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  • August 2009
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Roller & Inline Speed Skating’s Olympic Quest

The roller & inline speed skating community will be holding its breath during the next few days because important decisions will be made about the sport’s possible Olympic inclusion.

Only 4 days remaining to the IOC Executive Board Meeting in Berlin, Germany, where the 15 Members will choose 2 of the 7 Sports Candidates to be into the 2016 Olympic Summer Games. Chicago, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo are bidding for the 2016 organization.

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Roller/ inline speed skating’s possible Olympic inclusion brings along mixed feelings. Some say that the sport, because of dirty skating & lack of structure in some countries, needs more time to develop before gaining Olympic status.

On the flip side, the skating community has come up with many arguments about roller/ inline speed skating’s readiness in gaining the revered Olympic status. If you’d like to read some proff about this, go to Which sport would you most like to see added to the 2016 Games at October’s IOC Session in Copenhagen?.

So that leaves rugby sevens and roller sports. I like the chances of both making it as medal sports. Sevens doesn’t need a purpose-built facility. It can use the main stadium for two days between the opening ceremony and the start of the track and field programme.

It also offers real medal chances to smaller nations like Fiji and Samoa. This year’s Sevens World Cup in Dubai was a huge success with big TV audiences, and the women’s competition as popular as the men’s. That’s likely to be the most watched rugby event of the year.

Roller sports ticks all the boxes. A combination of speed skating and dancing events could do for the Summer Olympics what ice skating does for the Winter Games. There’s tremendous TV appeal, young participants and, as with BMX racing and whitewater canoeing, there’s a real sense of excitement about racing on in-line skates.

You can use the links below to find the pulse on what’s going on, about who’s doing what, and about what’s coming next in roller & inline speed skating’s Olympic quest-

Roller sports offer pure performance – it is like watching an athletics race at the speed of a bicycle.

And that is why it is so exciting for younger ones.

It is also a sport practiced in five continents by men and women, with objective results guaranteed by a photo finish.

Speed skating is a fresh and young sport: the sport of the 21st century’s youth.

But roller sports is not only a sport. There is also a social element to roller skating that attracts over 50 million people to the sport around the world.



Rosters (Colombia, Spain, France, Belgium) For 2009 World Roller Speed Skating Championships, Looking To Venezuela 2010

You can expect more news in anticipation of the upcoming World Roller Speed Skating Championships in China.

The following links name a number of national team line-ups;


Photo from VisualSkate

Photo shared by Roller En Ligne

Photo from PatinColombia


Belgium’s Wouter Hebbrecht shared a blog entry about the World Championships- Wouter Hebbrecht- On the way to Worlds in China

Out of my personal experience I can tell you that even if you reached the biggest achievement of them all (that would be world champion in our sport), you should always look for a way to get even better if you want to win again and again. That’s another reason our sport is such a great one! Always teaching us there is more to it than just skating as hard as you can! I know if you take a rest your competitor will be out there working hard and that may very well make the difference this coming September!

Venezuela is hosting the 2010 World Roller Speed Skating Championships. You can find a preview here; Mondial 2010 : direction le Venezuela.

Le Comité International Course (CIC) vient d’annoncer (le 6 août) sur son site que le Venezuela accueillera les championnats du monde 2010 de vitesse.

Après avoir vérifié les candidats organisateurs pour le mondial 2010 le CIC a désigné la ville de Barquisimeto, au Venezuela, en tant que ville hôte de la compétition 2010.