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  • August 2009
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New SpeedSkateWorld.com Logo By Morgane Echardour

Morgane Echardour designed the SpeedSkateWorld.com’s newest logo.


It must have been frustrating for Morgane to work with me. I was very demanding and even worse, at times undecided and unsure. But she delivered a great logo.

A good logo will be helpful and important because we are designing a SSW skin suit and SSW apparel to market and sell.

The biggest problem in designing the skater, was because with SpeedSkateWorld.com I cover roller & ice speed skating, I wanted the skater’s skates to be ‘speed skating neutral’. Not roller and not ice; just speed skating.

I think Morgane cleverly solved that problem. I think the logo skaters’ skates can be interpreted as roller and/or ice.

Results & Pictures (Video Format)- RSO Series #3- Harriston, Ontario

The 3rd RSO Series race of the season was held yesterday in Harriston. Here are the results; Good Racing, Records Fall Despite Low Turnout At 3rd Outdoor Race Of Season. You can find pictures that I published as a video- 2009-08-02 Roller Sports Ontario Series #3- Harriston, Ontario.

European Roller Speed Skating Championships- Results, Videos, Reports, Pictures, & More

As you surely know by now, the European Roller Speed Skating Championships are under way in Oostende, Belgium.

The world wide web is filled with all sorts of information, results, news, pictures, and videos from the races. As I did earlier, here are some links that you can use to launch your exploration to find what you want and need-


Results & Reports



Photo shared by Roller En Ligne

Photo from European Championships Roller Speed Skating

Photo from European Championships Roller Speed Skating

Photo from MundoPatin

Photo shared by Skate Bond Nederland

Photo from Bildimpressionen.de


Photo from Daniel Yeow

Photo from Tims ProSkateShots

Andrew Love- Speed

Here’s Andrew Love’s latest entry; Speed

I do not have a helmet cam, I just have a small camera I hold in my hands as I skate. I can go around 28-30mph holding the camera, and if I do it just right, I can catch glimpses of amazing athletes launching themselves into astonishing full sprint velocity (33-36mph).

A few moments later, hitting the turn. They were doing an 800m effort here‘- photo and caption from Andrew Love

Results & Report- Flaeming Skate Experience (German Blade Challenge)

Click here for the results from the Flaeming Skate Experience German Blade Challenge.


Liam McFarlane- Trying To Donate To Michael Gilday

So a couple days ago I was over at my buddy Michael Gilday’s house and I happened upon a giant shipment of cereal General Mills had sent him. All the box’ consisted of ones that his picture had been printed on the back of – Whole Grain Cheerios and Golden Grahams.

I thought to myself, “Hey Liam, you could write a blog and help this guy get more donations… Maybe in return, he’ll give you a percentage cut from his earnings!?”.

Read more of Liam McFarlane’s entry; Stolen Box of Golden Grahams.


World Inline Cup & Swiss Inline Cup- Biel- August 9th

The World Inline Cup & Swiss Inline Cup will make their next stop on August 9th in Biel-

The track in Biel, in the very heart of the city, is both varied and demanding. Races will start on the central street leading six times around the six kilometres circuit that goes slightly uphill and easily downhill on the very good asphalt street. The numerous bends in the pedestrian precinct make Biel to be an attractive and challenging racing event.

Recreational and fitness-orientated athletes as well as kids and teenagers can enjoy the races in Biel with its short distances. Traditionally, a very large number of spectators line the streets and make every participant feel like a star.

Read more here; WORLD- & SWISS INLINE CUP in Biel 9th August.