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Preliminary Results & Pictures- Canada Day Marathon- Cambridge

The Canada Day Marathon was held earlier today in Cambridge. With a good turn-out of skaters, competitors were treated to good weather conditions. Skaters came from Ontario, Calgary, Quebec, and the USA.

The women’s marathon win was decided in a group sprint, with Morgane Echardour and Sarah Hopkins finishing within a few meters of each other.

In the men’s marathon, I ended up breaking from the main group with 10+ km’s to go to take the win.  Sergio Almeralla won the pack sprint ahead of team-mate Benoit Letourneau.

Thank you to all of the organizers and volunteers- including Jim Mallard, Wayne Burrett, the Wallace family, and everyone else who continue to put in their time and effort to put together this important marathon.

Between the BBQ with good times & friends, good open-road course, and good & enthusiastic turn-out & support from the skating community, skaters are looking forward to the 2010 edition- on July 1st- Canada Day!

42km Overall Results- Preliminary *Full results coming in a few days
1- Peter Doucet- 1:10:07
2- Sergio Almellara
3- Benoit Letourneau
4- Allan Legacy
5- Alex D’mello
6- Benoit Tremblay
7- Jesse Pauley
8- Morgane Echardour
9- Sarah Hopkins
10- Brett Leavens
11- Morgan Williams

2 Responses

  1. Great job Peter! Roller Sports Canada should make the Canada Day Marathon the National Championships – It would be super cool to crown National Champions on Canada Day. It might be easier to obtain event sponsors and have some money for cool Maple Leaf National Champions jersey.

    • Thanks Danny.

      I liek the idea of the jersey and sponsors. I actually don’t know about the status of the event- if it’s considered as the official marathon championship.

      I really like the race though. Even though it’s small, it’s always fun and it gets decent local support.

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