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  • August 2009
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Pictures- Wrecks & More From USA Indoor Championships

spdsk8n shared a few more wreck photo sequences from the recent USA Indoor Championships-

Photo from spdsk8n

Jim White: Ice Season Has Started

The following is from Here Comes Chad!!! (read the threaded entry)-

Ice season has started, actually has been for a couple of months or so. Olympic level skaters got like a couple of weeks break after the last competition, in March I think, then were back working. Some of the best long track ice skaters have been in Vancouver for a couple of weeks or so, just got back to Salt Lake yesterday. They’ve been doing dry-land training in various places before getting ice at Vancouver. Ice was out at Milwuakee, back in a couple of days ago; skaters there have been doing dryland, including some inline. Long track Olympic trials are October 21-22 & 24-25 in Milwaukee, with a last-chance trials a couple of months later in Salt Lake. Short track trials are September 8-12, no second chance.

Videos- Service Après Vente (Non Skating)

Video- Senior Men’s Relay- European Roller Speed Skating Championships

I know it’s Tuesday and you’re checking SSW catching up on all the news and every other good thing that I share here. That means you’ve got a few minutes to watch this good race from the European Roller Speed Skating Championships- Inline Skating Oostende 2009 Senior Men 3 000 m relay final.

In fact, after I wrote this, I found this in Bont’s Forum; What makes Inline speedskating an olympic sport!!!

Yes it was not the first & not the last time that Bart Swings done something special to Electrify the local crowd, just as the Chinese Taipei skaters did at the World Games, we need stars & hero’s to elevate our sport. Lets Hope your Mr Rouge looks at some skating or video & has a word

Congratulations to the Belgian team! What an amazing effort! Many could take example of this clean racing and beating its opponents with pure determination and the will to be the best! Congrats!

Clara Hughes- Pain Is Pain

PAIN IS PAIN is another great entry from Clara Hughes-

Though the regime is entirely different for the two sports, both are equally hard to train for. Some aspects of the training for speed skating are more difficult. What makes skating training harder is the relentless focus on technique. Sitting on the bike is far easier than finding the perfect position for skating. However, both of these endurance sports leave a person completely exhausted. Sitting here on the one day off a week I get to rest, I’m in a state of intense fatigue. I’m not tired some of the time – I’m tired ALL of the time, exactly as I was as a professional cyclist.

Thinking about all the training I have left to do in preparation for the Olympics in February, one thing is for sure: I will look inward to see what strengths developed in bike racing have been lying dormant for me to utilize in these coming months.

As for which sport is harder, pain is pain. Endurance sport allows for no escape from it.

Candy Wong- Shopping & Skater Fashions

Like I mentioned before, apparel for runners is a great resource for skating outfits because of all the fancy technical features. However, more often than not, that intangible cuteness factor is simply missing.

Read more of Candy Wong’s latest here; Time To Shop.