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In Moncton, More SSW Updates Tomorrow

Morgane and I arrived in Moncton, New Brunswick, a few days ago. We are on vacation visiting Morgane’s family.

The drive from Toronto to Moncton was quite long.  Sixteen hours to be precise. It was an enjoyable trek thanks to good company. Let’s just say I witnessed the power of a mid-night kick of coffee & caffeine.

I updated SSW a few hours ago and I’ll continue tomorrow to add more news, results, pictures, & more that I’ve compiled in my SSW links folder, including-

  • Results & report from the Canadian short-track Olympic team trials
  • Results & pictures from Hayward, Biel, & more
  • Pictures, reports, & more from the European Roller Speed Skating Championships
  • Long track news & results

Video- 2009 Long Version Of 24 Hours Inline Montreal

Click here (or view below) the newest & full video of the 24 Hours Inline Montreal.

Pictures- Copenhagen Inline Challenge

Click here to view pictures from the recent Copenhagen Inline Challenge.

Photo from here

New Design For Daniel Friberg’s Blog

Check out Daniel Friberg’s new blog design.


More On Susan Nelson

Use the following links find heart-felt blog entries about Susan Nelson’s passing-

Yesterday was long. It started with a meeting at the funeral home, taking care of the business end of Susan’s funeral. Then I worked for a while on the program for the funeral itself. Then I took my boys to buy us suits.

And then, when I got home, there was a big chunk of the core team, hanging out at my house and ready to go for a ride. I have great friends.

In an act of constant courage, Susan agreed to let me tell her story, as it happened. Because of this, thousands of people, all around the world, were inspired to take up her fight against cancer.

Sitting & watching it with little RZ, I could not help but think it was Susan’s Nelson’s soul, taking a final powerful lap around the Wasatch range & the world was shuddering with her power, and the grief of those left behind swirling in the blinding smoke & wind.

There is nothing good to come from cancer, except in appreciating the good days we have, in sickness & health. For Elden there is no novelist/bloggers roadmap on how to “write” this kind of experience as it happens, no social guidelines for writing profound pain & grief & with justice & respect in the real-time nature of blogging.

MTV Summer Inline Races

Click here to find information on the MTV Summer Inline Races-

Please add MTV inline series to inline schedule,
Aug 29th, and Sept 27th, Indianapolis, Indiana..


Discussion Continues About USA Indoor Nationals On the East Coast

There is still lots of discussion and sharing of opinions in thread Indoor Nationals on the East Coast in 2011 or 2012?

Getting back to the original subject. In my opinion keep it in Lincoln where the best floor is. And the least distractions are. The only thing on Our skaters minds should be the next race, not where can we go have fun. After all the sacrifice on the athlete and the parents for the entire season skating should be the focus at nationals.

If we don’t throw in a little fun once in a while, there will be less and less kids wanting to continue in the sport. After skating intense practices for 8-10 months, doesn’t every person deserve a little fun as an award for the hard work all year? A little side distraction keeps the mind clear and the body loose and relaxed. I know for myself, sitting in the arena, contemplating all the what if’s and nervously anticipating the upcoming races doesn’t do me any good when it’s time to roll up to the start line. You have to throw in a little fun and distraction in my opinion, to make it your best day possible on the floor.

Its families like yours that I love! Thanks for spending your only vacation every year at Nationals. Thank you for the support when you could be going to a different location and giving one cent or one minute to our national championships. One or two days of exploration in a new town is great for a family. That’s all I’m fighting for… Not everyone is in this sport to be the next Chad or Joey.