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Chicago- Pro Inline Tour- Day 1- 340-Meter Sprints

Day 1 of 3 days of racing of the Pro Inline Tour in went underway this evening in Chicago.

Today’s races were 340-meter sprints.

For the sprints,  rainy weather was threatening all afternoon teasing us by holding back. However,  the rain started falling right at 7pm, just in time for the scheduled start of the sprints.

Race organizers said they would allow the sprints to take place in the rain, but would cancel them in the event of lightning.

I don’t have exact results since I was racing, but this is what I hear happened-

  • Pro men– About 20 skaters did the 340-meter race at the same time. This was the last race of the evening. The road dried up right before the start. Will Bowen won the race ahead of Harry Vogel. I think 3rd place went to one of the Springer skaters Ryan Weiderhold. I had a good start but I was jammed big time in 7th place and fell back in the results after.
  • Pro women– Sarah Hopkins was first across the line. According to some of my friends, two girls from CadoMotus finished 2nd and 3rd. In 4th place was Morgane Echardour.
  • Pro master veteran men– Herb Gayle took the win in a strong field.
  • Pro master men– All I know is Tony Muse was on the line for the race. He won the race ahead of Chris Adams.
  • Pro master women– I know 4 or 5 skaters were standing on the line for the start. Margo Carvell looked like she was in the running for the lead at the start. I don’t know what happened after that.

Tomorrow morning, we’ll be skating a 2-mile (3.2km) time trial followed by a criterium.

Top Ten Reasons To Skate Chicagoland Inline Marathon

Check out the Top Ten Reasons to Skate the Chicagoland Inline Marathon. I’ll be there competing in the 4 races of the Pro Skate Tour-

9 Four-stage pro skate tour
Starts Friday with a 340 meter dash; continues Saturday with a 2-mile time-trial and 10K criterium; concludes Sunday with the marathon


Pictures- Speed On Wheels In Saint Paul

Here are some nice pictures; Slide Show – Speed On Wheels In Saint Paul.

Photo from here

World Games- The Days Of The World Games 2009 From Inline Skating Notebook

Inline Skating Notebook shared tons of material from the World Games- The Days of the World Games 2009

K2 Skates On Facebook & Twitter

K2 Skates is on Facebook and Twitter. Check them out.


Pictures- Wednesday Night Racing At John Rose Oval

Click here to view pictures from Wednesday night racing at the John Rose Oval. You can view the complete album here.

Photo from fleetfeed250

Theory Of Skater Evolution

Dan Collins’ vehicle was spotted at the Oval Racing Wednesday night with this sign in the rear window. The sign is starting to explain things a little better.

Read more here; Interesting Explanation.

Photo shared by InlineSkateMpls