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  • July 2009
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Recovering From A Knee Injury- Ask Bill Begg!

The latest Ask Bill Begg! article is How Do I Recover From a Knee Injury?

Hi, Norm: First off, take the advice of qualified medical people, preferably with specialties in sports medicine. These days, there are sports-medicine specialists all over the world.

Once you’ve recovered your knee strength, by all means get rolling again. But, as I said, throw away the running. After a knee injury, skating and cycling are better options.


Getting Your Frames Straight

A frequent source of problems is the alignment of the frame on the bottom of the skate boot. Misaligned frames can cause various problems, including pronation and lack of power.

Frame alignment is an individual matter. What’s good for one skater won’t work for the next. But there’s no mystery to optimal frame alignment. The secret is to align your frames directly beneath the pressure points on the bottom of your feet.

Read the complete Inline Planet Skate Tip of the Week here; Getting Your Frames Straight.

Video- Evian Roller Babies

This video is cool, but strange.

The babies kind of freak me out; for some reason, they remind of the baby in Trainspotting crawling along the ceiling- if you’ve seen the movie, you know what I’m talking about- Evian Roller Babies international version

Andrew Love- Riding (Or Not), Ice At Utah Oval, New Bike Lanes

Here is some solid reading for you, courtesy Andrew Love;

On the subject of using the bike for skate training, I find that when I am skating, my bike riding position tends to change in these subtle ways

•Reach to handlebars is a little shorter
•Seat schooches forwards
•Hip are rotated forward, instead of down
•Curled skater “cat back” instead of bike racer “flat black”
•Saddle lowered a bit

Photo shared by Andrew Love, from Brian Boudreau

Thanks to Scott, and all the Oval staff. It’s about a 2 week process to lay the ice, and the athletes truly do appreciate it.

I remember hearing that the ice is put on in 17 separate layers! With as much time as it takes, I believe it.

Lines to follow are only useful to a certain extent. Daydreaming about racing is only useful to a certain extent. Sometimes the lines disappear, or the smooth road ends, and you must forge your own path. Not just the road less traveled, but at times you must make your own road.

Photo from
Andrew Love

RZ was sticking her feet up into the air, spreading her toes into the breeze, and making happy cooing noises as we zipped along together. Later in the day, I had a chat with National Team member Pat Meek, he was exhausted from a day containing a brutal short track workout, followed by weights.

Pictures- Zug Swiss Inline Cup/ World Inline Cup

Click here for Quartier Zopf Online’s pictures from this past Saturday’s Zug Swiss Inline Cup/ World Inline Cup.

Photo from Quartier Zopf Online

Photo from Quartier Zopf Online

Results & Reports- Zug Swiss Inline Cup/ World Inline Cup- Diego Rosero & Cecilia Baena Win

The Swiss Inline Cup/ World Inline Cup made a stop in Zug, Switzerland on Saturday. You can use the following links to find more on the competition, including results & reports;

Due to road works the course this year took another route. Some would call the diverted course dangerous, while others technical. I wasn’t there but from watching the video of the new course it looked very tricky and there looked to be quiet a few dangerous sections if not taken with caution.


Photo from WIC