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  • August 2009
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Short Track News- After Canadian Olympic Trials

Here are some short track speed skating news articles shared by Patinage de Vitesse Courte Piste

Jessica Gregg was nearly speechless. Liam McFarlane was near tears.

“I can’t even almost speak,” said the 21-year-old Edmonton native while proving exactly that. “I’m so excited. It’s a dream come true.”
Dreams were also realized for two other first-time Olympians. Mariane St-Gelais, 21, of St-Felicien, Que., also qualified for the 2010 team based on two second-place finishes in three 500s at the 10-day trials and Guillaume Bastille, 24, of Riviere-du-Loup, Que., earned a spot by winning the men’s 1,500 on Monday.
But while the young Quebecers were celebrating, it was heartbreak for McFarlane, a 23-year-old development team skater who nearly pulled off the surprise of trials.


Salon Viesti Luistelujaosto

For news from Finland, check out Salon Viesti Luistelujaosto.


What Makes Inline Speed Skating NOT An Olympic sport!!!

The world as we know it is quite amazing; it features a constant never ending drama stream that in the human side would never cease to surprise people by its lack of change! It is the same nonsense going on over and over again in this vicious circle called history, and history shows very clearly a humanity with a MASSIVE addiction to stupidity, nonsense, and above all the preservation of the last two things mentioned as actual values that people will defend with their lives, and to be quite frankly we are all part of this dilemma, it doesn’t matter if you are lovely Nicole Begg, genius Albert Einstein, or this humble ANGRY poster, if you are a Homo Sapiens then you are part of it.

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Le Patineur Du Futur (8/8): Le Cerveau

La génétique n’est pas encore assez avancée pour à la fois entrer dans le cerveau humain et être capable de le modifier. Heureusement ? Allez savoir… Les utopistes pourraient arguer qu’il y a toujours des fonctions à éliminer dans les cerveaux des hommes. Mais qui dit que c’est possible ? Et qui pense qu’on ne toucherait pas là à ce qui fait notre humanité justement ? L’homme est peut-être un cataclysme capable de sourire finalement.

Lisez plus ici; Le patineur du futur (8/8) : le cerveau.


Portugal’s Team For The 2009 World Roller Speed Skating Championships

Terrinha Speed Skater shared team Portugal’s line-up for the China 2009 World Roller Speed Skating Championships.


Ask Bill Begg! How Do You Train for Hills?

Ask Bill Begg!‘s latest is How Do You Train for Hills?

The main thing to keep in mind is that on steep hills, you must slide across the surface a bit instead of digging straight in. So when your foot hits the ground, it should veer to the side a little more than usual, which can put a bit more strain on your groin muscles. At the same time, your arms swing across your body a bit more than usual.


Cor Misses Skating

Since returning to the Tennis fold lately and trying to get as much match time as I can before my tournaments, I am finding that I am missing skating. Both the activity and the people. More so the people I think. But to be honest, I miss the hardcore workouts. I hate to say it but I miss the intervals and the drills. I miss the thrill of the speed when everyone is working together. 😦

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