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Day 1- Canadian Short Track Olympic Team Trials- 500-Meters & 1500-Meters

Vancouver is playing host to the 2010 Canadian Short Track Speed Skating Olympic Team trials. The multi-day competition openned on August 9th and runs until the 18th.

You’ll can find many videos in captsteveheart video archive. Here are videos from the 500-meter and 1500-meter men’s & women’s A-finals-

Canada’s top short track speed skaters are in Vancouver for the next two weeks, hoping to get the chance to represent their country at next year’s Olympic Winter Games. The Bell Short Track Team Selection event will run from August 9th to the 18th at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, the same venue that will be home to the events of the 2010 Olympic Games next February.

This will likely be the toughest competition of the year for Canada’s short track skaters, as the country can only send 10 representatives – 5 men and 5 women – at the Olympic Games, but many more athletes from the National and Development teams have proven over the last seasons that they are worthy to compete against the best in the world.

De la joie, des pleurs, des blessures, des dépassements serrés, des coups fourrés: les patineurs de vitesse sur courte piste canadiens s’apprêtent à vivre une compétition pas comme les autres, les sélections pour les Jeux olympiques de Vancouver.

Men Overall Rankings after day 1

1- Olivier Jean
2- Francois Hamelin
3- Michael Gilday
4- Guillaume Bastille
5 – Remi Beaulieu

Women Overall Rankings after day 1
1- Tania Vicent
2- Kalyna Roberge
3- Amanda Overland
4- Valeria Maltais
5- Marianne St-Gelais

One more practice to feel confident. The 2010 Canadian Olympic Team Trials start tomorrow afternoon. I am ready. I know that I can be confident that I have put all the necessary work, focus and sacrifice in. I think that I am lucky because I am able to say that no matter what happens at trials, I have no regrets with my preparation and training leading up to these trials. I have made sure to try new things in order to improve and have made the necessary adjustments to get the most out of each day. Nothing left to do but execute, let my body do what I have trained it to do and have FUN.

For day 1 results, check out Patinage De Vitesse Courte Piste

Some of the skaters are maintaining their blogs-

I don’t think a lot of people expected me to make both A finals today – 1500 m and 500 m. I unfortunately “crapped the bed” in the 1500 m final coming in 6th, but needless to say that’s actually pretty darn good considering I was ranked 16 out of 16 going into the distance… Michael Gilday however, my Calgarian teammate, won the race! Congratulations to him!

Here are some reports & articles-

Canada’s best short track speed skaters did not hold back on anything on the first day of the Bell Short Track Team Selection, the event that will determine which ones will get to skate at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. Races were full of actions and athletes fought to the end, hoping to get precious points in the 1500m and 500m.

How do you look forward to next season and to the Olympics in particular?
“Of course I want individual medals, but right now the focus is on training really hard and skating fast!”

What is the one thing/most memorable moment that sticks out for you when you think of the Olympics?
“When I received my silver medal for the relay in Torino, because it’s such a big thing! For an athlete to be able to win an Olympic medal, it’s such a big accomplishment!”


European Roller Speed Skating Championships Wrapped Up

The European Roller Speed Skating Championships concluded on Saturday with the marathon races.

Now that the competition is over, you can use the links below to piece together and get a glimpse into what happened-

First of all, here are compilations of links that I shared-

And here are links for you;






Photo from Tims ProSkateShots

Photo from Tims ProSkateShots

Photo from Bildimpressionen.de, by Uwe Ziedler

Photo from Bildimpressionen.de, by Uwe Ziedler

Pictures- More Sommer-Is Hamar 2009

More pictures have been added in the Sommer-is Hamar 2009 photo album.

Photo by Kirsti Biseth

Early August Long Track Speed Skating Results

You can find the latest long track speed skating results on SpeedskatingResults.com


Summer Ice For Pascal Briand

this evenin was my 1st test race of the year…summer ice…it is strane feelin to skate on ice in august but it is super nice.

Read more here; 1st test in thialf.


ISU Communications- World Cup, Junior World Cup, & International Speed Skating Competitions

The most recent ISU Communications include a whole bunch of long track speed skating competition dates-


Claudia Pechstein Fighting To Clear Her Name

Claudia Pechstein is continuing her fight to clear her name after the ISU Disciplinary Commission ‘found Ms. Claudia Pechstein of Germany guilty of violation of rule 2.2 of the ISU Anti-Doping Rules “Use or Attempted Use by a Skater of a Prohibited Substance or a Prohibited Method”’.

Read more using the following sources-

Photo from DESGphoto

Results & Pictures- Biel World Inline Cup/ Swiss Inline Cup

Biel was the host city to the latest World Inline Cup/ Swiss Inline Cup.

Click here for complete results.


Here’s a report- WORLD- und SWISS INLINE CUP in Biel 9th August

A six km circuit full of bends in the heart of the watchmaking city, made Biel-Bienne totally crazy about this event on rolls. The whole world elite of inline skating started in Biel enjoying wonderful weather conditions and looking for points and prizes in the WORLD- and SWISS INLINE CUP. Luca Saggiorato und Giovanna Turchiarelli made the Italian double victory perfect. More than 2,000 mainly fitness and amateur skaters – which means considerably more than the year before – took part in the well-organized races.

Check out Quartier Zopf Online for lots of great pictures.

Photo from Quartier Zopf Online

Photo from Quartier Zopf Online

Photo from Quartier Zopf Online

Photo from Quartier Zopf Online

Inline Grand Prix Standings After Chicagoland

Click here to find the Minnesota Inline Grand Prix standings. The standings include the Chicagoland Inline Marathon and the Thunder Bay half marathon.

There are still five races left in the series:
Hayward 30 mile (August 8th)
MN Half Marathon (August 15th)
St. Michael Half Marathon (August 22nd)
North of the 49th Inline Marathon (August 30th)
North Shore Inline Marathon (Sept 19th)


Results & Pictures- Hayward Inline Marathon

Here are results from this past weekend’s Hayward Inline Marathon-

Read the entertaining Collins report here; The Collins Report: Hayward Inline Races

The Old Fossils made their debut this year. Thank you to Ken Huss and his crew for leaving the nursing home for a few hours of racing.

30 Mile Tour of Pain
Dave Sarmiento and Mike Anderson took the top two spots with 1:32:50 and 1:32:51 respectively. At mile 21 they sat down and had a long debate about who would cross the finish first. They attacked each other’s arguments and went off on verbal flyers and tangents, but towards the end they agreed on a rock-paper-scissors throw-down; winner of two out of three crossed first. David took the first round with paper over rock. Mike took the second round with scissors cuts paper. David won the tie with rock crushes scissors (and that is why the trophies were bricks with a skater on top).

Danny Frederick finished third with 1:34:33 and a cast of characters drafting close behind—Twiggs, Herb Gayle, Clavicle Bovitz, Matt Meyer, Old Man Peterson and the usual clowns.

Click here and also click here for pictures.

Photo by Renae, shared by Sean McMahon

Photo by Peter Moynihan