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  • August 2009
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Video- 24h Roller Montreal 2009 Short Version

Here’s a good video from this year’s Montreal 24 Hours Inline- 24h Roller Montréal 2009 24hrs Inline Montreal short version.

Video- Junior Men’s 500-Meter Road Final- European Roller Speed Skating Championships

Here’s a video from the junior men’s 500-meter road final at the European Roller Speed Skating Championships; Inline skating 2009 championship Oostende Italia 500m junior men road slowmotion DQ.

You can read and share thoughts here; What makes Inline speedskating an olympic sport!!!

What an outright disgrace & I hope Sanfrantello, one of the ones promoting this grap ( The Buck stops with Him ) is ashamed of it, as he is supposidly one leading our Olympic Charge. Well this unsavoury bit of skating deserved being sent home, if he did not, she should stay with the Ice.

The Italian being gifted ( Nearly as big a Sham as Maradonna’s Hand of God Goal ) was a drafthorse compared to the Belguim, who got manhandled & interfered with on 4 occassions that I could see. He was not good enough to win on merit & him relegated to 3rd, should have been the best outcome they could have dreamed about.

The problem was the belguim boy tried to use his hand to get back from the first foul & thats probably what the Judge saw, well he should have had his feet kicked out from underneath him & bit the bitumen, that would have been justice, but my wife lost 4 World titles to the same sort of crap, so I know how he would feel.

This is clearly dirty or maybe just too aggressive; my question is this do the rules prohibit that kind of skating? And if so, then what do you do with this kamikaze racers that would get themselves disqualified to clear the way for their team mates to win the race? Shouldn’t the team be penalized as well and not just the skater? Because this dirtiness have team strategy written all over it.

Vancouver Olympic Trials Begin Sunday

Michael Gilday‘s latest entry is Vancouver Olympic Trials

Van Van Van Van Van. We are back in Vancouver. Trials start on sunday but first heres a shout-out to J-Gregg, who has been blogging occasionally for CBC sports over the past few months.


Candy Wong- Stop And Go

Here is Candy Wong’s latest; Stop And Go

I remember grumbling to myself how much precious real estate my bulky rec skates took up in my luggage (c’mon, I was vacationing in Paris. Of course I needed room for my purchases). Today, I cannot imagine traveling without my skates. I smile as I revisit my own words. That feeling of entrancement is still fresh in mind after all these years. Enjoy!


Road Rash Chronicles- Crow…Takes Like Chicken

Road Rash Chronicles‘ latest entry is Crow…takes like chicken

Looks like the Ottawa Inline Festival is a no go for me this year even though I already registered. Refund? I will have to look into that. In efforts to revive my tennis career, I have lots of training and tournaments that conflict with most events for the next year. Am I giving up skating? Hell no. I just might not be able to race in events as often as I would like. But don’t lose faith, I will still be around. I just decided to rekindle the passion for the game I love more than anything. I have only committed myself to one year of competition to see if I still have the ability to play at that level. If not, I will bow out gracefully and learn to appreciate what I achieved thus far.


Indoor Nationals On The East Coast In 2011 or 2012?

This post has been very active since it started; Indoor Nationals on the East Coast in 2011 or 2012?-

I was sitting in the stands during Indoor Nationals, brainstorming as usual.
I thought to myself WOW, wouldn’t be soo cool to have Indoor Nationals in Hershey, PA in the year 2011 or 2012. I think that it would be a nice change of pace to let the East Coast have its chance to host Indoor Nationals. I tossed the idea to a few of my friends here in the Eastern Region. They absolutely loved the idea. I went talked to Spanky for few minutes gave him my idea.