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Mission To Vancouver- Hard To Learn, Impossible To Master

Mood swings, ups ’n’ downs every few hours. Bad morning workout; totally lacking basic skating principles. Physically I’m in a better shape than I’ve been in for a long long time, but my current technique doesn’t allow me to transfer my good condition to the icy surface my world turns around.

Read more here; hard to learn – impossible to master.


Pascal Briand’s Blog Updated

Pascal Briand’s blog was recently updated; i wake up my blog

ok i was pretty busy for a while so not much on my blog since a while…but i restart to be more serious about it now….
so what did i do since calgary…well…i move to a new house and i took some rest and i work for the french union inline skating, by coaching some great athlete like thomas boucher, cindy etonno, benjamin douchin, brian and tomy lepine, gwendal lepivert …and few more.


Shane Dobbin- Summer Review

Read the latest from Shane Dobbin; Summer Review

Shane Dobbin’s final race of the season on inlines is this coming weekend at the World On Wheels in Otterlo. After this weekend, it will be that time of the year to focus once again on his ice skating and prepare for this coming season of racing marathons as well as preparing for some long track races to try to qualify for the 2010 Winter Olympics.


Keith Carroll- Indoor Nationals Is Done

Well, it’s finally over. The main event for the majority of us here in the states. For some reason it didn’t have that feeling to me. It might be because I’m getting older.. and faster and with that your goals tend to change some.

Here’s the entry entry by Keith Carroll; Indoor Nationals is Done.

Report- Chicagoland Inline Marathon NROC/ Pro Inline Tour

I have a few minutes to update SSW- my friends are at IHOP ordering my lunch. We’re going home- I’ll have pictures tomorrow or Tuesday. I’ll take a few days to chill out and relax. You can read about the race here; Chicagoland Inline Marathon – 2009 Live updates from the racecourse.

I’m in the lobby of the hotel- Jorge Botero is sitting across from me on his computer, and Harry Vogel is at the reception, checking out. We just happened to be the top-3 finishers in the marathon today.

A beautiful sunny day, a strong wind in one of the long straights, good turn-out of skaters.

Pro Women’s Marathon– The finish featured a bunch of girls in the sprint. Morgane Echardour was leading the group coming out of the final corner into the finishing bend with some 300-meters to go. Briana Kramer accelerated past Echardour and took the win with her arms up in the air. 2nd place finisher was Nikki Mejia just ahead of Morgane Echardour and Sarah Hopkins. I figure 12 girls were in the sprint.

Pro Men’s Marathon– After the start, I looked back and the pace line was long, very long. A few attacks in the early stages of the race kept everyone on their toes, keeping their eyes on Jorge Botero and Harry Vogel. Other than a few short and intense bursts, the pace was not very fast at all. After an attack at the mid-point race going up a hill, I countered the move and got a good lead. Jorge Botero and Harry Vogel bridged up to me. Jorge Botero and I led the rest of the race, with Vogel in tow. The pack closed in on us, but the three of us talked and agreed on keeping the pace going. After I led the last few km’s, Botero accelerated past me and took the win, Harry Vogel 2nd, and me 3rd. A big sprint for 4th was about 2-minutes behind us.

Pro Master/ Veteran Men– Benoit Leterouneau was agressive in this race, attacking and keeping the pace hard. However, the pack caught him and Tony Muse won the sprint, ahead of Norm Kirby, Hernan Diaz, Herb Gayle, and Morgan Williams.

Mike Garvin- Unconditional Love

That was one of the hardest sets I’ve ever done, yet it wasn’t really that hard to execute, basically you skate up the hill, come down and skate up again. Not rocket science. But its a lot tougher than you might think, especially with the hill being so long. I skated for 2min up, but I only got a little past half way up the hill. There was at least another minute of skating to get to the crest of the hill.

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