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Pictures- Flanders Grand Prix- From SkatingSisters

SkatingSisters shared some pictures from the recent Flanders Grand Prix. To get to the photo album, click here.

Photo from Rik3130B

Photo from Rik3130B

Photo from Rik3130B

SS Boots

SS Boots is now in the links.


Bill Begg Shares His Views On The Current State Of Inline Skating

Bill Begg shared his views on the current state of inline skating; What’s the Current State of Inline Skating?

In this tough economy, the skate companies are struggling to continue their support for the World Inline Cup. In recent years, it has cost about a quarter-million dollars to field a winning team — and that has proved too much for the likes of Hyper, Verducci, Salomon and Fila. At this point, Rollerblade is just hanging in there. And Bont — after years of six figure World Cup support — is downsizing its commitment.

Everyone is suffering. But skating is like an ocean with its ups and downs. We’re in a trough right now, but hopefully we can catch a big wave back to shore.

On the bright side, I’m optimistic about our chances for Olympic entry, especially after attending the World Games in Kaohsiung. Inline speed skaters were the local heroes of the event, racking up gold medals and media attention (even as some current world champions from Europe and the Americas failed to medal).


Les 24 Heures Du Mans 2009 Sur Sport +

Un reportage de 15 minutes sur l’édition 2009 des 24 Heures du Mans est actuellement en cours de multi-diffusion sur la chaîne Sport +. Les prochains passages sont prévus aux horaires suivants : mercredi 29 juillet à 17h15, vendredi 31 juillet à 10h45 et 14h15 et lundi 3 août à 13h15.

Lisez en plus ici; TV : Les 24 Heures du Mans 2009 sur Sport +.


Mike Garvin: Chicagoland Marathon (NROC) Report, Skating With 2010 Schankel Canada Marathon Squad

Mike Garvin will be skating the 2010 season with the Schankel Canada marathon squad- Join the Team

I’ll be getting more serious about my winter training this year; I’ve joined the new Schankel Canada Marathon Squad, managed by Andrew Hegarty. I’ll be signing up for Northshore as a team member, and I’ll be wearing my Schankel skinsuit at all events now.

He also shared a very detailed report on this past weekend’s Chicagoland Marathon NROC- Marathon Chicago Style

The Chicagoland marathon has come and gone. I went down for the marathon, but there was actually a whole weekend of events. Team Rainbo really went all out and created full weekend of racing. Sprints on Friday, time trials and 10K races on Saturday and then “the big show” on Sunday. There was a lot of buzz and everyone seemed to really enjoy the format.


Andrew Love- Thanking Bruce Kohen

Check out Andrew Love’s latest entry; Thanks Bruce!.

  1. At the elite level of speedskating, 99% of athletes use custom made carbon fiber boots. A perfect fit is an absolute necessity when trying to push hard while balancing on 1mm of steel at 30+ mph (add in gallons of lactic acid induced haze for more fun). Custom boots are even more important if you have unusual feet like I do.

Although 3 pairs of boots might seem a lot, all 3 boots together is cheaper than a high end carbon fiber road racing bicycle, and given how much of my heart & soul have gone into speedskating, it is a worthwhile investment, and repaid with the joy I get from skating these amazing intersections of engineering and art.


Liam McFarlane- Update; On Track For 2010

Olympic Trials are nearing, we leave a week today to Vancouver and our first day of competition is August 9th. I will try and keep things more update now.

Read the latest from Liam McFarlane here; Update!.

You can read the article that goes along with his post; Short-track speedskaters on track for 2010.

“It’s going to be tough, Canada’s one of the strongest men’s teams in the world,” said Gilday. “But we’re confident. Everything’s been going really well the past couple weeks.

“Once you make the team, you don’t have to have any doubts that we can definitely be medal contenders in all distances and the relay at the Olympics,” said Gilday, 22. “I’m confident the men’s team has the ability to put somebody on the podium and there’s no way we want anything other than gold in the relay.”


Candy Wong- More On Those Bruises

My next race will be the mid-distance championship in St Paul where I’ll get to compete with many of the girls from MN. Strictly speaking, I never race with any of them before so I am very looking forward to this event.

Read more from Candy Wong here; More On Those Bruises.

5th Annual Ottawa Inline Skating Festival

Hello Skaters, Labor Day weekend and the Ottawa Inline Skating Festival are fast approaching. September 6th will see the entire afternoon filled with picture perfect scenery and smooth skating along the Rockcliffe parkway on even more NEW pavement (paving is being completed right now).

For this year’s event, many new features have been added

Read more here; 5th Annual Ottawa Inline Skating Festival.


Register Today For A2A! Race Organizers Meeting Tonight To Determine Whether 2009 Event Will Happen

Race organizers for Athens to Atlanta are having a meeting tonight to determine whether or not the event will happen this year.

As it stands there are only about 50 people registered. The minimum number of registrations necessary for the event to go-ahead is 100 skaters.

If you are considering skating the 2009 edition of this great event, make sure you register as soon as you’re done reading SpeedSkateWorld.com.


Report & Pictures- Otterlo Univé World On Wheels

Pascal Briand shared a report on this past weekend’s Otterlo Univé World on Wheels- wow race in holland

last week was kind of taff for me…i got sick…hummm 3 days on the toilet to be honnest 🙂 so not so cool…friday evening things start to get better so i decide to drive to holland to race the wow in otterlo…to defend my ranking, i was 2nd …
so saturday morning i arrive there…sleep a bit…but damm i still don t feel so good…so i have to sit sometimes (on the toilet of course).
ok anyway i have to race… i love this too much.

Click here for Harm de Boer Fotografie’s pictures.

Photo from Harm de Boer Fotografie

Photo from Harm de Boer Fotografie

Report- Chicagoland Inline Marathon NROC- From Jorge Botero

Click here for Jorge Botero’s report from this past Sunday’s Chicagoland Inline Marathon NROC.

On the second lap, after small attacks that I did, the Cado Motus and Pinnacle racing skaters attacked hard going up a hill into a headwind. Peter Doucet hung with the us and at the top of the hill, made his move.


Reports & Video- World Games- From Powerslide Racing & Roller En Ligne

Powerslide Racing shared a report on the recent World Games; World Games Kaoshiung 2009.

The event started with the opening ceremony what has been for sure an unforgetable moment for all the skaters. The Kaoshiung city stadium specially built for the event was over crowed with 40 000 people being inside and 50 000 people waiting oustide watching the event on big screens. While entering one by one in the stadium, the feeling was quite a nice one for everybody with the crowd yelling and screaming hard the name of each country, especially for Yann Guyader being the flag Holder for FRANCE.

Back home all the skaters will be preparing the World championships that will be held in China Haining in september, european skaters will be in Belgium next week for european championships and colombian ones will have a 6 weeks team training in bogota after going few days in Haining to test the world championships’s track.

Here is Roller En Ligne‘s report; World Games: Un Bilan Francais Positif.

Les World Games (Jeux Mondiaux) sont souvent considérés comme l’antichambre des Jeux Olympiques. Ils sont d’ailleurs organisés sous le patronage du CIO. Cet événement multisports regroupe tous les 4 ans des sports qui ne sont pas olympiques. Le roller fait partie de la trentaine de disciplines qui ont pris part à l’édition 2009.


Here’s a video of the World Games aired on ESPN; [高雄世運] 滑輪溜冰

Michael Gilday- Awesome Things #4

– two sets of mock races (including a nice little 41.2- ya handtimed but still)
– a ton of Tour de France watching hours logged
– beat a case of “Tour withdrawl” (sort of…)
– couple of good mountain bike rides
– enjoyed some nice weather on a couple patios
– and oh ya…train train train

Read more from Michael Gilday here; Things that are awesome day #4.

More Pictures- Chicagoland Inline Marathon NROC/ Pro Inline Tour

Here are more photos from this past weekend’s Chicagoland Inline Marathon NROC & Pro Inline Tour-


Photo from DuffManOhYea

Photo from Peter Moynihan

Photo from John Scott Schulte

Photo from DuffManOhYea

Video- Chicagoland Inline Marathon NROC- From Luv2toob

Check out luv2toob‘s video of the Pro races from this past weekend’s Chicagoland Inline Marathon NROC; Chicagoland Inline Marathon 2009.