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Planet Skate Tip: Picking Wheel Size That Complements Your Skating

The most recent Inline Planet Skate Tip Of The Week is written by Debbie Rice; 100 or 110mm Wheels?

There are some pros and cons to consider. But the decision boils down to a few factors:

1.Skater size
2.Skating style & ability
3.Type of racing


Nicole Begg- Busy Weekend: Mans 24 Hours & Engadin World Inline Cup

Tamara and Alexandra have both left today to head up to St Moritz for the Engadin World Inline Cup which is on Saturday. This is one of the most beautiful races in the World when the weathers good. It starts up at Maloja overlooking the lake which on a nice day is full of windsurfers and kite surfers. The fast course then snakes down the valley passing the inline village at half way and then going down a big steep hill which quite a few skaters dread.

Everyone one else left early this morning to head to Le Mans, France for the Le Mans 24 Hour Race. It’s held around the Le Mans car race track where the famous car race is held. Bont have a 10 man strong team entered with skaters from all over the World. The race starts at 4pm Saturday and ends on 4pm Sunday. The course is about 7km long and each team has one skater out on the track at a time. The skaters relay as they choose and the team that has covered the most distance in the 24 hours wins.

Read more from Nicole Begg here; What’s on this weekend.


Ask Bill Begg! Why Is My Son Pronating?

The latest Ask Bill Begg! column is Why Is My Son Pronating?-

Hi, Perry: Kids are sometimes so flexible that their limbs flop around like jelly, which could explain what’s going on with your son. However, without seeing him, I can’t say for sure what’s causing his apparent pronation.

If the problem isn’t with his equipment, you might try fitting him with ankle supports to wear while skating. In Switzerland, skaters with weak ankles often use Easy Fit Ankle Supports (not to be confused with Ezeefit Ankle Booties).


The Atlantic Likes Roller Sports’ Olympic Chances

Most sports writers have dismissed roller sports’ chances of winning a spot in the Olympic Games. But not the Atlantic’s Hampton Stevens.

In a dispatch yesterday, Stevens reversed the conventional thinking. He listed reasons for rejecting four of the candidate sports, including golf and baseball, and listed roller sports as one of two “possible dark horses.” The other one was rugby.

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Reyon Kay Injured Today

This morning Reyon Kay was out on the road for a easy 45 minutes training with his team mates Nayib Tobon and Jose Bastidas to prepare for the Engadine Marathon. He can not remember how it happend, but obviously he hit a small rock and fell diect on his face. He had to be taken to the hospital imediately. On his eyebrown and chin they had to fix it with stiches.

The only good news is that he has no further injury on his jaw or head. His helmet probably protected him from worse. After many x-rays and scann’s Reyon could go home to the skate house in Geisingen. In the moment the chance is not very high that Reyon can skate tomorrow in the WIC race in St. Moritz. Bad luck for the young skater from the ZEPTO Team who is ranked on third place in the overall of the World Inline Cup.

Read more here; Engadin St Moritz.

World Masters Marathon Championships- Italy- September 5th

Good news is the big Pavova meet at the same time, we raced the marathon course last year, the nearest road to the sea & lots of spectators, Sando will organize a freat event, one of the best organizors we have in the sport, with a couple of very good sidekicks, the masters deserve a good event & I trust Sando will bring it to them.

Read more here; World Masters Marathon.

Pictures- Sport Experience Utrecht

Check out these photos; Sport Experience Utrecht

Photo from Adolfsefotografie.nl

Photo from Adolfsefotografie.nl

Photo from Adolfsefotografie.nl

Netherlands Selection For Upcoming European Championships

Click here to find out which skaters are part of the Netherlands’ selection for the upcoming European Roller Speed Skating Championships.