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My Pictures- Eastern Seaboard Series #3- Trexlertown

The third race of this year’s Eastern Seaboard Series was held this past Saturday.

Normally skaters race on the 1-mile loop. Because of the rain and wet conditions, race organizers decided to hold the race in the parking lot.

You can read a bit about the race here; Ride to Trexlertown from NYC.

Here are my pictures-

Watch The Canadian Short Track Olympic Team Announcement Live On The Web

Visit http://www.ctvolympics.ca/breaking/index.html tomorrow, August 26th, at 1pm Eastern to see a live webcast of Canada’s short track speed skating official Olympic Team Announcement. You will see SSC officials, Canada’s Chef de Mission for Vancouver 2010, the Québec Minister for Education, Leasure and Sport as well as the members of the short track speed skating Olympic team for Vancouver 2010.

Read more here; See the Short Track Olympic Team Announcement live on the web!.


My Video- Eastern Seaboard Series #3

Here is my video from this past Saturday’s Eastern Seaboard Series #3 held in Trexlertown- 2009-08-22 Trexlertown Eastern Seaboard Series #3.

Video- Inside The Lead Pack At The Hallum 100km Univé Holland Inline Cup

To stay motivated and focused on training this winter, I’ll watch Vincent Riemersma’s video from within the lead pack at the Hallum 100km Univé Holland Inline Cup- Start A-rijders Hallum.

Video- Roger Schneider In Training

This is a pretty cool video featuring Switzerland’s Roger Schneider training in Boston- Sommerserie: Roger Schneider.


Andrew Love’s 5 Moments

Well folks, here’s another fun entry from Andrew Love; 5 Moments

Maybe Dave Z has the best kind of noteriety to enjoy. He can walk down any street unnoticed, but put him in on the starting line in team kit, and people recognize & appreciate what he has worked for, suffered for, earned.

I think the wild part is that my daughter not only has figured out how to feed spagetti to Lilly, but also chuckes & pulls it back from the ever-patient dog.


Michael Gilday’s Canadian Olympic Short Track Speed Skating Trials Recap

Since then I have been dealing with the fallout of not qualifying for something that I had spent everyday of the last four years working towards. For the first couple nights, I had alot of trouble sleeping as thoughts swirled through my mind about this and that. I had expected a let down after trials no matter the outcome, good or bad, just because there is such a build-up to a competition that is as important as Olympic Trials. What I didn’t expect though, was that I would feel so free at moments and then so crushed in others only minutes after.

Read more from Michael Gilday here; Olympic Trials recap.

Jessica Gregg’s Lifelong Olympic Dream Comes True

The day was kind of bittersweet, though, as two of my teammates from Calgary missed out on making the team by just fractions of a second. It’s hard to believe that in that short period of time, your dream can either come true or be changed. I was upset after watching my teammates’ two races, but at the same time I needed to celebrate.

I think now would be a good time to thank the skaters in Calgary who have been training with me for a very long time. We’ve all been through so much together and even though they won’t be joining me on the Olympic team, they will be a huge part of my experience. So thank you Jessica, Gabby, Marie Eve, Tyler, Mike, Liam, Richard, Dustin and Cory. I couldn’t have done it without all of you! And of course, thanks as well to my coach, Jon.

Read more from Jessica Gregg here; My lifelong Olympic dream comes true.

VANOC Looking For Forerunners For The Olympic Speed Skating Competition

VANOC is looking for a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8 forerunners / track stewards for the Olympic Winter Games (minimum of 3 men and 3 ladies or 4 of each gender at the maximum). The forerunners will be required to participate in several dress rehearsals prior to the opening of the Games to allow for Timing, Scoring and Results to test their systems and for the broadcast team to get their shots set.

Read more here; VANOC looking for forerunners for the Olympic Speed Skating Competition.