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World Records Keep Falling At European Roller Speed Skating Championships- Day 2 & 3 Results, Reports, Pictures

Italy’s Erika Zanetti and France’s Kevin Gauclin set the 500-meter World Records on day 3 of track racing at the European Roller Speed Skating Championships under way in Belgium.

Sorry for not writing any sooner…internet in the hotel isn’t great! Yesterday we skated the 300m heats and finals. A very long day with plenty of rain and cold weather We were about to start our heats but the rain decided to postpone us a little while longer. That meant we had to keep warming up 6 or 7 times today before we could finally hit the line. In the heats I had a hard time to get going and that showed in my first 100m. I don’t think i have had a high 9.5 opener all year. Luckily in the final I could open a little faster to keep enough of a gap to win it.

Zandvoorde, Belgium has been the site of many magic skating moments – hosting the Track World Championships in 1991 and again in 2002. On Thursday 30 July, 2009 the fast flat-banked asphalt track chalked up a few more, as no fewer than 5 men went below the 300m TT World Record (set by Pedro Causil at 24.531s on 04/09/08, Gijón ES).

Here are links for you to use and explore to dig up everything you need to find;

Photo from Daniel Yeow

Photo from euro-inline2009.be

Video- Empire Speed In New York City Park

Here’s a video from New York City; empirespeed

Andrew Love- Building/Water/Ice

This is a great entry from Andrew Love; Building/Water/Ice

There is an intense community among this group, and among the wider society of skaters at the oval. The friendships are obvious, as well as the stress that comes from a competitive environment that is all focused onto a few days of racing.

When Speedskating is good, it’s really good, but when you aren’t going well, it’s a hard road.


Sijtje Vd Lende Interview

Thanks to Coenwesselman.nl, I can share this link to Schaatsenzo.nl’s interview with Sijtje Vd Lende (you might want to use Babel Fish Translation).


Ed Duncan- Giving A Friendliest Greeting From Oxygen Deprived Lungs

One of the cool things about the workout was that I kept skating past a father and his (perhaps) 5 year old son who were “rollerblading” on the path and were clearly interested in what I was doing. I heard comments like “take a look at this guy” as I blew past them. On my last pass the little guy saw me coming and gave me a really friendly “hello” –so I did my best to give him the friendliest greeting that I could muster from my oxygen deprived lungs as I whizzed by in the opposite direction.

Needless to say, I am perhaps 20 years older that the father -and could be the same age as the kid’s grandfather.

Read more from Ed Duncan here and also click here to follow his blog.

Nicole Begg Conquers Putrajaya Asianic Inline Cup

In her first road racing since the end of April, Nicole Begg Tackled the tough Putrajaya Bouelevard Malaysian Course, with a tough hill test on each of the 7.5 km laps of the 45km race, In the first Hill after a fast opening pace Nicole Begg lead Kim Sik (Tiger) from Korea over the top, followed by Diasuke Kazamaki from Japan & Johanas Wihardja from Indonesia over the top, with fellow Indonesian’s Dimas Prasetya Putera & Eri Marina Yo the second lady over the top, Sylvia Setiawan, was the 3rd Lady, but with the tough opening start & first hill thrust by Nicole, at the end of lap one, Tiger Sik, Nicole & Dimas had a 43 sec lead over the rest & they continued to go away.

Read more here; Nicole Begg Conquers Putrajaya AIC.

Liam McFarlane- Skiing Zen: Inspiring Book

Before my meeting with my Sport Psych, Danelle Kabush, last Friday I asked her if she had any ideas for books. She had a couple suggestions, some I had read, but one in particular that I hadn’t: Skiing Zen. I pointed out that I wasn’t a big skier but she suggested that I borrow it anyways. It was amazing.

Read more from Liam McFarlane here; Inspiring Book.