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Television Report- Tour De France Roller

TF1 featured the Tour de France Roller as the skaters make their way through the French Alps.

Steps you need to follow to find & watch the video;

  1. click here
  2. select ‘chapitres’ near the bottom of the video
  3. find chapter #16 and watch


NROC Standings Updated After Minnesota

NROC Standings have been updated with results from this past weekend’s Minnesota Half Marathon & NROC 10K Championship.


CAN Fund’s A Giant Leap For Canada Challenge

Check out CAN Fund’s A Giant Leap For Canada Challenge. CAN Fund has a history of supporting long track, short track, and roller speed skaters-

A GIANT LEAP FOR CANADA- I love when our athletes do well and how all the front pages of our newspapers have headings like the one above. The heading is celebrating Priscilla Lopes Schliep’s silver medal in the 100mh at the World Track & Field Championships. Priscilla is a recent Canadian Athletes Now Fund recipient. I am inviting all Canadians to donate $12.54 (Priscilla’s time) today in celebration of Priscilla and Canadian athletes who when they have what they need…CAN succeed…and we put their photographs on the cover of newspapers so we as Canadians can celebrate their achievement and feel proud. $12.54 for feeling proud & inspiring our children! Many Thanks Jane Roos “We all CAN do what we CAN to help people succeed.” http://www.CanadianAthletesNow.ca


Roger Olson Injured

Roger was hit by a car on the way to the Weds evening skate near his home in San Deigo:

Eabenoza (Steve) posted this note to the allskate list:

Rooooger is spending the night at the Western Medical Center Hospital for observation and few more X-rays and tests due to an accident on his way to the Wednesday evening skate. A distracted woman went through a red light and hit Rooooger pretty bad while crossing the street on his skates. He landed on the hood and windshield of the car and bounced back to the asphalt. He was unconscious for a while and suffered a concussion; his face shows the results of the nasty impact. Fortunately he is in good spirits but quite soared. On the negative side, his favorite skin-suit and one of his Bont Vaypor frames are history. A lady found Virginia’s phone in Rooooger’s wallet and contacted her.
We feel very fortunate that he survived in one piece and in better shape than many in similar circumstances would.
We wish you prompt and complete recovery dear friend!!!

Read more here-

Andrew Love’s Video- Salt Lake City Summer Speedskating- Hot Outside, Hotter Inside!!

This is a great video from Andrew Love; Summer Speedskating Salt Lake City 2009.

Summer in the desert can only mean one thing. Ice Speedskating? Yes! it’s an Olympic year for these dedicated athletes, and they are working hard on the ice. Also, the inline crowd is having fun on wheels, I skate in both words, so my tribute to this land of fire & ice, has a bit of both inline & Ice speedskating in it.

Check the temperature!!

You can read about the video here; Salt Lake City Summer Speedskating

The thing I cannot communicate via YouTube, is the feeling one gets after skating on ice in a 40-45 degree building, becoming thoroughly chilled, then stepping outside into a 100+ degree day… Oh… My…. Oh… Wow… It is such a wild shock to the body. Even pleasant in a sick way.

Andrew Shatzer- Skating Helps Shatzer Turn Into Big Wheel

Even though he is arguably the most successful athlete at James Buchanan High School, Andrew Shatzer doesn’t always play the part.

“His gym teacher was amazed when he found out how good he was,” said Shatzer’s coach, Patty Leazier. “He was like, ‘No way.’”

Read more here; Skating helps Shatzer turn into big wheel.


Maarten Slembrouck’s Blog- Ventspils & Miskolc Training Camps

Maarten Slembrouck’s Blog has a few new entries;


Dust Still Settling On Roller & Inline Speed Skating’s Unsuccessful Olympic Bid

The dust is still settling on roller & inline speed skating’s recent unsuccessful bid at becoming an Olympic sport.

There are lots of thoughts and opinions as the skating community is trying to figure out what to do next-

It’s not influx from the Olympics, it’s stopping the bleeding TOO the Olympics. We can’t create a sustainable growth for ourselves while we’re being over-harvested.

So this is problems we have, and Olympic nomination would solve them in few moment. I could go around school’s to gain kids into Olympic sport, we would get money injection to keep top athletes expenses covered when they race for country, we would be able to pay some real coaches and well we would have more than 5 people watching smaller races. Any ideas on how else we could do this?

Roller Sports

Why it’s in: The sport may appeal to the younger demographic that the IOC covets, and the committee saw the way snowboarding helped increase the appeal to that demographic at the Winter Games. If the committee can bring snowboarding and BMX into the Olympics, why not roller sports? The races that would run between 500 meters and the marathon have already played well on TV during the Asian Games, where they are a regular staple.

Why it’s out: The sport’s leaders have simply been too low-key in their lobbying of IOC members, many of whom may never have seen the sport, even on television while the other sports can be found on many international channels. The potential Olympic races could be held indoors or on the roads, but the type of venue hasn’t been specified for 2016.

The International Olympic Committee’s executive board voted last Thursday to include women’s boxing in the 2012 Summer Games in London, and recommended that rugby and golf be included in the program for the 2016 Games, rejecting baseball, karate, roller sports, softball and squash. The news was greeted with cheers and jeers.

But does adding golf or rugby make sense? Should the board have said yes to women’s boxing after eliminating softball? What exactly should be the criteria for choosing which sports to add to the Olympic program?

Dream Chaser’s Candy Wong Featured On Global Television

Toronto Inline Skating Club’s President Candy Wong was featured on Global Television on Tuesday. The piece, which aired during the evening news, addresses exercise addiction.

She shared her thoughts and experience here; Dream Chaser On Television!

We shot a bunch of different footage including me putting on my gears and skated down the driveway a few times. I picked up lots of speed easily with a nice tailwind and ever-so-slight downhill. Of course, Murphy’s Law ruled the day and I crashed while braking. Good thing I didn’t rip my Team WOW skinsuit! The cameraman wanted to capture the sound of the bearings so he set down the camera on the ground and had me skate close to the camera.


Video- Netherlands Summer Long Track Training In Preparation For Olympics

Click here for a video featuring long track speed skating training in the Netherlands during the summer time.

Translated with Babel Fish

Outside is it 22 degrees and within is it again skated. On gone to the Olympic Games in Vancouver the Dutch top press for the first time their strengths in Thialf measure.


Claudia Pechstein’s Case Important To ICO, Independent Tests Looking To Confirm Normal Blood Values

According to Jacques Rogge, the IOC is following with interest the developments in Claudia Pechstein’s alleged blood doping case.
She is looking at having tests completed to confirm that her blood was within the normal values when she was tested.
For more, use the following links-


Pictures- Long Track Summer Training & Team Pictures- From Kritsi Bisteth

Here are Kristi Biseth’s latest & updated photo galleries;

Photo by Kristi Biseth

Photo by Kristi Biseth

Rintje Ritsma Sitting Well

Rintje Zit Er Goed Bij

Photo from CoenWesselman.nl

Video Preview- Inline One-Eleve St-Gallen- From Skate-tv.de

You can preview Skate-tv.de’s video from the Inline One-Eleve St-Gallen.

Looks awesome!

I had to include a few screen shots to encourage you to check out the video-

Report & Results- Oberwart Austrian Inline Cup

Click here for results and here for a report from the most recent Austrian Inline Cup held in Oberwart.