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RSO Series- This Sunday At CITC’s 200-Meter Banked Track

The 2009 RSO Outdoor Series will make its next stop this Sunday, August 2nd, at CITC’s 200-meter banked track in Harriston.

Registration opens at 9:00am and racing begins at 9:45am. Skaters will skate a 1500-meter time trial, followed by 500-meter group sprints, and finishin with a 10km race.

Click here to find all the details.


My Pictures- Chicagoland Inline Marathon NROC/ Pro Inline Tour

Here are some of my pictures from this past weekend’s Chicagoland Inline Marathon NROC & Pro Inline Tour.

The Pro Women’s Pro Inline Tour 340-meter sprint on Friday evening

Two of the fastest- Harry Vogel & Tony Muse- I don’t know how many World Champioships medals they have between the two

My travel-mates- left to right- me, Morgane Echardour, Brock Howes, Sarah Hopkins, Jesse Pauley, Candy Wong, Morgan Williams, Jade Pauley

Lining up for the start of the 3.2km time trial on Saturday morning

Sophia Buckaloo

Will Bowen

Morgane Echardour set the best time of all women in the time trial

Candy Wong

Meeting before the start of the advanced 10km race

Skaters are ready for the 10km advanced

Lenny Wilcox giving the thumbs-up

Advanced 10km

The media was out covering the event- Shana Isle & Thong Nguyen

Herb Gayle

Pro Women lined up for the 10km criterium of the Pro Inline Tour

Pro Women’s 10km criterium of the Pro Inline Tour

Norm Kirby (left in yellow) and Tony Muse (right in yellow) leading the Pro Master & Veteran Men’s 10km race

Pro Master & Veteran Men’s 10km race

Harry Vogel looks back after winning the first point in the Pro Men’s 10km criterium. Yep, that’s me in 2nd (in white) claiming 2nd place points. Harry Vogel was dominant in this race, winning the race and all but one points.

Jorge Botero (left) and David Sarmiento

Morgan Williams and Jim White

Start of the Pro Women’s marathon

Start of the Pro Men’s marathon

Start of the Pro Men’s marathon

Start of the Pro Master & Veteran Men’s marathon

Pro Master & Veteran Men coming through for their first of 3 laps for the marathon

Pro Men coming through for their first of 3 laps for the marathon

Pro Women sprinting for one of the points during the marathon

Pro Men’s winning break- Jorge Botero leading me and Harry Vogel

Pro Men’s chase pack

Pro Master & Veteran Men coming through the marathon finish

Pro Men’s chase pack coming through the finish

Pro Women’s marathon finish

Pro Women marathon top-5

Pro Master Men marathon top-3

Cale Carvell

Pro Master & Veteran Women marathon top-3

Pro Veteran Men marathon top-5


Videos- Chicagoland Inline Marathon NROC/ Pro Inline Tour- From Hoffmonster

Check out Hoffmonster’s videos to find lots of videos from the Chicagoland Inline Marathon NROC and Pro Inline Tour. You’ll see lots of finishes, packs zooming by, points races, and more.


Results- Chicagoland Inline Marathon NROC/ Pro Inline Tour

You can use these links to find results from the Chicagoland Inline Marathon NROC/ Pro Inline Tour-


Pictures- Chicagoland Inline Marathon NROC/ Pro Inline Tour- From Tom Dell’Aringa

Tom Dell’Aringa shared some pictures from this weekend’s Chicagoland Inline Marathon NROC and Pro Inline Tour.

Photo from Tom Dell’Aringa

Photo from Tom Dell’Aringa

Reports- Chicagoland Inline Marathon NROC/ Pro Inline Tour- From Hoffmonster, Inline Planet, Candy Wong

Thanks to the Inline Planet and the Inline Planet Skater Network, you can find a few reports from Sunday’s Chicagoland Inline Marathon NROC-

What I enjoy most about multiple race events is that there are lots of opportunities to socialize with fellow skaters. Between the Saturday morning races and the marathon on Sunday, there were lots of free time. On one hand, I knew that I had to take it easy and stay prepared for the marquee race the next day. On the other hand, it was tempting to have some fun in Chicago.

2 pm: Recap: Big day for Powerslide. Jorge Botero wins the open pro men’s division; Briana Kramer wins the open pro women’s division. That puts them both in first place in their respective NROC divisions.

Details of the master and veterans races have been sketchy so far.

One thing seems clear: The Chicagoland Inline Marathon and the Keep Fit America Skate Tour were a big hit with skaters. Apparently, about 500 skaters participated … at least at last count.

12:55 pm: Post-race interview with Briana Kramer: Powerslide’s Briana Kramer said she used the mid-race sprints to help gauge the competition and devise a winning strategy.

This is a fantastic event, that I will be at again next year. There were a few bumps, but nothing that I would really get worked up over.
Put this one on your calendar.. it’s getting bigger, and bigger.
I made a point to thank every volunteer I came into contact with. without them, the event would not been nearly as good as it was.
Thank you Team Rainbo, and Peter S. for putting on a great event!!

Photo by Thong Nguyen

Photo by Thong Nguyen


Duo Burn Up Roller Skating Track

Doucet and Echardour won’t be passing up any medals by staying home. While Canadian skaters are as dedicated and passionate about the sport as athletes from other countries, the coaching just isn’t available here. While he’s tops here, Doucet says he’s “middle of the pack” in international competition.

Read more here; Duo burn up roller skating track.


Pictures- USA Indoor Championships- From Michele McConnell

Michele McConnell shared a few photo albums from last week’s USA Indoor Championships-

You can find more pictures here;

Photo from Michele McConnell

Photo from Michele McConnell

Photo from spdsk8n

Photo from spdsk8n

Photo from spdsk8n

Photo from spdsk8n

Claudia Pechstein Contesting Suspension

According to SkatingOnline‘s article Claudia Pechstein vecht haar schorsing aan bij het CAS en wil via een spoedarbitrage afdwingen dat ze weer in teamverband mag trainen, Germany’s Claudia Pechstein, who recently was tested for blood doping, is denying that she used blood doping and is contesting her suspension.

Until her case is reviewed in September, the suspension denies Pechstein’s access to training with the national team.

The following text is translated using Babel Fish

Pechstein deny have used blood doping and its suspension have contested at the CAS. THE CAS treat that profession in the autumn of this year. Pechstein and its lawyer believe Simon Bergmann however that cannot train irreparable delay in team link causes in an Olympic season. The aim of emergency arbitration thus the enforcement of suspending prohibition in team link to that train the CAS a definite pronouncement has been done.


Road Rash Chronicles- Mixed Bag & Quickies

Road Rash Chronicles’ latest entries include Mixed Bag and Quickies.

3. Someone told me this weekend that I had huuuge legs. I laughed out loud. I have never thought that…especially now that I am surrounded by skaters who’s legs measure the same circumference as my chest.

Speedskateworld.com. Peter D has been updating like crazy lately with all the pics and results of events happening worldwide. Make sure you check him out. Plus I think for the first time I realized he didn’t win an event? Chicago….?? Peter what happened? You must be getting old.

Results- Copenhagen Inline Challenge

Click here for the results of the Copenhagen Inline Challenge.

Men 40km
1- Diego Rosero, Rollerblade World Team- Colombia
2- Patrick Täubrecht, Luigino‐Stadler‐Racing Team Internal- Germany
3- Yves Reist, Worldinlinecenter Bont International- Switzerland

Women 40km
1- Heidi Nielsen, Slagelse In‐Line Klub- Denmark
2- Marta Campaner, Roller Team Centro Italia- Italy
3- Petronela Kaliszan, VARK- Denmark


New Bont Cycling Shoe Website And Blog

This is from the thread New Bont Cycling Shoe Website and Blog

We have just launched a new Bont website for our cycling shoes:

and a new Blog:

Photo shared here

Reports, Results, Videos, Pictures- Flanders Grand Prix

The Flanders Grand Prix was held this past weekend in Belgium.

Photo from here

Photo from here



Reports, Results, Pictures- Otterlo Univé World On Wheels

The Otterlo Univé World on Wheels was held this past weekend- you can use the links below to access results, pictures, and reports.

CadoMotus’ Bart Swings & Elma de Vries both claimed wins on Saturday in Otterlo, Netherlands – positive signs ahead of the European Championships which begin Thursday…

Photo from Tims ProSkateShots

Photo from Tims ProSkateShots

Photo from Tims ProSkateShots

Photo from Tims ProSkateShots

Photo from Tims ProSkateShots

Keith Carroll- Piggy-Backing A Few Other Ideas

Keith Carroll’s latest entry is Piggy-Backing A Few Other Ideas-

First I hate to say it because I know how difficult it is to be an official but something needs to be said. I know most of the officials but regardless of that as a spectator it seemed very inconsistent for lack of a better word.

European Roller Speed Skating Championships: Official Beer, Opening Ceremony July 29th

The European Roller Speed Skating Championships have an official beer-

In Belgium, beer is a significant part of our culture. Belgian breweries produce about 800 standard beers. When special one-off beers are included, the total number of Belgian beers is approximately 8700… There are approximately 125 breweries in the country. In Europe only Germany, France and the United Kingdom are home to more breweries
So the organisation committee developed its own beer for this special occasion

Photo from here

In other European Roller Speed Skating Championships news, On 29th of July will begin the opening ceremony with the presence of 24 countries.