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Report & Pictures- Tartu Marathon

Inline Team Nordic Fox shared a report & pictures on the Tartu Marathon.


Video- Biel Swiss/ World Inline Cup- From Videosport67

Check out this video from this past weekend’s Swiss/ World Inline Cup held in Biel, Switzerland- Swiss/World Inline cup 2009 Biel/Bienne.

It includes footage from the kids races and the top racers & their finish.

Video- Crash At Biel Swiss/ World Inline Cup- From Skate-tv.de

Check out Skate-tv.de’s video from the Biel Swiss/ World Inline Cup.

I’m still trying to figure out what hapenned in that crash.


Video- Friday Night Skate In South Beach Miami

Click here for a video of the first Friday-night-skate in South Beach Miami.


Video- Sarthe Loops Racing At Mans 24 Hours

Click here to view a video featuring Sarthe Loops Racing at this year’s Mans 24 Hours.

I hope that, thanks to the video, you’ll get a good appreciation- if you don’t already have- of what this event is about.


Bart Swings & The Belgians Coming Strong

Belgium posted good results at the recent European Roller Speed Skating Championships- see EK09 Road Wrap: Rise of the Belgians for more.

One of Belgium’s most successful athletes at the European Championships was first-year senior skater Bart Swings. You can read about his success at the competition- Bart Swings talks about his thrilling victories. Here the interivew in French- INTERVIEW : LES CHAMPIONNATS D’EUROPE 2009 DE BART SWINGS.

“Yes, it has been amazing. Of course I didn’t expect to win 5 golden medals in the first senior championship I skated. I knew though, that I had good chances of winning medals. But winning the first distance, the 1,000 meters, right away, meant a lot. It gave me the confidence to win the other 4 also.”

Click here to view a collection of photos featuring skaters from Belgian & CadoMotus competing at the European Championships.

Photo shared here

Video- Rollerblading The City To Surf (Australia)

Here’s a video giving you good visuals from Australia; Rollerblading the City to Surf.


Candy Wong- This Weather Calls For…

Candy Wong’s latest entry to her site is This Weather Calls For…

As any good skater would, I pointed out hazards such as puddles and pedestrians (unrelated aside: I can’t believe I just categorized pedestrians as legitimate hazards). After a while, he said “You realize that when you skate in proper skating position, your highest point is the back of your helmet and that only comes up to my belly button? It’s kinda cute when you point out hazards because I can already see them without any obstruction.” Ah, the advantage of being short!

Roller/ Inline Speed Skating Community Dealing With Failed Bid At Olympic Inclusion

The roller & inline speed skating community is coming to grips with roller speed skating’s failed attempt at gaining Olympic status.

Articles and posts convey mixed emotions and strong feelings.

So let’s face it: unless a cosmological miracle happens, or the politicians feel the need to screw karate or rugby, we’re not going to be an Olympic sport as yet. The good news is, we won’t die, and in the worst case scenario, nothing will change for us. We need to keep working towards an international & professional set of races that’s TV worthwhile, we MUST put a great deal of effort in bringing as much kids as possible to SKATING (NOT speedskating, at first), and finally we should keep proving to the world that the true Olympic spirit absolutely lives in our sport, in which fortius citius altius are perfectly epitomized.

Because if the Olympic Games are still run by the same crooks last seen in Singapore, they can take the whole five rings and shove them up their arses. Starting with the red one, please.

I don’t think there’s any sense at attacking or putting down other sports and their athletes. Roller & inline speed skating has to continue doing its best at improving and striving to be the best sport it can be. We’ve got to stay positive, focused, and come together with common plans and vision. And we all have a role in this-


It’s possible we were fighting a losing battle from the very beginning. The 2 sports that did get in have money we can’t compete with. I’ve always stated that you never talk down on someones passion, so I’m not gonna start talking badly about rugby or golf. Because if we would have been lucky enough to get in, I would hope for the same from people in other sports.

I was just sitting here bummed about the olympic decision. And I was wondering what about the X games. I think banked track racing with all the allowed contact and intense racing would be a perfect fit for the X games. There is a ton of sponsorship money and a huge and growing following world wide. Athletes from all over the world compete in the X games. Although it is not the olympics I do believe it would help grow the sport in a huge way and would also give our athletes something to look forward to. Maybe this would be something to pursue .

Now i don’t have the answer to “grow” our sport at all.. to be honest, I’m not sure anyone does.. The way that we would eventually get in the Olympics would be to be in the media, TV, movies, papers, etc…. The way to get in the media is to have major sponsors that pour tons of cash into advertising. To get sponsors to see us is to be on TV.. see what I’m getting at here? we are stuck between a rock, and a really hard place. I hope that everyone can work together to build up skating in the public eye, we could use it..

So, we aren’t in the Olympics.. eh, whatever.. do i wish we got in? yes, very much so! do i think that we will still continue to do what we do? yep, of course!

Results, Reports, Videos, Blogs- Days 2- Canadian Short Track Olympic Team Trials

With one more day of racing to go at the 2010 Canadian Short Track Olympic Team Trials, there’s plenty of action remaining.

The suspense is still in the air of the Pacific Coliseum after the second day of the Bell Short Track Team Selection, with many athletes holding on to a chance to qualify for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. Athletes were racing on 500m and 1000m today, and four different athletes came out victorious.

The trials, taking place in Vancouver, will see more racing action on August 15th, 17th, and 18th.

Men’s Rankings After 2 Days Of Racing
1- Olivier Jean
2- Francois Hamelin
3- Michael Gilday
4- Marc-Andre Monette
5- Liam McFarlane
6- Guillaume Bastille

Women’s Rankings After 2 Days Of Racing
1- Kalyna Roberge
2- Jessica Gregg
3- Tania Vicent
4- Marianne St-Gelais
5- Amanda Overland
6- Valérie Maltais

1 mm doesn’t seem like a lot, but in speed skating it is. It could mean the difference between 1st and 2nd (referring to Dustin’s and my 1000 m final yesterday, guy tried to sneak me at the line after I had lead 9 out of 9 laps, haha – 1 mm difference) or it could mean the difference between feeling comfortable or not, especially leading into the 2nd round of 500 m’s. I needed that comfort back!

You can use the following links to find rankings, results, reports, and more for days 1 to 3.

Today was a day. Nothing special, but nothing terrible. Two 5th places in the 500m and 1000m. In the 500m this was my best placing ever at a National Trials, but I was left wanting more after winning the start in my semi final then proceeding to butcher the rest of the race to finish third.


Countdown To Vancouver: Brent Aussprung- From Speedskating-Online

Speedskating-Online shared the following article- Countdown to Vancouver: Brent Aussprung

American long track speed skater Brent Aussprung can look back on a good year. He skated at most of the World Cups throughout the season and managed to pick up two silver medals in the B group along the way: one in the 500m in Nagano and one in the 1000m in Kolomna. These experiences have given him confidence to race on a world stage, and consequently Aussprung is anxiously looking forward to the Olympic season; the season which he has been working towards ever since he started speed skating nine years ago.


Andrew Love- 8th Anniversary & Questions With The Master

Here are Andrew Love’s two newest entries;

He was meditating calmly in his wool suit, battered Vikings gleaming through the fog as he skated effortless turns with eyes closed. The ice was milk-perfect & he was smooth as black cat, ageless power in every stride….

My past entries were more “arty” than this year’s, but I had more “space” for contemplation then. I used to think my life was “busy”. Ha… how little I knew! A blog can be a personal index, where you can look back on where you were at that time in your life, and marvel. This is post #631… Wow…