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Videos- Start, First Lap, Downhill- Mans 24 Hours

Check out the following videos from the Mans 24 Hours

2009 – Start of the 24 Heures Rollers at Le Mans – skaters have to lines their boots up on the other side of the track the on GO, run over, put them on and speed away!

Results- Mans 24 Hours

You can use the following links to browse results from this past weekend’s Mans 24 Hours

Le site Roller91.fr a mis en ligne les résultats des 24 Heures du Mans roller 2009. Chez les hommes, RPM Poli est parvenu à prendre un tour à l’équipe Bont après 11 heures de lutte acharnée où les deux formations ont joué au chat et à la souris.

Chez les dames, l’équipe Sarthe.VSF Loops Racing prend la première place devant Fila Black Ice et décroche la 15ème place au scratch.
Dans la catégorie Duo, Rolling Alliance, formé par Sylvoutch et Hornet, l’emportent devant les duos de Mérignac. Ils battent le record de l’épreuve avec 162 tours au compteur, ce qui les place en 34ème position au classement général.
En solo, c’est un habitué du forum qui l’emporte : 84Only Loury avec 123 tours. Il termine devant Thomas Lang Schoenaich qu’il a fallu porter sur le podium tant ses pieds étaient douloureux. Petit Breton prend la 3ème place.
En Vétéran, les anciens de GRS SOlutions Resto terminent premier devant Chartres Roller One et Fila Black Ice Masters. Les hommes de Pascal Fernandez prennent la 7ème place au scratch.

More Reports- Mans 24 Hours- From ASTA

Here are more reports from this past weekend’s Mans 24 Hours;

C’est pourquoi la Tribu Roller et Rollerenligne.com vont mettre en place une séance de questions/réponses en direct sur le forum de ReL mardi 30 juin, de 20h30 à 22h00.

La victoire générale se jouait entre léquipe RPM1 (composée de vieux loups comme Pascal Briand et Franck Cardin) et celle des BONT de Mr Begg. Au final ce sont les RPM qui l’emportent avec 1 tour d’avance (203 tours au total).

Seconde victoire consécutive pour le Défi 100% féminin Sarthe.VSF Loops Racing by CadoMotus !
Emmenées par leur Capitaine Maryline, coachées de main de maître par Philippe Delavenne, les 9 athlètes, Mélissa, Camille, Marta, Sabrina, Jessica, Jennifer, Fanny et Célia remportent les 24 Heures du Mans Rollers 2009, 10ème édition !

Très belle victoire, acquise sur la régularité, le dépassement de soi, avec 174 tours, et une très belle 15ème place au classement général.

Photo from Sarthe.VSF Loops Racing by CadoMotus

Results- Napa Valley Inline Marathon

Click here for the results from the Napa Valley Inline Marathon.

Photo from CORA

Reports & Results- Colombian Team Trials

Colombia’s team trials are taking place. Use the following links to access results and reports-

Report- Central American Championships

PatinCarrera.com shared a report from the Central American Roller Speed Skating Championships- El Salvador está muy cerca de ser el nuevo Campeón Centroamericano.


Results & Pictures- Badger State Games

Click here for the results and here for pictures from the Badger State Games.

Photo from DuffManOhYea


Live Twitter Updates & Results- USA Outdoor Nationals

If you’re interested in keeping up with up-to-the-minute results from the USA Outdoor Roller Speed Skating Championships, make sure you check USARS Events Twitter updates.

You can access results by using this link to the competition page.


You can also catch more results and take part in discussions here; ODN Results

Results 300 Meter Time Trials – http://bit.ly/4VmK4
26 minutes ago from web Josh Bode 28.914
about 1 hour ago from web Justin Stelly 26.604
about 1 hour ago from web Michael Cheek 26.458
about 1 hour ago from web Jake Powers 26.969
about 1 hour ago from web Jonathan Bell 28.164
about 1 hour ago from web William Bowen 26.037


Clara Hughes- Limitless Potential

Clara Hughes‘ most recent journal entry is Limitless Potential

They’re both going to compete in their first Olympics. They have a hunger for excellence that I also feel as I prepare for my fifth. Patrick mentioned people telling him how “the first Olympics are for experience” and “not to worry about results”. He told me didn’t know if there will ever be another. I remember my first Olympics, and how certain people tried to impose those very limitations on me. It only solidified the intense motivation to be better than I ever had. I knew I had the capability to be the best. Why else would I train so much? For experience? I shared these thoughts with Patrick, hoping my words outweighed the other advice.

My first Olympic race and first Olympic medal back in the road race in Atlanta, 1996‘- photo and caption from Clara Hughes

Someone Slap Cor (Road Rash Chronicles)

Road Rash Chronicles‘ latest is Somebody Slap Me.

Even with the calories burned over 10 hours of tennis, 4 hours of cycling and 6+ hours of skating, I am equally  ashamed with the 3 HUGE chinese dinners, 1 full bag of chips, 4 chocolate bars, 2 egg McMuffins (no egg) and 8 Venti Starbucks coffees.  I am estimating well over 25,000 calories eaten.

Ed’s Sk8toronto Website- Disappointed With The City Of Toronto

The latest entry from Ed’s Sk8toronto Website was shared on June 26th

I am really disappointed with the City of Toronto. When I started inline skating in 1998 there were several places in the city that were good places to skate. Notable among these places was Sunnybrook Park and vicinity. For years this park was my favourite place to skate but the paths and roadway have deteriorated to the point where it is not worth going there any more.

The whole thing makes me question whether there is much point to my website. People don’t really need my help to find out that the best places to skate are beside the lake and the days of discovering a hidden gem in one of the ravines seem to be over for good.

Wheel Test- MPC Road War- From Roller En Ligne

Roller En Ligne shared an MPC Road War wheel test article.


Report, Pictures- Engadin World Inline Cup/ Swiss Inline Cup

Powerslide shared the following from this past Saturday’s Engadin World Inline Cup/ Swiss Inline Cup-

Click here to view pictures (I’m pretty sure it’s Quatier Zopf Online’s pictures) from the race.


Video- TVM Testing New Equipment

De Telegraaf Telesport shared a video of the TVM Team skaters testing new long track speed skating equipment in Heerenveen. You’ll even see Joey Cheek who’s spending time in Europe and visiting for fun. They picked a good song to go along with the video.


Results (Unofficial)- Top 20 Overall Mans 24 Hours Teams

ultrask8 shared the top-20 overall finishing teams for this weekend’s Man 24 Hours; Go to Leman 24 roller results (unofficial) top 20 mens teams.

Place Dossard Equipe Distance Vitesse Tours Temps
1 52 RPM 1 849.55 35.35 203 24:01:58.75
2 376 BONT ENDURO 845.37 35.19 202 24:01:25.69
3 373 COULAINES SARTHE ROLLER EKOI 820.26 34.14 196 24:01:38.85
4 99 C.D.R.S. 37 816.08 33.96 195 24:01:38.99
5 308 GENERATIONS ROLLER SPORT 1 803.52 33.35 192 24:05:35.78