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Video- Canada Day Marathon (Cambridge), Thunder Bay 21k, Chicagoland NROC/ Pro Inline Tour & Jade/ Jesse/ Peter Singing

I hope you like this video; 2009-07 Canada Day 42k (Cambridge), Thunder Bay 21k, Chicagoland NROC/ Pro Inline Tour.

Make sure you enjoy the section where Jade, Jesse, and I are singing. I think it’s quite good ūüėČ

Road Rash Chronicles- Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About… Peter Doucet

6. What attribute about yourself is the hardest to accept?
That there are times I feel that I know better or that I should have known better.

I really love the sound of the bell indicating the last lap, a point, or an elimination. The sound of the bell adds to a great atmosphere along with all the other sounds at races; the sound of the cheering crowd, the commentator’s voice blaring over the sound-system, and the sound of wheels and bearings mixed with yelling of coaches and officials.

Read more of Road Rash Chronicles’ interview with SpeedSkateWorld.com’s Peter Doucet; Everything you ever wanted to know about…...

300-Meter World Record For Nicolas Pelloquin & Nicoletta Falcone At European Roller Speed Skating Championships- – Results, Pictures, Reports, & More

France’s Nicolas Pelloquin set the 300-meter time trial record of 24.221 seconds on day 1 of racing¬†at the European Roller Speed Skating Championships under way in Belgium. Joining the World Record parade was Nicoletta Falcone from Italy in the senior women with a time of 26.572

Here are links with loads of information, results, pictures, and more that will keep you clicking all over the world wide web-




Photo from Daniel Yeow

Photo from Daniel Yeow

Photo from Tims ProSkateShots

Photo from MundoPatin

Photo by Uwe Ziedler, from Bildimpressionen.de

Photo by Uwe Ziedler, from Bildimpressionen.de

Photo by Uwe Ziedler, from Bildimpressionen.de

Photo by Uwe Ziedler, from Bildimpressionen.de

Photo by Uwe Ziedler, from Bildimpressionen.de

Pictures- Flanders Grand Prix- From SkatingSisters

SkatingSisters shared some pictures from the recent Flanders Grand Prix. To get to the photo album, click here.

Photo from Rik3130B

Photo from Rik3130B

Photo from Rik3130B

SS Boots

SS Boots is now in the links.


Bill Begg Shares His Views On The Current State Of Inline Skating

Bill Begg shared his views on the current state of inline skating; What’s the Current State of Inline Skating?

In this tough economy, the skate companies are struggling to continue their support for the World Inline Cup. In recent years, it has cost about a quarter-million dollars to field a winning team ‚ÄĒ and that has proved too much for the likes of Hyper, Verducci, Salomon and Fila. At this point, Rollerblade is just hanging in there. And Bont ‚ÄĒ after years of six figure World Cup support ‚ÄĒ is downsizing its commitment.

Everyone is suffering. But skating is like an ocean with its ups and downs. We’re in a trough right now, but hopefully we can catch a big wave back to shore.

On the bright side, I’m optimistic about our chances for Olympic entry, especially after attending the World Games in Kaohsiung. Inline speed skaters were the local heroes of the event, racking up gold medals and media attention (even as some current world champions from Europe and the Americas failed to medal).


Les 24 Heures Du Mans 2009 Sur Sport +

Un reportage de 15 minutes sur l’√©dition 2009 des 24 Heures du Mans est actuellement en cours de multi-diffusion sur la cha√ģne Sport +. Les prochains passages sont pr√©vus aux horaires suivants : mercredi 29 juillet √† 17h15, vendredi 31 juillet √† 10h45 et 14h15 et lundi 3 ao√Ľt √† 13h15.

Lisez en plus ici; TV : Les 24 Heures du Mans 2009 sur Sport +.