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Can You Guess Where Morgane And I Went The Other Day?

Look at the pictures below; Can you guess where Morgane and I went the other day?

Results- Canada Day Marathon & Half Marathon

Click here for the results from July 1st’s Canada Day Marathon & Half Marathon.


Sk8tologist #5- Olympics Won’t Happen

The Sk8tologist’s fifth addition is Olympics my arse

The name counts, but it’s not critical. Last time, we –represented by FIRS- made a sorry appearance before the IOC’s members (featuring the most pathetic video ever produced), no wonder nobody took us seriously. Having learnt the lesson well, this time over Sabatino & Co spent the last 3 years -plus an unthinkable magnitude of FIRS resources- doing some lobbying, taping the right channels and broadly bribing his superiors in the Olympic food chain. True, it’s a zillion times more than what was done by his predecessors, but that’s just because none of them did anything at all, ever. It simply is not enough, compared with what can be done by the powerful rugby, golf and karate federations. Even squash looks impressive in its political influence. The general impression is that we did too little too late (once again), and are quite not up to the task.

So let’s face it: unless a cosmological miracle happens, or the politicians feel the need to screw karate or rugby, we’re not going to be an Olympic sport as yet. The good news is, we won’t die, and in the worst case scenario, nothing will change for us. We need to keep working towards an international & professional set of races that’s TV worthwhile, we MUST put a great deal of effort in bringing as much kids as possible to SKATING (NOT speedskating, at first), and finally we should keep proving to the world that the true Olympic spirit absolutely lives in our sport, in which fortius citius altius are perfectly epitomized.
Because if the Olympic Games are still run by the same crooks last seen in Singapore, they can take the whole five rings and shove them up their arses. Starting with the red one, please.

Discussion Continues Re. Breaking Downward Cycle In Roller Speed Skating

Discussion has been ongoing in the thread Reverse Cycle needed urgently in Speed Skating since I recently shared the link.

In my area alone I think I might be the only skater, I live in one of the largest cities in the east coast USA, where there is 4 million people. Of course I’m not the only skater but I haven’t seen any other and people ask me what is your sport? They think I’m going to say Soccer or Baseball, or maybe Cyclist? When I answer Inline Speed Skating they look at me like if I just made that up. How are we going to have a successful sport if people aren’t even aware of it? It’s our fault guys, simply our fault but we could certainly use a little help to take the sport further by having the pros participating more in social events designed to attract people to the sport not just the races

I have always felt that the USARS does not do enough for inline skating in the United States. With strong indoor participation one would assume that this would trickle over to all aspects of the sport. In fact, it does not. For some time USARS has continued to gouge its members with high fees for National Championships and has given almost nothing in the way of marketing or direction for the sport of inline speed skating, or roller skating as a whole.

Another issue of equal importance is how to approach the youth about it, we wouldn’t want the sport to become a Harley Davidson beautiful but for the old! Kids get lured in differently, we have to find a way to literally deliver the sport to them and that we have to figure it out as well.

Name Change For Send The Best: US Inline World Team Organization

Due to the change of hands of the Send the Best organization a name change was required for Legal and documentation purposes. Send The Best will now be known as the US Inline World Team organization.

Read more here; STB Name Changed.

Pictures- Busan International Shoe Fashion Show

Check out the pictures from the Busan International Shoe Fashion show.

Photo from Gyro Wheels

Photo from Gyro Wheels

Skating In India

Glenn asked me to post to the site. Attached is a picture of me skating in Jaipur at 5:30 in the morning shortly after a heavy rain. Gotta do it when you can do it. Skating the roads in Jaipur is suicidal so skating is done in the Industrial part where I’m working. Interesting skating in an area where wild dogs provide the motivation to skate fast and where building guards carry machine guns. Fortunately, they are all very friendly and I become a source of entertainment for them. Hope to have more pictures shortly. Very much enjoying the new sport.

Read more here; Skating in India.