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  • July 2009
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Short Track News- Canadians Gearing Up For Olympic Trials- From Patinage De Vitesse Courte Piste

Patinage De Vitesse Courte Piste has been sharing lots of short track speed skating news recently-

Other times, bad luck is a test of your will and determination. Short-track speedskater Olivier Jean was able to smile Thursday when talking about a failed salmon fishing trip he organized recently for the Canadian national team during a Vancouver training camp. All the 12 skaters had to show for it after a long day on the water was one fish that weighed under two kilograms.

“It was really disappointing,” Jean said with a shake of his head.

“There are so many guys on our team who have been to the Olympics before, won medals at world championships and World Cups,” he said. “We have a really strong field, but that means we’re going to have a strong team for the Games, so that’s only good news for Canada.”

“There’s something satisfying about whacking the crap out of a golf ball, right?” he said. “It’s that sensation that keeps people playing golf. Skating, it’s more than going around in circles. It’s the pressure on your legs, the body position, the wind in your hair … it’s this feeling you’re searching for every time you’re on ice. Feeling perfect on the ice.”

Photo from here

Videos- Retro-Skate- 1996 World Roller Speed Skating Championships In Italy- From Visual Skate

Visual Skate shared a couple of videos from the 1996 World Roller Speed Skating Championships In Italy- see RETROSkate.

1500mts Mayores Varones

Chad Heddrick, Derek Parra y Jorge Botero en una estupenda definición.

1500mts Mayores Damas
Maria Eva Richardson contra las dos norteamericanas, una de ellas Julie Brand, la ganadora. Fue medalla de bronce para Argentina.


Inline Cup 2009- From Maarten Slembrouck’s Blog

The latest addition to Maarten Slembrouck’s Blog is Inline Cup 2009.


Pictures- Torneo De Escuela Formativa- Puente Alto, Chile

Click here for pictures from the Torneo de Escuela Formativa held in Puente Alto, Chile.

Photo from Visual Skate

Mark DeMontis Skating For A Cause

WOODSTOCK — Though he may be legally blind, Mark DeMontis will never lose his vision.

The 22-year-old is inline skating 5,000 kilometres across the country this summer to raise money and awareness for Courage Canada, a non-profit he founded to give visually impaired youth the chance to play blind hockey.

“It’s going to be remarkable and it’s going to shape the rest of my life,” said DeMontis, who skated through Woodstock yesterday.

The Quest to the West began five days ago in Weston, Ont., DeMontis’ hometown. He plans to arrive in Vancouver on Sept. 12, in time to raise awareness about blind hockey before the Olympics. One day, DeMontis hopes to help make blind hockey a Paralympic Sport. Currently, blind hockey is only played in major centres across Canada.

Read more here; Mark DeMontis skating for a cause.


Havard Bökko Recently Broke His Shoulder

According to De Telegraaf Telesport Schaatsen, Norway’s long track speed skater Havard Bökko recently broke his shoulder.


European Roller Speed Skating Championships Website- From MundoPatin

MundoPatin has a page for the upcoming European Roller Speed Skating Championships.