning how to push, how to position your body, how to swing your arms,….and one of the best ways to learn that is by analyzing other skaters.

Read Wouter Hebbrecht’s complete entry here; On the way to Worlds in China part 2.


Articles About Canada’s 2010 Olympic Short Track Speed Skating Squad

The media is reacting with a flurry of articles now that Canada’s 2010 Olympic short track speed skating squad has been announced;
When the 10 members of Canada’s Olympic short-track speed-skating team were announced yesterday, the skaters in attendance were called to a riser in the front of a small conference room to be presented with a team jacket.Such is the popularity of the sport in Quebec that the path to the coveted jacket was blocked by a frothing pack of photographers and TV cameramen. At least a couple of the athletes, momentarily flummoxed by the crush of attention, couldn’t find their way to the podium.

Photo from here, by Jeff Bough

Photo from here

Mondial 2009- L’Equipe De France A Rennes, Compositions Des Equipes

L’ÉQUIPE DE FRANCE est en stage à RENNES sur la nouvelle piste de Rennes en stage préparatoire aux MONDE qui auront lieu du 25 aout au 28 aout 2009, piste aux caractéristiques identiques à celle de HAINING.

Lisez en plus ici; Mondial 2009 – L’équipe de France à Rennes et compositions des équipes.


Video- Titulares Deportivos

Check out the video Titulares Deportivos.

Countdown To Vancouver: Nicole Garrido

Speedskating-Online published the following article; Countdown to Vancouver: Nicole Garrido

Nicole Garrido looks back on a rocky first season as a senior. She skated an eleven second personal best time in the 5000m at Finale in Calgary, but she also had to face some major disappointments over the course of the past season. However, instead of letting these setbacks get her down, Garrido decided to use them for the better and to let them contribute to her development as a person and as an athlete. So now, after a season of learning, Garrido is confidently looking forward to the upcoming Olympic season, during which she hopes to qualify for the Olympic Games in Vancouver.


Video- 53 Miles Around the Cathedral Of Cologne

Here’s a video for you; Rund um Köln 2009 Teil 1. You can find a description of the video here; 53 Miles around the cathedral of cologne.

The local skate group “Rheinroller” in cologne designed a track of about 85 Kilometer (rounded 53 miles) around the kathedral of cologne including rhine shipping. On a sunny sunday 80 skaters skated the tour.

Article- Chaz Im Wins Advanced Division At Chicagoland Marathon

Skating has come naturally to Im since he took up the sport four years ago at the request of his father, Taye, though only as a means of support for Chaz’s younger brother. That brother is now playing golf, but Chaz’s instincts on the track have kept him ambitious and competitive, even against opponents with more muscle or experience.

Read the full article here; Oswego teen wins skating marathon.


Ask Bill Begg!- What Are The Best Wheels For Road Skating In Sultry Singapore?

Ask Bill Begg!‘s latest entry is What Are the Best Wheels for Road Skating in Sultry Singapore?

I would advise against switching to harder wheels. On roads, harder does not mean faster and can slow you down. Hard wheels don’t provide enough rebound for roads. And the result is poor roll and butchered feet.


Low-Walks In Ottawa While Attending Ellise Edge Camp

While attending the Ellis Edge Master’s Speed Skating camp in Ottawa, we went for an awesomely fun bike ride one morning. In addition to having a great time, the photo-series “Low walks in Ottawa” was born – travel adventures as seen from the perspective of speed skaters.



Candy Wong- Training Galore

Candy Wong’s latest entry is Training Galore

This weekend is going to be my last “free” weekend before launching into weekly weekend races in September. I don’t feel entirely prepared but it’s too late to cram anyway. I have to trust my training and all the work I invested throughout the season. It is of utmost importance to stay healthy, injury-free, and relatively stress-free. I’m eagerly awaiting for something to arrive in the mail. Big announcement coming up!

Is Toronto A ‘World Class’ Sports City Ready To Host Pan Am Games?

This weekend the Pan American Sports Organization (PASO) and its evaluation committee will pay a visit to see if Metro and the Greater Golden Horseshoe have what it takes to host the 2015 Pan Am Games.

For more, go here; Is Toronto a “world class” sports city?.


All You Need To Know About Wheels, Part 2

Do you want to become a wheels expert? In four parts we will tell you all there is to know about inline skating wheels, get your master degree in wheels now!

A wheels hardness is measured in an ,A-chart’. It is impairing the rolling quality, the durability, the cushioning, the grip and also the rebound in most cases.

Read the entire article here; All you need to know about wheels, part 2.