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Good Training Videos

After checking out my paylist of favored videos in YouTube which contains 116 videos I came to notice that there were few training videos on it, it seems that the comunity loves to post videos of them skating but few tutorials, so maybe I haven’t find them all, so I thought you guys could help me by sharing you links to FREE skating tutorials which is probably going to translate to YouTube and Vimeo videos but don’t be afraid to post the link of videos of other websites as well, here are some of my favorites ones.

http://www.bonttv.com has about 16 coaching & training films with instuctions, look up under Beggsport, the training programmes my daughter does.

A lot of Y Tube advice is incorrect, so thats why Alex Bont got me to do a series, on Technique, Gymnasium, Offskate etc, so that anyone around the World who did not have good coaching, had free access to it.

Read more here; What is a good training video in Youtube or Vimeo?.

TVMR To Live Webcast NIRA Nationals

Great News! TVMR will be live webcast of this years NIRA Nationals starting on Saturday September 5. This is the same company that just did the USARS Indoor Nationals in July. They will stream this through their site at http://tvmr.com/store.html. Ross Creveling is being brought in to handle the interviews and commentary for the webcast. Bob Justice is set to handle the announcing again this year. Also, When you see Mr Jim Blair give him a big thanks for setting this up for this years NIRA National Championships.

Click here for more; TVMR to Live Webcast NIRA Nationals.

Dangerous Skating & Cheating Need To Go Before Roller & Inline Speed Skating Becomes An Olympic Sport

Dangerous skating & cheating need to be adressed before roller & inline speed skating should be considered as an Olympic sport.

See the following links;

That there are other sports (even olympic sports) with bad actions by players, has little to do with this. If you jump off a cliff, I should jump to??? It’s about being a clean and fair skater, about being proud that you won that race. I wouldn’t be so proud if I was Locci and saw this video. Maybe he didn’t know anything about it, but still I would have a bad feeling about it.

After seeing the Bont girls rubbed for a few Minor Indiscressions this year, its about time some of the true perpertrators were punished, the Beil video & the European ones are an absolute disgace fullstop.

Golf is an extremely popular sport world-wide. Just about every U.S. town has a golf course. I live in a town of 100K people where there are 6 golf courses – yet I don’t have a good place to do hard skating workouts. I skate on the roads in my neighborhood and drive 80 miles to the better skating options.

Golf is very well organized. The “First Tee” is a very well established program to introduce kids to golf. The USGA (U.S. Golf Association, has been in place for 100 years) is the governing body of golf for the U.S. and Mexico. It has contributed tens of millions of dollars to golf programs for underprivileged youth and individuals with disabilities, and is the largest contributor to the First Tee program.

Just about every little town of 15K -20K people or more has a golf course. Most schools include golf as a sanctioned sport. The national amateur golf title is very big deal. There are several professional level golf tours just in the U.S., and there are also the European Tour, Japanese Tour, and several other professional golf tours. Many golfers from other parts of the world play on the U.S. PGA tour (from Asia, Africa, South America, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and all over Europe). The first place winner of a PGA event on a given week typically earns $1M or more. Last weekend, the winner walked off with $1.35M. The total purse was over $7M.

Golf has Tiger Woods – perhaps the most recognizable athlete in the world.

A few weeks ago I told someone I did inline skate races – and they didn’t know what inline skating was. I told them they might know it better as roller-blading. They asked if that is the sport where people knock other people down when they go around the track.

Roller sports has a very long way to go to get into the Olympics.

Report- Inside View From The Inline One-Eleve St-Gallen

Click here to read Cheryl Begg’s account, via Bill Begg, of this past weekend’s Inline One-Eleve St-Gallen-

Finally changed Shanghai Hotels & got an Internet that does not keep knocking me offline, sorry a bit late, but my wife Cheryl was following the event on the back of a Motor Cycle & sending reports back, so a bit of an inside view.

40 Km Mark – 50 men in the leading Bunch & 5 women Tamara Llorens, Kelly Martinez & Tina Struever.

47 km Mark Altnau, – 2 Lugino Skaters going for it, must not have known there was no Altnau sprint this year, gap to Roman Christen, about to stop off & greet
His Girfriend, ( Unlike big Brother the legendary SuperMarc) & another Gap to Rueben Martinez, at the start of his long solo effort.

51 Km Mark – Rueben Martinez on Solo Breakaway, never to be caught again, an heroic 60 km Solo effort.

Video- Inline Speed Skating On Totally Wild

Here’s a video from Austalia; Inline Speed Skating on Totally Wild (Higher Quality).

Segment on Inline Speed Skating from the TV Program Totally Wild (Channel 10, Australia), aired 18/07/2009. Filmed at the 2009 Oceania Speed Skating… competiton, April 2009, featuring the cream of Australian and New Zealand inline skaters. Interv…iews with Nial Ward (NZ), Jacynta Webster and Liam Garriga (AU).

Video- Skating Downhill In Eselsberg

Here’s a downhill video for downhill lovers; Skate Downhill Ulm Eselsberg.

Article About Finland’s Toni Mattila

Click here for an article featuring Finland’s Toni Mattila.