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This Weekend- Minnesota Half Marathon & NROC 10K Championships

The Minnesota Half Marathon & NROC 10K Championships is taking place this weekend-

Goods news from St. Paul today: More than 700 skaters have signed up for the Minnesota Half Marathon and NROC 10K Championships.

What a surprise!

After all the complaints about the change in the format from a full to a half marathon (plus a 10K), I was afraid that not enough skaters would sign up to save this event from extinction.

But apparently I was wrong.

With more than 700 skaters signed up by Wednesday morning and more expected to sign up before the weekend, the Minnesota Half Marathon and 10K will apparently be the second largest outdoor skating event in North America this year. (As usual, the NorthShore Inline Marathon will be the largest.)

Read more here; New St. Paul Skate Event Is Attracting a Crowd.


Pamplona-Puente, Spain- September 13th

Pamplona-Puente (P2P) will take place on September 13th.


The competition is taking place in Spain near the border with France. The race starts in Pamplona, Spain and will run through the mountains to Puente.

2009 USA Fall Banked Track Clinics

Two USA banked track clinics are set to be held this fall- one in Colorado Springs and the other in Florida;


Promotional Video- Skate Of The Union/ Eastern Seaboard Series Stage #4

Here’s a video promoting this September’s Skate Of The Union/ Eastern Seaboard Series Stage #4- Skate of the Union and Eastern Seaboard Series Stage #4 2009.

Bill Begg- Building Power For Speed Skating

Bill Begg’s latest on the Inline Planet is Building Power for Speed Skating

Whatever you settle on, do it in conjunction with plyometrics and other exercises that match the movements of speed skating. This is the secret of building power on skates.


France’s Rollerblading Obsession

Check out France’s Rollerblading Obsession

LE FRIDAY NIGHT FEVER is an organized skating tour, or randonnée. Randonnées wind through the city almost daily—from the Rando de la Lune, which takes place under full moons, to the randonnée that goes to various sites important in the life of Edith Piaf. But Le FNF was the original.

It was created in 1993 by now 38-year-old engineer Boris Belohlavek, originally from Poland, and his 36-year-old friend Tanao Terra, a naturalized Madagascan. Le FNF begins outside the wide glass-and-steel entrance to the Gare Montparnasse train station at 10 P.M. every Friday, year-round, unless there’s a downpour. The routes change weekly but are usually 18 miles, with police and dozens of organizers in yellow jerseys stopping cars to let an average of 8,000 skaters enjoy a nearly uninterrupted three-hour tour.


RIP Lee Cole

Hi Skaters,

More and more people are confirming the news about the death of Lee Cole of Skates on Haight in San Francisco. It seems he had a heart attack while swimming last Monday.

You can send your condolenses to Carol Sloan at carol@skates.com

Read more here; Lee Cole of Skates on Haight in San Francisco passes.

CAN Fund’s Snow Day

Check out CAN Fund’s Snow Day

August 12th marks 6 months to the Games. Canadian athletes will be representing our country on Canadian soil for the first time in over 20 years! Our athletes need your support NOW more than ever. So don’t just wait to get hit! Select your virtual snowball, pick your target, make a donation (minimum $2) and make a difference!


Miami Fraud- Look For Bont’s Products

We have had an online fraud case from Bont.com. The person bought $3700 worth of equipment and had them sent to: 

444 Brickell Avenue 
Suite 51-708 
FL 33131-2492

The person who signed for the goods was Ms Ramos 

If you see anyone trying to sell these products cheaply, please let me know so I can pass the information to the cops. 

1 $399.00 Sniper Evo 4 Magnesium 13.2″ 110mm

1 $399.00 Sniper Evo 4 Magnesium 13″100mm

1 $859.00 Vaypor 2pt Boots Black Red (9.5/43 ,195mm) 

1 $859.00 Vaypor 2pt Boots White Leather (195mm 7.5/40)

4 $116.00 High Roller G4 110mm (8pcs) (85A/ Mint Green)

2 $324.00 Jesa Bont 688 Ceramic (20pcs)

Read more here; Miami Fraud, please read.

FAG Cronitect Hybrid Ceramic Bearings

Check this out; FAG Cronitect hybrid ceramic bearings et en Francais; Un nouveau roulement céramique Powerslide ?

Kalon Dobbin was one of the first Powerslide skaters who tested the new Powerslide / FAG Cronitect hybrid ceramic bearings. His first test was a fast spinning test. Kalon could not believe his eyes when the time stopped at 7´30″ minutes and tested the spin a few times more, always a similar result. He broke his freespin rekord by about 1´15″ minutes.

Powerslide serait en train de travailler sur de nouveaux roulements hybrides céramique en collaboration avec FAG Cronitect (société allemande). Ils auraient été testé par Kalon Dobbin à l’occasion des championnats d’Europe d’Oostende.