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  • August 2009
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No Olympic Inclusion For Roller/ Inline Speed Skating, Golf & Rugby

The roller/ inline speed skating world is reacting with strong emotions after learning that roller/ inline speed skating won’t be joining the Olympic family.

I’ve got about 1400 friends on Facebook, many of whom are posting comments and their reactions about today’s decision. Here is what I wrote in my Facebook status;

Roller/ inline speed skating is a great sport, with or without Olympic status.

Look at where the sport is and how great the sport is. Great athletes from all over the world are fueling exciting racing. Good coaches develop young talent and fantastic events bring the masses.

We haven’t lost anything. Not gaining Olympic status won’t take anything away. Take this as a chance to build, improve, grow, and get stronger.

Bill Begg shared his thoughts-

A bunch of many outdated relics & out of touch with reality, we need to start cleaning these relics out of our National Olympic Committee’s.

Todays decision was an utter disgrace & money ruled.

What happened to the introduction of the new modern sports, well we stuffed ourselves up a bit, with this roller sports crap, as half them do not know what roller sports is.

THE TICKET SHOULD OF HAD SPEED SKATING, forget Inline or anything else.

ESPN showed Golf as a dull & boring game compared to Speed Skating at the World Games, I thought sports come out of the World games, no Golf & no N.Z. rugby team there ??????????????????????????????????????????????

We need to get rid of the incumbents & change the entire system.

Without Tiger woods golf is nothing, except an exclusive game for the rich.

Make sure you confront your Olympic Delegates the 15 men & start off with Rouge in Belguim, as he came to N.Z. & had meettings with Golf & Rugby, does not seem like an invitation to speed skating, what utter arragance.

Yes a disgrace 2 Swiss in there with the 15, no rugby played there & little golf, what did they do ?

And Samey from South Africa, well obviously Rugby was the first choice.

What about the Italian, I suppose he could not be trusted either ?

SO we need to make an effort to hunt them down & confront them eyeball to eyeball & tell them what we think of there wayward ways.

Here are a few links/ resources for you-

Golf is set to return to the Olympics after a 112-year absence in 2016, and rugby sevens will also be recommended to be part of that year’s Games.

The International Olympic Committee’s executive board voted to include both at its Berlin executive board meeting.

The recommendation must be rubber-stamped by a full meeting of the IOC congress in Copenhagen in October.

Softball, squash, baseball, karate and roller sports were also hoping to be included, but have all missed out.