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Claudia Pechstein Suspended For 2 Years After Blood Doping

German long track speed skater Claudia Pechstein recently been found by the ISU Disciplinary Commission for using the prohibited method of blood doping.


According to the ISU, the results of the tests that took place at the World Long Track Speed Skating Championships in Hamar this past February, will see Pechstein suspended from speed skating for two years.

1. Claudia Pechstein is dec1ared responsible for an Anti-Doping violation under Artic1e 2.2 of the ISU Anti-Doping Rules by using the prohibited method of blood doping.
2. The results obtained by Claudia Pechstein in the 500 m and 3’000 m races at the World Allround Speed Skating Championships on February 7, 2009, are disqualified and her points, prizes and medals forfeited.
3. A two years ineligibility, beginning on February 9, 2009, is imposed on Claudia Pechstein.
4. The Deutsche Eisschnelllauf-Gemeinschaft e.V. shall pay to the ISU the costs to be determined.
5. Each Party bears its own costs of proceedings and expenses.

As a Coach for many years, I have been sick of trying to create Super Athletes to beat cheaters, if you have spent all your money & lifetime in pursuit of an even playing field you would understand my stance.

I could have a field day naming them & I will leave it for a book, when I am done & dusted.

Also the organisation of German Olympic sports federations (DOSB) stands behind Pechstein. ” She know has let our that she has not broken the doping rules. We must get this matter as soon as possible clear. It is well that there now a neutral research comes ”, said general to secretary Michael vesper.


Here are a number of links that you can use to find out more about the case;


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