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Chicago- Pro Inline Tour- Day 2- 3.2km Time Trials & 10km Races

Day two of Chicago’s Pro Inline Tour was held earlier this morning. Today’s races kept the organizers and volunteers very busy, juggling inline skating races, running races, and bike races. Kudos to the race organizers for pulling off a very good event so far. They picked a perfect sunny day and they have good support from the racers and vendors.

3.2km Time Trials
The first race of the day was the 3.2km time trial. The race course was a good challenge for the skaters. With a start leading to a slight up-hill and following an out-and-back T-shaped course with a u-turn, climbs, wind, and a fast down-hill with a left turn right before the finish, skaters had to push themselves to the limit.

Skaters were not allowed to draft each other in the time-trial. Starting at 20-second intervals, it was difficult for the racers to gauge their time with those ahead or behind because of the turns.

Overall 3.2km time trial times
1- Harry Vogel- 5:14
2- James Springer- 5:21
3- Marc Belanger- 5:23
4- Benoit Letourneau- 5:24
5- William Bowen- 5:25
6- Chris Springer- 5:25
7- Tony Muse- 5:26
8- Rob Bell- 5:27
9- Alex Fedak- 5:30
10- Peter Doucet- 5:30
11- David Sarmiento- 5:33
12-  Devin Filek- 5:36
13- Norm Kirby- 5:39
14- Jannis Chimonidis- 5:42
15- Ryan Weiderhold- 5:45
16- Jesse Pauley- 5:46
17- Jade Pauley 5:48
18-  Mathew Meyer- 5:48
19- Brent Bovita- 5:49
20- Wesley Gandee- 5:49
21- Hernan Diaz- 5:50
22- Kyle Joustra- 5:51
23- Herb Gayke- 5:53
24- Kyle Joustra- 5:51
25-  Morgan Williams- 5:53
26- Lenny Wilcox- 5:54
27- Morgane Echardour- 5:59
28- Uel Archuletta- 5:59
29- Steve Meisinger- 5:59
30- Sarah Hopkins- 6:01
31- Knowl Johonson-  6:01
32- Derek Murphy- 6:04
33- Ed Watchter- 6:04
34- Katelyn Horning

10km Races
Some of the 10km races included points for the top-3 skaters coming through the start/ finish line for the first 5 of 6 laps. The points, awarded 3-2-1, count toward the Pro Inline Tour standings.

Pro Women’s 10k- Sarah Hopkins wins, CadoMotus 3-4, Morgane Echardour 4th
In the pro women’s race, the main battle was between the skaters sporting the CadoMotus uniforms and Canadians Morgane Echardour and Sarah Hopkins. Points were being awarded during the race, but because of confusion in the pack, the points were scrapped. At the start of the race, girls didn’t know points were being awarded. The race came down to a sprint, with Sarah Hopkins taking the win ahead of the two girls from CadoMotus. Coming in 4th was Morgane Echardour.

1- Sarah Hopkins- 18:55
2- Katelyn Horning
3- Domenica Mejia
4- Morgane Echardour
5- Darien O’Neil

Pro Master & Veteran Men’s 10k- Tony Muse wins fast & stacked race
The pro master men’s & veteran men’s race was very exciting to watch. A lot of the top-pro master & veteran skaters were on the start line and mixing it up. Norman Kirby and Tony Muse squared off with Canadians Morgan Williams and Benoit Letourneau. The four skaters were involved in a lot of the mid-race sprints. The final sprint, which included about 15-skaters, Tony Muse took the win followed by Morgan Williams. I don’t know who placed 3rd and beyond. The races thought they only skated 5 of the 6 laps. They finished with a time of about 16:20, but with the course being 600-meters & sprints every lap as well as the computer recording 6 laps, there was no question they skated all 6 laps. This race is a good preview of what Duluth will be like for these guys. They may be in their late-30’s, 40’s and 50’s, but they’re fast, they know how to race, and it’s clear they want to win.

1- Tony Muse- 16:13
2- Morgan Williams
3- Norm Kirby
4- Gary Blank
5- Matt Robinson
6- Hernan Diaz
7- Lenny Wilcox
8- Brent Bovitz
9- Ed Watchter
10- Chris Adams
11- Herb Gayle

Pro Men 10k- Harry Vogel dominant over strong field
The final race of the day was the pro men’s 10km race. With a high pace and most of the skaters gunning for the bonus points each lap, it was an exciting race to be in. I had problems in the points, charging for the line way too early and getting passed by a bunch before I could nab points. I scored 2nd and 3rd place points which will help with my overall tour standings. Harry Vogel and Will Bowen had a lot of speed, taking some of the points. Some of my fellow Canadians- Jesse Pauley & Marc Joubert- also got into the mix and also finished in the top-10. David Sarmiento used his positional skills and good timing to mix things up in the points. The final sprint saw about 15-skaters dash for the line. Harry Vogel was able to zoom by everyone and coast through the finish with his arms up. Coming in 2nd was Will Bowen, followed by David Sarmiento and Rob Bell. From what I hear, we finished the race in 15:10.

1- Harry Vogel- 14:45
2- William Bowen
3- David Sarmiento
4- Rob Bell
5- Ryan Weiderhold
6- James Springer
7- Jesse Pauley
8- Peter Doucet
9- Marc Belanger
10-  Tyler McGinnis

10km Advanced Race
This was actually the first pack race of the day. During the first four or 5 laps, there were 8 skaters in the pack. On the last lap, 3 skaters broke away and took the top-3 places. Waterloo’s Brock Howes has only been involved in roller speed skating for a couple of months. He’s been showing promise and ziz getting involved in skating and learning how to race.

1- James Linton
2- Brian Hoffmann
3- Steve Dawson
4- Brock Howes
5- Amanda Kochmit

42km Marathon Tomorrow
The Chicagoland Marathon is set for tomorrow morning. I’m glad the race isn’t starting at 6am. Some of my friends have told me that Jorge Botero is going to compete tomorrow. I hope this is true. He’ll add a lot more depth and challenge to a race that should be fast, physical, and tactial.

A lot of skaters are staying in the same hotel, which makes for good camaraderie. The hotel I am staying at with my friends, includes free breakfast, wifi, and an outdoor pool. Even better, there’s an IHOP next to the hotel. This makes for good eating 🙂 We have around 12-hours to kill today, which makes for lots of time to work on some personal business, watch tv & movies, and play Pro Cycling Manager 2009. I’ve been spending a lot of time doing the track elimination and points races. Just awesome! Of course I done a few stages of the TDF and a few classics.

Morgane Echardour, Brock Howes, Jade Pauley, Jesse Pauley, and I are rooming together. We just ate dinner with a bunch of other friends from Toronto and the USA this evening at the Romano’s Macaroni Grill down the street from our hotel. I think we were a group of about 20 skaters, plus other groups of skaters were at other tables. It was a good pasta meal before tomorrow’s race.

Wouter Hebbrecht & Journalism On The Internet

I had to read about myself that I performed disappointing at world games in the time trail. I wish the journalist in fact would have contacted me prior to writing his article. I could have told him I wanted to medal and that was the disappointing part, but on the other hand I never finished top 6 on a slippery track like the one in Kaohsiung so maybe he could of added that. Later that day I had to read how others finished 24th at world championships and according to that same journalist that was a great performance???

Read more from Wouter Hebbrecht; You want to know what is really grinds my gears? “Google Journalism…”.

Report- Day 1 Chicago Pro Inline Tour- 340-Meter Sprints- From Candy Wong

Candy Wong shared a report from yesterday’s 340-meter sprints at Chicago’s Pro Inline Tour; One Of Four;

I am in Chicago now for a weekend of racing. The 340m sprint today was contested on semi-wet pavement with impending threat of thunderstorm. Sprint is not my thing and I know the pro women field is competitive. I had only a few things to “achieve”: no DNS, no DNF, and no crashing. Heh.

Vote For Roller Sports’ Olympic Inclusion

Here’s poll for you to take; go to GamesBids.com and take the poll on the left-hand side about which sport should be included in the Olympic program. Read more here; We need your support! > Vote for Roller Sports 2016!.

Another important poll just started on the famous sports website http://www.gamesbids.com/

What sport would you like to see in the Olympics? ROLLER SPORTS! Vote Now!

We are very close to get our dream!

Here is what Bill Begg had to say;

Good to see we are winning the race on previous votes, on a semi official site & one the new one, but we need everyone to log in.

With the World games it has created a big buzz for our sport, top racing, program running to time, good excited crowd & that much front line Media & Television present, other sports suffered, as with Chinese Taipei winning, the Focus the first 3 days was on Speedskating, but with good quality TV & ESPN taking all events up, it has spread to other places in the World.

In Kaoshiung one day two Front pages had Speed skating photo’s, as my daughter Nicole was racing the Local Hero & $212,000 USA richer Huang, she was on the Front page twice, back home in New Zealand her Bronze Medals saw her on the front page also in our newspaper.

Two requests for TV interviews & 2 for media coverage have shown that the sports profile has been greatly enhanced by the World games.

Also Roberto Marotta had a continual stream of important sport Dignatories come to view the exciting racing.

In this last minute push, we are closer than ever & in with a good chance, its the money sports / Or the new exciting sports, as to who will get the nod, cycling is in there, we are every bit in the same type situation as them, except their drug history is bad, we rely more on skill & human performance than the cyclists & less reliant upon equipment, lets hope that we have helped them open their eyes, that we deserve to be Olympic.


How To Skate Safely On Roads

This is a great article from the Inline Planet; How to Skate Safely on Roads

I love skating the open road. It allows me to go almost anywhere while exploring the endless possibilities of inline skating.

But it’s not without its perils. In fact, it can be downright dangerous.

Most drivers know how to share the road — with cyclists, at least. But many have no clue how to behave around skaters.


Pictures- Chicago- Stage 1- From InlineSkateMpls

InlineSkateMpls shared picutres from Thong Nguyen from yesterday’s stage 1 from the Pro Inline Tour held in Chicago.

Herb Gayle taking the win in the Pro Veteran Men’s 340-meter sprint- photo by Thong Nguyen, shared by InlineSkateMpls

Video- Trois Pistes (France) 2009

Check out this video from France’s 3 day track competition; Trois Pistes 2009.